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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 15

Saanchi gains consciousness and finds Priya beside her .Priya becomes happy and holds her hands She tries to get up

Sanchi : Kabir ! Where is kabir ?…Where is he ? ….Kabir ….Kabir!

Priya : Sanchi ! Calm down , it’s all okay ! Kabir has gone to do some urgent work. . Just lay down ….

Sanchi : Priya, how’s my baby ? and where is ka….

Priya : Shhhhh ! Calm down, breath ….breath …everything is fine .. just keep calm ..take drink this water

After a few minutes,  Sanchi settled her mind and calm downed.
Sanchi : Sorry Priya ! I was a bit hyper … I am really sorry !

Priya : It’s Ok ! It happens, now let’s go home ..

Sanchi : Hmmm !

Meanwhile Kabir was in the temple investigating the temple about what happened earlier . He searched all the place but could not find anything related to the happenings.  He just closed his eyes and remembered Sanchi’s words – “Kabir ! Our mind is really powerful . It can either make you or break you ..It can make you strongly mental or mentally strong .. Don’t give up” He opens his eyes and sees the Chunri lying in there . He goes to the chunri and picks it up and again remembers Sanchi’s words -“If thirsty can not go to the well then do something so that well comes to thirsty”

He smiles and thinks  Ria did the same thing , she can’t get Sanchi close to fire but made fire close to her .. All the secret is in this Chunri , I have send to lab for examining . Just then he gets a call from Veer .

Kabir : Sanchi is home ? Okay I’m coming soon …

Kabir submits the chunri for testing in laboratory and drives home . While on the way, he sees jalebis which are Sanchi’s favourite . He buys Jalebi and drives home . Kabir entered into Sanchi’s with jalebis and saw the whole gang chattering with Sanchi to divert her mind from all the negative things .

Kabir : You’re  fine now ?

Sanchi : Hmm !

Veer : Chalo bhai , humare jaane ka time ho gaya …

Every one goes leaving Kanchi alone . Kabir comes and sits beside Sanchi . He holds her hands . He kisses her forehead and looks at her .

Kabir : I’m sorry ! I was not with you , Priya told me that you were…..

Sanchi : Shhhh ! Keep quiet …no explanation

Kabir : but …

Before Kabir could say anything Sanchi pressed her lips on his . It was a slow kiss at first but then it turned out be a passionate and sensuous one . They were disturbed when Kabir’s phone rang .

Over phone it was a lab assistant :
Kabir : Hello

L.A : Hello Sir ! The reports for the chunri had come ..Please collect it .

Kabir : Sure

Call cuts down .

Kabir : Sanchi ! There is an emergency in the hospital , I have to go …

Sanchi nods while Kabir gives her peck on her cheek and hands her the jalebis .

Kabir drives to the lab and gets the reports, he opens the reports and is shocked see a strong flammable chemical . He is furious and at the same time ,he is thanking God for saving his love.

He drives back to the Kapoor mansion and calls the gang at the terrace for a meeting. At the terrace , the gang plans something which is muted . They high five the last moment and went downstairs.

After few days , things went on normally and the day had arrived when both Priket and Praveer are going to be united i.e their wedding day.  Every thing was going on perfectly, decoration , preparation etc ..

Everyone was busy doing make up, getting ready and many more but Prisanprashnal were busy grooming each other . On the other hand groom to be were being ready by Kabir ,Parth and Pratik .

Kabir : Veer ! Finally you are going to marry Pragya.

Parth : Hmm ! Veer , now your freedom is nothing …you have dance on her fingers .

Pratik : Shaadi ka ladoo jo khaye vo pastaye aur jo naa khaaye wo bhi pastaye

Kabir : This is only a saying ! I am happy with Sanchi ..

Veeprarth taunt Kabir . On the other hand all girls were dressing up . All the  was dressed up in red lehengas of different styles .

Soon it was time for the gatbandhan in the wedding . Wedding was finished and now Praveer and Priket were all alone in their room celebrating their suhaagraat .

After 4 months of Priket and  Praveer’s marriage, they were sent for Honeymoon as they were busy in work. Pratik’s parent were residing in Sofia ,so he went to them for a visit . Isha had her grooming workshop and Parth had some official work in Chandigarh ,so they were away !

It was a usual day for our six month pregnant Sanchi who was bed sick today . Her mood was gloomy and she was feeling tired . She had body ache and she was resting with a blanket over her while Sonal was sitting and chatting with her .

Sonal : Well ! It’s high time now ,Sanchi .. I think we should tell Kabir

Sanchi : No !Sonal , he is already busy in the hospital, then also tensed regarding me. No,sona please …

Sonal : Ok ! But these are the reports , please keep them safe and I am going to hospital

Sanchi : Ok .
Their conversation was overheard by Riya . Guess what will happen next ?


I will update the next episode on 6th june ..

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