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Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 10

One month leap …..
In the course of time , Saanchi’s baby bump of two months starts growing . Her mood swings and cravings were in extremes . There was one person who was the most tensed ; Kabir . He loved Saanchi from the bottom of his heart . Whenever he doesn’t see her ,he longs for her . This baby has made their love more immence.

It was about 2:00 am in the night . Saanchi was busy reading a book while Kabir dozed off with one hand on her waist . She was almost at the end of the book when she was feeling hungry . She looked at Kabir and demolished her thought of waking him up but again the little life inside her craved for Golgappas . She shaked Kabir .

Saanchi : Kabir ! Wake up please .. I wanna have golgappas….please please please

Kabir : Saanchi ….it’s late now .., sleep …its not the time to have golgappas .

Saanchi : Kabir ! Please please …. baby wants to have golgappas ..

Kabir : Sanchi ! Let me sleep .. its late now …

He again dozed off to sleep . She shaked him but all her efforts went in vain. She finally got the idea and takes the jug and pours the water on him . He stumbles from his sleep and is wide awake .

Kabir : Is this a way of waking up someone ?

Saanchi : Yes ! Especially if the person is a kumbhkaran .

Kabir smiles at her gesture . He caresses her face and rubs his cheeks with her .

Saanchi : Kabir ! I wanna have golgappas ..

Kabir : But Saanchi ! It’s late and it’s not good for you go in the night …

Saanchi : Am I going alone? … My strong hubby is going with me …

Kabir (irritated) : Saanchi ! Can’t you eat the Aloo tikki in the fridge ?

Saanchi : But I feel like eating golgappas ….please….Kabir

Kabir. :OK lets go .

They went and sat in the car . They started driving . There was no one in the roads . There was a cold breeze . Saanchi shivered .
Kabir : Look ! There’s  no one here … There are no Golgappas vendor here….

Saanchi : Why are you shouting at me ? Am I annoying you ?

Kabir : By the way , as it is 3:50 am already ….Why not we drive to see the sunrise . ?

Saanchi : Ok !

They both drove to see the Sunrise . Kabir gently held Saanchi’s hand and they sat to see the beautiful sunrise .They had a quality time with each other . Just then a call stuck Kabir . He received the call and talked for sometime. He cut the call and went to Saanchi .

Kabir : Saanchi ! As Maa’ s not here , So Dr. Malhotra called up requesting us to come to their house and stay with them until Maa completes her Chaar dhaam yatra .

Saanchi : But Kabir ! How can I go there ?

Kabir : I know you must be feeling weird but they requested. ..even I denied but they forced … So, get up we have to go to their house with all our luggage .

After a long drive they reached home. Kabir opens the door and they get in ..Saachi quickly freshned up and packs their luggage. They soon reached Malhotra mansion . They were given a warm welcome by Daadi , Veer and Priya . Kabir as usual chose to join the hospital as Saanchi was enjoying with the gang which included Pragya, Isha , Veer , Priya and Sonal . They had a quality time together and spent a lot of time giggling and babbling and gossiping ,Pragya Isha and  Sonal were strictly instructed by Kabir to take care of Sanchi. She was enjoying everything after all she was not feeling lonely.

Isha : Hey guys ! Saanchi is here and we all are here, So wanna go for shopping?

Pragya : Ya! It’s a good idea ..I mean we can shop for our little guest .

Veer : Oh ! I am so excited …

Priya : Me too, Yes let’s  go ….It will be fun, you know ?

Saanchi : Ya sure … we should go there ..What say ?

Sonal : Hmmm! But I have to ask your Khadoos …

Ishpragveer : Stop it Sonal … That hitler … we will go anyways …

Sonal: Ok !

Just then Riya enters .

Riya : I forgot to tell you guys that Dad has kept a party .

Veer : What’s the party for ?

Riya : No specific reason only chilling
In mind : for mission kill baby

Sonal : Well, Ria ! Would you like to join us for shopping?

Ria : Of course …

They left the spot and reached the mall to shop for the party . Riya chose a solid black sleeveless, strappy ,backless spaghetti .

Isha chose a white crop top on a denim shorts .

Pragya chose a red off shoulder top with ripped black jeans

Sonal chose a black and pink dhoti saree .

Priya chose a rich cream kurta with a white palazzo.

Veer chose a blue sherwani with heavy work
Saanchi chose a royal blue outfit


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