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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 7

Everyone was tired and as soon as they fell on bed , they slept . Next morning in SDCH Kaanchi and Sonal were doing their work. Ria was planning something big . An idea strikes her mind . She quickly goes to the cafetaria and asks the cafeboy to make fruit juice by adding bananas, papayas and pineapples

Saanchi entered into the cabin and saw a glass of juice on the table . She smiled and sat on the chair . Ria came inside and told her that as she was feeling hungry he herself made this juice for her .Saanchi thanks her . Ria departs and Sonal arrives .

Sonal : Hey Saanchi!  You know Kabir told me to see that you’re having healthy food or not .So , I came here to check . Hey ! There is a glass of juice . You should drink it .

Saanchi : Ok !

Saanchi quickly drinks . She drinks half of the glass and denies drinking the rest.  Ria stands there hiding and smirks .

Timeskip to breaktime . Sonal and Kabir were sitting and talking with Saanchi . Suddenly Saanchi fell down and screamed in pain . She winced in pain . Kabir quickly lifted here and made her lay down on the strethcher in her cabin . She was screaming in pain .
Sonal : Kabir ! Tell her to take long breath , I am coming with the epidural injection .

Kabir : Saanchi!  calm down , take long breaths…

Saanchi was screaming . Kabir was trying to make her stable . He spotted the juice glass on the table and smelled . He sensed strong smell of Papaya and Pineapple. Sonal came rushing and gave her epidural injection . She got a relief .

After sometime Saanchi woke up . She held Kabir’s hand . He jerked her hand . Kabir burst out on her .

Kabir : You know how careless have you been . You drank papaya and pineapple  . Didn’t you even think about your health ? Don’t you bother about the baby ?

Sonal : This is not her fault Kabir !

Kabir: Stop it Sonu ! It’s her fault , she should have checked the juice , is she a child ?

Kabir went out followed by Sonal . Saanchi felt bad and was crying bitterly. Later,kabir went to her cabin and found no one there . He asked the watchman about Saanchi . He told the she went home .

Kabir : How can she go home alone ?

Sonal : She was already stressed.  She must not be feeling well .

When Kabir reached home, he enquired Kusum about Saanchi as she was not in their room .

Kusum : She told that she is not feeling well in that room and slept in the guest room?

Sonal : Has she taken anything ?

Kusum : I forced her but she said that she will eat when she will be hungry .

Kabir : How can she do this ?

He went to the guest room and found the door locked . He tried calling Saanchi and then thought to talk to her later and went upstairs to sleep ,

The next morning  Kabir woke up and straightly went to the guest room . He found no one there .

Sonal: Are you searching for Saanchi ?

Kabir : Yes ! Where is she ?

Sonal : She went to the temple with Kusum aunty .

Kabir : Ok I will wait for her .

They were talking when they heard the doorbell . Sonal opened the door .

Sonal : Aunty !

Kabir : Maa ! Where is Saanchi ?

Kusum : Beta. She directly went to the hospital .

Kabir : What ?

Kabir and Sonal get ready for hospital. Sonir (Kabir and Sonal ) reached hospital .

Kabir : Where is Dr. Saanchi ?

Receptionist : Sir ! She came early and gave these files to give you . Actually she is on leave today .

Sonal : Leave ?

Receptionist :  Yes mam !

Kabir : Tell Dr.Malhotra , I’m on leave today ..

Sonal: Me too !

Suddenly Kusum called kabir . Over phone :-

Kusum : Kabir come home soon ! Saanchi has high fever … she is not eating anything … She has not eaten from last night .

Kabir  : Ok mom ! I am coming soon.

Kabir reached home, he straight went to Saanchi ! He held her hand . She jerked her hand . He touched her forehead to check fever . She removed his hand .

Kabir understood why she was angry ,why she didn’t let him see a glimpse of herself and realized how badly he behaved to her .

Kabir : Saanchi ! If you’re angry on me then don’t punish yourself .

Kabir sat beside her and held her hand . She jerks her hand . Sonals asks Kabir to go out while she is examining Saanchi .Sonal comes out .

Sonal : Kabir ! The baby is absolutely normal but Saanchi. ….

Kabir :What happened to Saanchi ? Is she ok ?

Sonal : She is alright !

Kabir : Then !

Sonal:   Kabir ! Don’t get me wrong, as a doctor you know that she is pregnant . But as a husband , you need to give her your best ,your time ,your love and your care . She needs you Kabir . Although she never asked for your time but she was sad and you know that in Pregnancy the expecting mother shouldn’t be depressed. Do you get me ? So , give her space and time . In this condition she had her cravings and mood swings,  you need to understand her . You have successfully achieved the duty of a doctor but now be a Husband . Ok ?

Kabir : Ok ! Can I go inside now ?

Sonal : Ya sure ! She is unconscious now for the injection.  You can go .

Kabir goes and sits beside her . He holds her hand and gives it a squeeze.  Her rosy lips were pale . She was looking lean and weak . He couldn’t forgive himself . He decides to do something special for her .

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