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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 3

Saanchi was still asleep because of the medicines she ate .Kabir woke up and saw saanchi sleeping peacefully.  He checked the temperature. He looked at her lovingly . He kissed her forehead and got up to freshen up as it was a important day for him as well as Saanchi .

After a while Saanchi woke up and searched for Kabir as she wanted to apologise him . She was not feeling well due to Kabir’s angriness towards her.

She was sitting on the bed resting her back with a warm blacket over her . Kabir came out of the bathroom and quickly goes out of the room. He comes back with a bowl of soup and sits besides Saanchi with a blank expression.  He forwards a spoon of soup for her to have it . She denies . He was about to go when she holds his  hand .

Saanchi : Kabir ! I know you are really angry with me but if I would have told you,you must have been very tensed . So..l I didn’t tell you . I am sorry ..

She was in tears and was holding her ears . He could see how guilty she was feeling and how desperate she is to talk to him . He couldn’t see her like this .He held her hand and hugged her . He kissed her forehead . She rejoiced and reciprocated the hug.

Kabir: C’mon get ready ! We have to go fast

Saanchi : Kabir ! I will go by myself to the hospital, for now you go .

Kabir : You are not going to duty . I’m going …

Saanchi : Then where are we going ?

Kabir : We are going to the hospital , you are on leave and your checkup should be done

Saanchi : Kabir ! But ….(He kept his finger on her lips .)

Kabir : You have to go , otherwise the whole year you will do record room duty …

Saanchi : That’s blackmailing.

Kabir : Anyways , you have to go (pecks on her cheek )Now go get ready …

Saanchi got ready wearing a blue saree and both parted to car . They reached the hospital . They were walking when they met with Veer .

Veer : Hi Miss Golgappa ! And Hello Mr. Kha…I mean Dr. Kabir

Saanchi : Morning !

Veer : You had your duty with me , so accompany me (forwards his hand )

Kabir : Dr.Veer ! Saanchi is on leave today . (Gives a deadly glare )

Veer leaves . Kabir holds Saanchi’s hand and gives it a light squeeze . They move forward in the hospital.They reached the examining room .

Kabir: Sister ! Call Nurse Fernandez .(Let’s name the sister as N)

N: Sir ! She is assisting Dr. Avasthi for a surgery .

Kabir : Ok ! Call Dr.Sumitra then .

N: Sir ! She is busy in a delivery case .Almost all the doctors are in conference or surgeries.Only Dr. Sinha is there free . Shall I call him ?

Kabir : No , you go

Nurse leaves .

Saanchi : Kabir ! Nurse fernandez and Dr.Sumitra are not there. So you continue your duty .. I am going . (Smiles )

Kabir : No need to be happy ! Your checkup should be done compulsory.

Saanchi But Dr sumitra is not here…

Kabir : Then what is the problem? I will do the check up .

Saanchi : We will postponed it tomorrow know ?

Kabir: No ! Now lay down on the bed . We will start from ECG.

He holds her saree to lift . She  hits his hand slowly

Saanchi :  ECG ? You will…..No no no

Kabir : Fine! I am calling Dr.Sinha . You decide whether your husband will do your test or Dr . Sinha

Saanchi looked at Kabir’s face blankly .

Kabir : I got my answer . I am calling Dr.Sinha

Saanchi : No no no ! You stop and do the test .

He washed his hands . He carefully pulled the curtain . He fixed the clips on her chest by lifting her saree .ECG was done .Then it was time for ultrasound . Saanchi felt shy but kabir managed to pursuade her . He dettached the clips . And connected the device to Pc for ultrasound . He slowly applied the gel or cream on and around her navel . She was turning red . He put the device on her belly . Almost all tests were done by then(including pregnancy test )

Kabir : When reports will come , give it to me .ok ?

Sister : Ok sir

Kabir : Saanchi ! Come I will drop you home .

Saanchi : Ya I am coming after meeting Isha .

Kabir leaves . Saanchi lied to kabir and told the nurse to give the reports to the Isha But she didn’t knew kabir listened to their conversation.  He dropped Saanchi home and went to collect the reports from the record room before the nurse collects it . He thinks to see the reports but thinks it to be unfair and decides to open it with saanchi .

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