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Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — Ishita Ayaan Singh Oberoi

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name: Ishita Ayaan singh oberoi

nicknames: ishy and panda

age: 12

description: she is the second child of ishay. struggles in school because she is fully dyslexic. but she doesn’t let that get in the way of her passions. loves to dance a lot and a lie is good time to time just like ishana and like gauri, is devoted to god and strong willed. like shivay, she loves cooking. like Ayaan, she is very patient, she knows how to handle angry people, loves helping people and loves animals. like om, loves art, photography and shayari.

she is in love with animals a lot. on weekends, she spends time in the animal shelter. she is a vegan. when she grows up, she wants to be a zoologist.

in her free time, she plays with the younger one or spends time with her older siblings. she loves art a lot. most of her art work is about animals. she is obsessed with watercolours hence all her painting are used with watercolours.

she has an Instagram page dedicated to animals which is called animals4life. this is where her photography passion comes in. she has  107 million followers on there. she keeps her identity hidden on Instagram hence no one in her school will tease her on that fact.

she is called panda for a reason: she is very shy.

she doesn’t like to talk to many people in school because they bully her because of her learning difficulties and the way she looks but luckily her siblings are there to help her.

she is very close to her father Ayaan. then she is close to all her siblings.

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