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Mahakaali 3rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati to leave Kelash

Mahakaali 3rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Parvati sits with Shiv. She says there is some question on your face. As if you want to take my test. He says you will know on right time. She says I am glad I came back to Kelash. When we are together nothing can go wrong. Ganesh comes and says ma.. Nandi comes and says seeing you both together feels like there is peace back. Ganesh says yes stability is back since Adi is gone. KArtika says their bond is the reason. Parvati says anyone who comes to Kelash with bad intentions can never do wrong. Idnra says whatever happened in Kelash after that is Kelash still that pure? Kaartika says what are you saying. You are doubting my parent’s stability of keeping kelash pure. Indra says Adi came here as Parvati. is it pure now? Kartika says enough.. He picks his weapon. Parvati stops him. Indra

says truth is that we have to keep Kelash pure. ganesh says please calm down. We all have the right solution. You both are right at your points but this isn’t the right way to solve it. Kartika says what solution? He says anand tandav. Shiv says he is right. Indra says Anand tandav will bring peace? Parvati says Mahadev and Mahakali will do it together. Nandi says it will be such a good day for all of us.

Ganesh sits with Parvati. she says help me Ganesh. this was your idea. He says I am helping with my brain. How will we make this tandav special. Parvati says I have invited a very special bhagt of Mahadev.
Vishnu says what did you do Parvati. You shouldn’t have invited him. Manavsur.
Parvati tells Ganesh she has invited Mahavsur. When he comes we will start the tandav.
Manavsur comes to Kelash. He comes. Vishnu comes and says you should go from here. Parvati says what are you saying. I invited him. Manavsur says you are respected for me. Mahakali invited me here for my goodwill. If you want to take my right for me I wont take that. Parvati says calm down. Vishnu says you should go from here. Shiv says now when we have invited him he will stay here. Manavsur increases in size. Parvati and shiv smile. Parvati grants him a drum. He beats it and Shiv and Parvati dance together. Everyone bows down. Parvati says invting you here was to pure Kelash. He says thank you mata . Give me one more blessing. Parvati says if we grant you something don’t use bad purposes.
Vishnu says to Lakshmi we have to stop him. Maanavsur says whenever I am in trouble Mahaddev will come to help me and battle with anyone who fights with me. Only a woman could kill me. Parvati says we grant you. He says I am grateful. He leaves. Shiv says every grant comes with some consequences as well. He leaves. Indra says why did you do this MAta? Ganesh says ma an pita shri know what to do when he misuses. Indra says but his protection is Mahadev and we can’t kill him. Only a virgin woman can kill him. How could you do this Mahadev? Parvati says he knows what he does. We will handle it. I wille be that virgin woman.
Ganesh goes to his cave. Shiv and Parvati come to him. He says you will leave me. She says come sleep. Ganesh says when I sleep you will leave me. Parvati says I wont go anywhere. They both make him sleep. She tells him story of his birth.
Precap-Mahakali stands in front of Mahadev because of Manavsur.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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