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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 5

It was pleasant breezy morning. Kabir woke up and found Saanchi sleeping. He caressed her face and kissed her forehead. He quickly went to have shower and got ready for hospital.He went downstairs to have breakfast.

Saanchi woke up sunkissed . She did not find Kabir and got up . She quickly freshened up wearing a black saree to go to hospital. She went downstairs and say Kabir munching sandwiches. She gently sat down next to him .

Saanchi : Why didn’t you wake me up ?

Kabir : Because you need to take rest in this condition .

Saanchi : Kabir ! You should have woken me up, I would have made the breakfast . Why did you trouble Maa ?

Kabir : No , you should rest completely . No work from today …

Saanchi : Kabir is saying this … but what will I do when Mr.Khadoos asks me to work in the hospital ?

Kabir : Haven’t I told you that you are on leave from today ?

Saanchi : Leave ? No Kabir ! I want to go the hospital for duty . You know what ? I will get bored . In hospital I will be busy and time will pass eventually .

Kabir :But Saanchi ! I can’t take risk regarding your health . The work will give more strain and stress .

Saanchi : I don’t know anything about it  . I will go to the hospital and that’s final .

Kabir : Ok ! But take care ..

Saanchi : Kabir ! Why don’t we keep a puja as well as a party for SDCH staff? They will also get the news of my pregnancy .. What say ?

Kabir :Sure ! We will conduct the pooja on Sunday.By the way Have you told Maa about your pregnancy ?

Saanchi : Oh no ! I simply forgot to tell Maa .

Kabir : Ok then let’s go .

They both went to Kusum’s room . She was happy  seeing them together . She always dreamt them to be together always .

Kusum : What happened Beta ? Any work ?

Kabir : Maa…ummm….actually ….Saanchi …..I …..She ……We….having

Kusum : What are you saying kabir ?

Saanchi : Maa he wantsnto say that we are ….. ummm…having…a ….I …mean …I am

Kusum : Tell me frankly

Kaanchi : Pregnant !

Kusum jumped in joy ang hugged Kaanchi .She kissed Saanchi

Kusum : I always waited for this day . I am extremely happy . I knew Saanchi could give all the happiness to this house .Come sit with me ..

Saanchi : Sorry Maa ! We have to go to the hospital  .

Kusum : But beta in pregnancy it’s not good to work .

Kabir : I was saying the same Maa ! But she didn’t listen … Don’t worry I will take care of her .

Kusum: Close the door when you go ,because I am going to tell everyone.

Kusum leaves . Kabir and Saanchi look at each other’s faces and laugh .

Saanchi : Shall we go now ?

Kabir : I think you didn’t have breakfast.

Saanchi : Ok ! I am going to eat that sandwich .

Kabir : No Saanchi! That’s oily .You take this Broccoli salad and Soy yoghurt.

Saanchi quickly ate making a awful face and they left for hospital .At the hospital Kabir continued his duty while Saanchi came across all the interns and staff. She invited them to the party . All asked the reason but they said it to be a surprise . Saanchi was in general ward checking her patients when she gets a message from kabir asking her to report him right now . She went to his cabin .

Kabir : Dr.Saanchi ! This is a serious and important surgery ,read the case . You will assist me in this surgery .

Saanchi : Ok sir !

She left the place. She sat in the cafetaria during the break and started reading the case file . She was busy in reading when Isha and Pragya sat accompanying her .

Pragya : Saanchi ! You know what happened today , because of that nonsense veer, I lost my favourite key chain

Isha : You know what ? Because of Dr. Adarsh, I was not able to go to the sale .

Saanchi : Isha ! Pragya ! I am really frustrated  . Please can we talk about this later , and I have to read this file also .

Pragya and Isha looked at each other’s faces because itbwas the first time when Saanchi didn’t want to listen to their talks .

Isha : Ok !

Saanchi : Pragya ! I’m feeling hungry and I feel like eating something sour and spicy .

Pragya : Sour ?

Isha : Spicy ?

Saanchi : Yes !

Both of them were shocked again as Saanchi didn’t like sour and spicy food . But this was the first time she felt like eating spicy food .They leave and after some time they come with chat . Saanchi grabs the plate and drools over the food . She finishes it and asks for other two plates which were also munched by her.

Then it was time for the operation . Both Saanchi and Kabir are in the operation threatre . They successfully did the operation.  Both came out of the threatre.

Kabir :Good Job Saanchi !

Saanchi :Thanks Dr. Kabir

Kabir :It’s break time .

Saanchi :I have to change , I’m going.

Just when Saanchi goes ,Isha and Pragya came running to kabir.

Isha : Jiju you know what ?

Pragya : Yes yaar ! Saanchi is unwell .

Kabir : What happened to her ?She was just right here

Isha narrates the whole story to Kabir . He understands that it may be her cravings and moodswings afterall she was pregnant .
He just gave a glare to them and went away . He was smiling all the way going to her . He went to her in her cabin (Saanchi is a senior doctor now ) with bananas and soy milk .

Kabir : May I come in Mam ?

Saanchi : Yes sure ! (She was busy in some files and didn’t notice  it was Kabir, she thought it would be some intern )

Saanchi looked up and gave a confused look when she had a large grin on her face.

Saanchi : Kabir !

Kabir : Saanchi ! Have these bananas and milk , and I came here to say that today Sonal ; my school friend is coming to our house . So, we have to leave early .


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