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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 18





Omkara’s Room


Ishana is looking at him in shock listening to his words.

Ishu: (stammers) Wh….wh… what??

Om: I said how if we make a baby?? (Ishana’s mouth is shaking in fear and moves back from him. Omkara smirks and pulls her towards him.) Where are you escaping??

Ishu: (tears are welled in her eyes) Please leave me, sir.  (Folds her hands. Omkara lifts her in his arms and throws her on his bed. Ishana tries to get up from the bed but he blocks her and pushes her till she lands on the bed. She cries in fear thinking of what he is going to do. He goes near her. She closes her eyes in fear. She hears him laughing after a while. She opens her eyes and looks at him in confuse.)

Om: (stops laughing and stares at her) What do you think?? I will sleep with you to have a baby?? Or, I will make love to you?? Never in my dream, I will think to sleep with you. As I told you earlier, you don’t deserve to be loved. By looking at you, I don’t even feel like to force myself on you, sleeping with you is very far. (Gives a disgusting look to her. Ishana feels humiliated listening to him.) Get down from my bed!! (Ishana gets up and goes lying on the floor. Omkara switches off the light and retired to his bed. Ishana sobs silently recalling his words.)

Ishu: (thinks) You are right. I don’t deserve to be loved. But, I don’t know how my friends and bhabhi are loving me. I miss you all!! (Sobs silently)



Next day



Rudra takes Ishana to kitchen. SouPri already there smiling at her.

Ishu: Why did you take me here, Rudra??

Rudra: Bhabhi, I felt to make something special for you. Tell me your favourite food.

Ishu: I don’t have any favourites, Rudra. I will eat anything which is eatable.

Prinku: How can you say that, bhabhi?? Every person will have their favourite food. Like Soumya loves paratha, Rudra bhaiya loves protein shake and I love golgappe very much. You too must have anything favourite like this.

Ishu: No, Priyanka. I don’t have anything favourite. But, I don’t mind eating whatever you all made.

Rudra: We will make chole bhature and masala omelette for you. Is that ok??

Ishu: Ok. (RuMyaPri started to make the food while Ishana stands watching them)

Soumya: Di, you can cook??

Ishu: No, I can’t cook. Actually, I was not allowed to cook.

Soumya: Not allowed means?? Is your cooking horrible?? (Ishana chuckles)

Ishu: That only can know if I have taste the food. (Lost in her thought)





NeilGau’s House


Ishana is cooking something in the kitchen. AvNeil and PoojAm just return from somewhere. They look for Ishana and realised she is in kitchen. They go to kitchen and saw her wiping her eyes.

Neil: Ishu, what are you doing here and why are you crying??

Ishu: (looks at them) I’m not crying, Neil. I was chopping this onion and automatically my eyes become teary. (NeilGau wipe her eyes with a wet cloth and blow her eyes)

Gau: Why are you chopping this onion??

Ishu: What question is this, Gautham?? Of course for cooking.

Avni: What is the need for you to cook??

Ishu: Woh… Today is your wedding anniversary, right?? That’s why I thought to cook something special for you four. (Inhales her nose. Neil wipes the mucous which is oozing out from her nose)

Neil: Blow your nose. (Holding a tissue on her nose)

Ishu: Neil!!

Neil: I said blow, Ishu!!

Pooja: Ishu, do as he said. (Ishana nods and blows her nose. Neil holds the tissue carefully and cleans her nose. He takes another tissue and repeats the same.)

Neil: Are you ok, now?? (Ishana nods. He throws the tissue in the dustbin)

Avni: So, this is the reason you refused to follow us to the temple??

Pooja: Of course, Avni. Madam wanted to cook for us. Right, Ishu?? (Ishana makes a puppy face)

Gau: You don’t have to cook for us. We already bought food for all of us and we will have it together at the terrace.

Ishu: If you all are pampering me like this, how I’m going to learn cooking??

Avni: You don’t worry about that, Ishu. We will teach you when the time come. For now, you don’t have to cook. We will handle it.

Neil: (hugs Avni’s arm) Correct!! (Kisses her forehead. Ishana just shakes her head)





Ishana’s eyes are welled with tears recalling those moment which didn’t go unnoticed by RuMyaPri but they don’t ask her anything about it.

Rudra: Bhabhi, bhature is ready. (Places one on a plate and gives to Ishana.) I will feed you.

Prinku: Bhabhi only?? Feed me too.

Rudra: Ok. I will feed three of you.

Soumya: Three??

Rudra: Yes, you as well. (Soumya is surprised hearing this from him. She just smiles shyly. Rudra feeds three of them one by one starting from Ishana, Priyanka and Soumya.)

They are chatting and laughing happily at the kitchen. Suddenly, Omkara enters the kitchen making four of them shock. He is about to pull Ishana’s hand but Rudra comes in between.

Rudra: Where you want to take her, O??

Om: I’m having some work with her.

Rudra: What work you are having with her??

Om: It’s none of your business. Let me take her.

Rudra: She is my bhabhi and I’m having all the rights to know where you want to take her.

