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Jab We Met (Shot- 10)

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Jab We Met (Shot-10)

Suhani and Soumya are about to leave when Pratima comes there with Krishna.. Suhani tries to look normal..

“Aunty, we are leaving now..” Soumya says..
“Not aunty, both of you will call me ‘maa’ from now..”
They get emotional and look at each other.. Pratima hugs both of them.. Krishna smiles.. Pratima calls Yuvraj.. He says he is out for some urgent work.. She asks Krishna to drop them..

Its night..
Suhani is unable to sleep.. She recalls her first meet with Yuvraj, and whatever followed.. She has seen so many shades of him that she is unable to understand who he really is..

Sambhav reaches home.. He goes to his room.. He removes a curtain behind which there is a large pic of Suhani..
“You know what sweetheart, I’ll start our wedding preparations very soon.. And I’m sure, you will be very happy with me..” He says running his finger over the pic..

“Its all because of my dear mom and dad’s stupidity that I got to know about my real identity.. If I hadn’t heard them talking about it, I would have never got to know that I’m Sambhav Birla, Pratima Birla’s lost son.. Before Suhani came, everything was fine so I never cared about it.. But now, I know how to use this truth as a tool to get her..” Sambhav says..

Yuvraj is sitting upset on the road.. His phone rings.. Its Pratima.. He says he is on his way back home.. He gets back into the car and starts driving..


“Sambhav!! Don’t you dare open your mouth.. This is my family matter..” Yuvraj said grabbing his collar..

“This is not your family matter, Yuvraj.. Rakesh and Pratima Birla had a baby boy who was taken away by a childless couple immediately after birth.. And to make up for him, she adopted you, the illegitimate son of her sis.. And if you want your maa to meet her lost son, then you will have to make Suhani love me..”

Yuvraj was shocked.. He left Sambhav’s collar.. Sambhav left from there, while Yuvraj stood like a statue..

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Yuvraj continues driving.. He is teary-eyed..


I regret the day when I got to know that maa didn’t give birth to me.. One day dadi got angry with maa over some silly matter.. I supported maa by speaking against dadi.. Her ego was hurt, and out of anger, she blurted out the whole truth..

I’ve no right to keep maa away from her son.. She has showered her motherly love on me, and now it was my turn to bring her lost son in front of her, and I’ll do anything for that..

Next day, Saurabh, Sharad, Anuj and Sambhav came home as maa had called them.. All of us were in the hall..
“Maa, why did you call all of us? Is everything fine?” Bhawana asked..
“Yes, have patience.. Let them also come, then I’ll tell you everything..” Maa replied..
“Whom?” Anuj asked..

Just then, Suhani and Soumya entered the house smiling.. Both of them avoided me completely.. I didn’t mind it.. They walked straight towards maa.. Sambhav and Krishna were very happy.. I don’t know if I too was..

Panditji came..
“Maa, why have you called him? Is there any Puja today?” I asked..
She smiled..
“No son, I’ve called him to fix your wedding date..”

That was another shock.. I looked at Suhani.. She too looked at me, and then at Soumya.. My eyes met Sambhav’s.. He was really angry.. I looked away..

Panditji said that there is an auspicious day after a month..
“Just one month?? We don’t have much time for the preparations..” Sharad said..
“Don’t worry Sharad.. Now we will stay here till his wedding, and make sure that everything is done well..” Sambhav replied and looked at me..

“And yes, Suhani and Soumya will also stay here only, in the outhouse..” Dadi added..

Maa took both of us in front of the house temple and prayed for our relation..

As maa turned towards us and blessed us, Suhani saw her pallu catching fire from the glowing diya.. She immediately screamed and blew it off with her hand.. I realised it too late that she had saved maa’s life without thinking about herself..

Maa scolded her for burning her own hand.. They had an emotional conversation.. Everyone said something or the other, but I remained quiet even though I was also concerned about her.. Maa looked at me.. I didn’t want her to doubt our relation..

“Suhani, come, I’ll…..” I said taking her hand, but stopped as she pushed me away and blurted out, “I don’t need any help from you.. Just stay away from me..”


I realised what I did and said.. I looked around at everyone..
“Suhani, what happened? Yuvraj, did you fight with her again? Is it the reason behind her anger?” Dadi asked him..

“Dadi, you take his class, till then I’ll give her first aid..” Sambhav said..
We left from there..

I thanked Sambhav for helping me..
“I have a surprise for you.. Wait a minute..” He said and went out..

He came back with Snoopy.. I just hugged him tight as I was missing him so much..
“If you really want to thank me, then we can have icecream and you will pay for it, as I know you won’t go on a date with me..” He said..
We laughed.. I nodded..
“Which one do you like?” I asked..
“Whichever you like..”
“I like kulfi..”
“Wow, I love kulfi.. let’s go..”
“But, how will I have it.. My hand….”
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you..”
I agreed as it was just an icecream treat..

Some of the family members came to see if I needed something, but Yuvraj didn’t.. Sambhav told that he would take care of me.. Such a sweet guy he was!!


Yuvraj goes to Pratima’s room..
“Maa, are you fine?”
She smiles at him..
“I’m alright.. Did you ask this to Suhani?”
He looks away.. Pratima asks him to sort out with Suhani whatever the matter is.. Yuvraj thinks its not easy.. He assures her that he will do it..

Yuvraj heads towards Suhani’s room.. He finds her coming out of the room with Sambhav..
“Are you both going somewhere?”
“Yes, actually she is giving me icecream treat..”
“Can I…..join you?” He asks looking at her..
Suhani looks at him.. Sambhav looks away angrily..

Both Yuvraj and Suhani see the engagement ring missing in each others’ fingers.. They are deeply hurt..

“Yuvraj, this treat is only for Sambhav..” Saying this, she walks away and Sambhav follows her smiling.. Yuvraj watches them leaving..

Dadi calls Ramesh angrily.. Yuvraj hears and goes to her..
“What happened dadi?”
“I need this medicine right now.. Don’t know where is he..”
“Dadi, don’t worry, I’ll bring..”

He goes to the nearby medical store which is five mins from Birla House.. While returning, he finds Suhani and Sambhav enjoying kulfi..

“I think you should apply some kulfi on your nose, as its red due to anger.. It will cool down..” He says..
She looks at him and pretends fuming.. He laughs.. She beats on his arm..

Yuvraj is watching them, and then he imagines himself walking with her, hand in hand, both having kulfi.. He smiles.. He is interrupted by a stranger and then realises she is with Sambhav..

“I’m happy that finally you are smiling, but I wish I could be the reason behind your smile and not your tears..” He says to himself, turning his face against them..

PRECAP: YuvAni become friends..

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