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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 11

After doing a heavy shopping the gang returned home . It was already evening and Kabir was back home as their was a party . As soon as Saanchi entered the room , he had a bright smile .

Kabir : How was your day ?

Saanchi : It was fine  and I missed you .

Kabir : You always say that ! By the way , we’re already late for the party , should we get ready ?

Kaanchi get ready in their respective outfits . They both go downstairs. A group of people came to them . They were some ex patients of kabir who came to thank him . Saanchi who felt bored left the spot and went to the gang chilling .

Veer : Sanchi ! The party is just going like hell .Shall we dance ?

Sanchi : Sure !

Pragya : Isha , you dance with Sonal . I’m going with Priya .

Isha : Ya sure !

Veer and Saanchi start dancing on soch na sake . Veer twirls Saanchi round and round when evil Ria who was dancing with Garv deliberately placed her foot in Saanchi’ s way so that she falls .

Saanchi just loses her balance when Kabir rushed to her and held her from waist ..Also veer whowas her partner held her .I was a awkward trio pose including Saachi with one hand on Kabir’s shoulder and the other hand on Veer’s shoulder . Both were holding her .

Riya fumes in anger and decides to persuade plan B .She quickly rushes to the bartender and orders him  a cocktail zombie with high alcohol content . She orders him to mix it with orange juice .
Riya : (in mind ) What if alcohol doesn’t react ? I should add a back up to this drink ..)

She rushed to her room added a tablet to the drink and joined Saanchi and the gang .

Riya : Saanchi ! Dr. Kabir has sent this juice for you .. you shall drink it

Sonal in mind : That day also Saanchi had juice due to which she felt sick . Some thing is fishy …

Veer too thinks the same thing as Sonal .

Veer : Riya ! I am really thirsty … give the glass (snatches the glass and drinks it )

Veer quickly drinks the whole glass .

Riya : Veer ! That was not meant for you … It was for Saanchi

Veer : What happened if I drank this juice ?I will bring another glass for her  ….

Pragya : Veer is right ! What’s wrong with it ?

Riya : No ! I was saying like this ….
In mind : Oh no ! I have to try something else …

Saanchi was enjoying the party when her phone beeps due to message .It was of Kabir .

Come upstairs . I’m waiting – Kabir

Okay ! Coming now … -Saanchi

Saanchi went upstairs.  Riya saw her and a idea struck her mind. Saanchi was going in the way when someone dragged her inside a dark room and put a hand on her mouth .

Kabir : It’s me ;Kabir

Saanchi : Why did you message me to come upstairs ?

Kabir held her tight and pinned her to the wall .

Kabir :Why were you dancing with that veer ?

Sanchi : Aww ! You felt jealous …

Kabir : Yes ! You are only mine and will be mine forever …

Sanchi : I’m only yours and you are only mine … You were busy nowadays with your work and also you were taking with your ex-patients ,so I wentbon with veer …

Kabir : You do not need to give me explanation, I trust with my eyes being closed …

Saanchi smiled at him and immediately pressed her lips on his right the next moment . His eyes widened at her sudden move . It was a slow kiss at first but turned into a passionate and sensuous one . They parted for breathe

Saanchi : They must be missing us .. We shall go to the party now ..

Kabir :Ya sure

They were getting out of the room when a waiter bumped into Saanchi and spoiled all her dress by pouring orange smoothie on it ..

Saanchi : It’s ok ! I am going to change …

Kabir : Do you need my help? (Teasingly )

Saanchi : No , thanks . (Grinning )

Saanchi went to change and just wore a simple blood red saree with contrast strapped four strings blouse . Here Riya was waiting for her to come . As she saw her coming she just spilt a bit of oil on the topmost stair and hurriedly ran away downstairs .

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