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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 12

Saanchi was on her way downstairs when a waiter came to her

Waiter : Madam !

Saanchi : Yes !

Waiter : Madam ! Actually your friends are calling in veer sir’s room .

Saanchi : Ok ! You go away .. I am going
In mind : Must be Pragya and Isha .

Saanchi went inside the room when a palm covered her eyes . She touched the hands confused ..

Saanchi : Kabir ? Is it you ?

Kabir : You guessed it right ! (Removes his hand from his eyes )

Saanchi : Why you called me here ?

Kabir : Why are you so irritated?  Looks like you don’t want to spend time with me ..

Saanchi : Kabir ! It’s not like that , there is a party downstairs and what will they think if we don’t join them ?

Kabir : Coming to the party , how can you go like this ?

Saanchi : Why ? What’s wrong with this ? (looking at her outfit)

Kabir : Come here !

Saanchi goes to kabir . He holds her hand and takes her to the mirror . He turns her back towards the mirror and clicks a picture of the mirror.  He shows the picture to Saanchi and she turned red looking at the picture . Her blouse was open as it was a stringed one .

Kabir : Let’s go now to the party, right ?

Saanchi : Stop taunting me …

Saanchi tried a lot but her hand could not reach the strings of the blouse . She was astonished as she always the tied the blouse herself . She looked at Kabir and hesitated for help . Kabir noticed her

Kabir : Someone has become fat , I think ? You need my help ?

Saanchi : I’m not fat ..

Kabir : You are not fat ?

Saanchi : No !

Kabir : Then tie your blouse yourself .

Saanchi again tried hard but it was all in vain .

Kabir : I told you have grown fat .

Saanchi : Kabir !!! (chases him )

Kabir runs and climbs up the bed . Saanchi too tries to climb but because of the slippery saree she failed .

Kabir : Aww ! Fatty can’t climb up the bed …

Saanchi turned red in anger and climbed up the bed . She at once caught hold of Kabir . On his attempt of escaping both fell on bed with Saanchi on top of Kabir .He smiled at her . Her curls were on her face which were sidelined by him. His hands which were holding her arms went behind her neck to tie the strings . He tied the strings . She felt his touch and clutched his coat on his  chest on which she was resting her hands .

Saanchi : Have I grown fat ? Do I look ugly or bloated ? Do I really look like a golgappa ?

Kabir smiled at her innocent face and kissed her forehead .

Kabir : No sweetheart ! It doesn’t matter to me  whether you have grown fat or not ,whether you are beautiful or not , I was just teasing you … It’s normal in pregnancy and you have gained a little weight but that doesn’t matters to me … You are the same sweet and simple Saanchi for me …

She hugged him . He too reciprocated the hug . Now let’s move on to Ria who was waiting for Saanchi to come . She saw Kabir and Saanchi coming . They reached the staircase . Saanchi was about step on the first stair but Kabir got a phone call which diverted her .She waited for Kabir to finish the call but he was busy . She thought to join the party . As soon as she stepped on the stair she slipped and screamed ” KABIRRRRR !!!! ”

“SAANCHIIII!!!” shouted kabir as he saw her rolling down the stairs . The phone slipped from his hands .He quickly threw his coat on her stomach and jumped on her . He wrapped her in his arms and held her tightly from her waist . His one hand was underneath Saanchi’s head and other holding her tightly to his chest . They both rolled down the stairs .

Nothing happened to Kabir but Saanchi was already injured on the head which made her unconscious . There stood all guests,the gang ,dr.malhotra and family and Ria . Ria was at cloud nine . She thought this was going to be the end of the baby . ” Who would suvive after rolling down 20 stairs even though Kabir wrapped her ” Thought Riya and smiled . All of them rushed Saanchi to the emergency room present in Malhotra mansion . Sonal was asked to check Saanchi . He bandaged her head . She checked her came out with a sigh  . Kabir who was in tears rushed to Sonal .

Sonal : Kabir , actually saanchi is …
(in a serious tone )

Kabir : What happened to Saanchi ?..

Sonal : She is alright (with a smile )  Just a minor injury and the baby is also good … All thanks to you ,if you wouldn’t had jumped some complications may have arised ….

Kabir let out a long sigh and wiped his tears .

Sonal : She is unconscious now , I have injected her .. she will be fine within two hours but we all have to take care of her properly other wise some complications may arise ..

Riya fumes in anger . She gets  furious throws everything in her room .She vows to kill this baby at the last stage and win as the third semeister is delicate for both mother and child .
Kabir goes inside the room . He sits beside her and caresses her head . The gang also enters the room .

Pragya : Don’t worry Jiju ! She is fine ..

Isha : Yes Jiju ! She is alright and will regain consciousness within a hour .

Priya : C’mon Kabir ; the best mentor and doctor , how can you be so upset and gloomy ? It was just an accident

Veer : No Priya ! I understand what he is thinking ? He is not worried for Saanchi’s as she will be fine but his mind has question. .. You know what ?

Sonal : I too have the same question. WHO IS BEHIND ALL THESE? From past days , these type of accidents are happening with saanchi and we can’t take it easy and this can’t be a coincidence. ..

Kabir : EXACTLY ! That’s what I was thinking ? Who is behind all this ?I have suspected someone ..

Kabir ,Sonal & Veer :RIA !

Sonal : We have to find the roots of this matter . Veer and I will try to keep an eye on Riya .

Veer : Yes ! You should only focus on Saanchi,her health and your baby . You should not leave her alone at any moment .Ok ? We will handle everything else .

Kabir : Ok but when I will be at hospital ?

Priya : Don’t worry!  What am I for ? I will take care of her ..

Kabir : Thanks Priya !

Priya : She is like my sister and I will love to care for her . Mention not .

Pragya :  By the way , If anyone remembers that It’s my engagement with veer after a week . (Yes , I thought to pair Praveer )

Kabir : We remember ! How can we forget it ?

Everyone giggles .


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