Om: (looks at Ishana) You are enjoying seeing us fighting with each other, right?? That’s why you keep on hiding behind him.

Rudra: Don’t scold my bhabhi. You don’t know what she has done for our family.

Om: She has done a lot. She has killed our family’s happiness.

Rudra: Just stop it, O!! Not a word more against her. (Ishana feels bad seeing them fighting because of her)

Ishu: Rudra, please don’t fight because of me. Sir, I will come with you. (Omkara pulls her hand and drags her from there)

Rudra: He is dragging her like she is a toy. Bhabhi is so thin and that makes easier for him.

Prinku: Where he is taking bhabhi?? I’m very worried for her.

Rudra: Let’s go and see. (They leave from the kitchen to the living room. They see Omkara dragging Ishana towards outside. Other family members are just watching the scene silently.)

Rudra: (looks at his family) What is wrong with you all?? Why no one say anything to O?? Listen, the way you all are behaving now making me to grow anger on all of you including you, daadi.

Shivaay: Mind your words, Rudra!! Remember that she is our daadi. You are supporting that girl who killed our Gauri.

Rudra: Stop repeating the same, bhaiya. What do you think?? That only you all are angry with her?? We too were angry on her because of that but it was vanished when we got to know about her. She is not like you all are thinking. Bhabhi is such a pure hearted and she can’t think of harming anyone. Whatever happened was an accident.

Tej: Stop taking her side, Rudra!!

Rudra: I said that my anger on her has vanished but now it is shifting towards you all. Don’t let this anger to become hatred. (Leaves from there in anger followed by SouPri)





Ishana is sitting at the reception looking for Omkara who went to meet someone.

Ishu: Why he brought me here?? Where he went asking me to wait here?? I’ll go and see where he is. (She gets up from her place and goes searching for him. She accidentally hits a flower vase and it’s about to fall but she holds it on time. She sighs in relief and about to go but stops seeing Omkara in a room talking with a doctor.) Oh, he came to meet doctor?? But, why did he bring me as well?? I don’t know what is running in his mind. Better I go back to my seat before he sees me. (Leaves from there)

Ishana still waiting for him at the reception. Omkara came after a while and stands in front of her. Ishana gets up from her place and looks at him. Suddenly, she feels something pricking her arm. She feels dizzy after a while and falls unconscious.

Ishana opens her eyes and sees herself lying on the hospital bed.

Ishu: What happened to me?? Why am I here??

Nurse: You fainted just now. That’s why doctor asked us to insert drips for you. (Omkara comes there that time)

Om: The doctor said that you can leave now. (Ishana nods her head and about to get up from her place but she stops feeling pain in her lower abdomen. She cries holding her stomach.)

Nurse: What happened, mam??

Ishu: It’s paining terribly. (Cries badly) I can’t bear this pain. Aargh!!! (Lies back on the bed and wails in pain. The nurse gives an injection for Ishana to soothe her pain. Ishana calms after a while but she feels dizzy. She feels someone lifts her and takes her from there.)




Omkara enters inside the house with Ishana in his arms. RuMyaPri go towards them.

Rudra: What happened to bhabhi??

Om: Nothing. She fainted just now.

Rudra: You must have done something that scare her. That’s why she fainted. You put her down first. (Omkara places Ishana on the sofa. RuMyaPri sit beside Ishana waiting for her to get consciousness. Ishana gains conscious after a while. RuMyaPri hug her.)

Prinku: Bhabhi, are you ok?? (Ishana nods) We are worried for you. (Tears started to make their way out from her eyes)

Ishu: I’m good, Priyanka. (Wipes her tears. Soumya places her cheek on Ishana’s arm while Ishana pats her cheek.)

Rudra: Bhabhi, come I’ll take you to Soumya’s room. You take rest for sometime. (Ishana is about to get up but Rudra stops her) Wait, bhabhi. You are very weak and won’t be able to walk in this condition. (He lifts her in his arms and leaves to Soumya’s room. SouPri too follow them from behind.)



After few weeks


Ishana is chatting with RuMyaPri as usual in Soumya’s room. Suddenly, she feels uncomfortable and leaves to washroom. She throws up in the sink few times. She goes back to them.

Rudra: What happened, bhabhi??

Ishu: I think I have wrongly eaten something which I can’t adapt. That’s why….. (again she ran to the washroom. SouPri run behind her and see Ishana vomiting. Soumya pats her back while Priyanka washes her mouth.)

Prinku: (runs towards Rudra) Bhaiya, bhabhi’s condition is very bad. Please call our family doctor. (Rudra agrees and calls the doctor)


The doctor comes after a while and checks Ishana. Entire family except Omkara are there too.

Doc: This is normal in this condition.

Rudra: Normal?? Sorry, we don’t understand. What condition??

Doc: She is PREGNANT!! (Everyone are shocked hearing this)







Note: This is the last update for this FF before l leave. I’m not sure when will be the next update. I will update once I have adapt with the new place. I’m very sorry for making you to wait.



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