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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 4

Kabir was sitting in his cabin holding the envelope in his hands . He was thinking whether to check the reports or not. He decided to send the reports to the record room and focus on the work. He concluded that he will collect the reports when he departs

Saanchi was pacing to and fro thinking about the reports . She heard the door bell . She rushed to the door expecting Isha but it was delivery boy for some parcel . She received the parcel and went upstairs again .

An idea strikes her mind . She quickly calls Isha and asks her about Kabir . She informs Saachi that Kabir is in the record room with some envelope . Saachi pleads Isha to bring the envelope somehow to her and threatened her not to open the envelope .

Isha to help her friend joins with Pragya and Veer to get the envelope .Veer sees Kabir leaving and signals Isha . Isha went to the record room keeper wearing a sleeveless,backless and short black dress to divert him . Pragya carried on to the record room and searched for the envelope . She managed to get it and ran out signalling Isha to come .

The trio were rejoicing as they accomplished their mission. Isha proudly called Saanchi to let her know that envelope would be reaching to her residence in no time .

After she cut the call she heard a doorbell . She was sure that it would be someone with the envelope.She received the envelope and went up with a large grin .She looked at her reports.She checked her ECG,ultrasound , BP,haemoglobin and everything else was simply normal. The only report left was the pregnancy report. Saanchi murmurmed ” He didn’t even tell me before doing this test ” She opened the report and no bounds of happiness looking at ” Pregnancy – POSITIVE ” written in bold red .Her happiness had no bounds . She caressed her belly .

She wanted to call Kabir and share her happiness . Their sign of love is waiting to come to their world . ” I’m really sorry Kabir ! I collected the reports and checked them . I should have told you. Don’t worry all the reports are normal . Don’t be angry now ! I know you care for me . Please come home soon today , there’s a surprise for you “messaged Saanchi . ” Ok ! If all the reports are normal then the fever may be due to sesonal change.Fine I will come soon to you. Love you “She smiled and said ” Yes ! Due to a seasonal change in our lives ”

She beautifully decorated the room with roses . She spread rose petals all over the bed and floor . She lightened the room with fragrant candles . She dressed in a blood red saree . She wore a golden pendant and two small earrings . She set her hair free . She was waiting eagerly for kabir. She heard a tring and quickly switched off the lights . He entered the room .

Kabir : Sanchi ! Sanchi !

A pair of slender arms hugs him from behind . He pulls her to the front and hugs her . He kisses her back .

Saanchi : Kabir ! I want to give you a surprise.  I want to tell you something.

Kabir : Ya carry on !

Saanchi : Kabir ……ummm ..We are …..ummm….having …..I mean …..I am …

Kabir : What happened Saanchi ? Tell me frankly

Saanchi : Kabir ! I am ….pregnant ,We are going….ummm… to have a baby … You are ..going to become …a father.

Kabir : Ok fine … Wait what ?

He lost his control and was extremely happy . She lifted Saanchi and turned round and round . He kissed her forehead . He rested his chin on her shoulder . He held her hand and kept one hand on her stomach . He pecked her cheek .

Saanchi : How was the surprise  ?

Kabir while squeezing her hand : It was the best surprise of the world. Promise me that you will not be careless and you will take care of yourself.

Saanchi : I promise .

Kabir : It’s late now . Did you have dinner ?

Saanchi : No , I was waiting for you to come .

Kabir: I knew it ! You sit here , I will bring dinner for both of us .

Saanchi : But Kabir …

Kabir : No ! You need to rest from now onwards . Ok ?

Kabir quickly returns with two plates of dinner and two glasses of water . They both had dinner together . Kabir quickly cleaned and freshen up . He came with a glass of milk with almonds,pistachios,wallnuts,saffron and turmeric for Saanchi .

Kabir :Saanchi !Drink this

Saanchi : No ! I don’t like milk

Kabir : Saanchi ! Its good for your health ,drink it ..

He makes Saanchi drink the whole glass . She waits for him to come and sit beside her . He comes and makes her lay down comfortably and sleeps beside her . They slept in each other’s arms .

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