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Dil se dil ka rishta (C 1) (Pt 2) by Aliya


Let’s begin….

Everyone are shocked

Dp:Sanskar what are you talking? Are you out of your senses?

Shekar:dp ji yeh kya hai?

Laksh himself:sanky bro is doing this much for me and i….

Ragini was shocked to hell…

Ap:sanskar… You

Sanskar:badi ma.. I..

Laksh interrupts:sanky bro.. Wait

Sanskar looks at him confused

Laksh:you don’t need to do this for me 😮

Dp:Laksh what are you talking?

Sanskar himself :yeh beech mein kyu aa raha hai?😕i m doing for myself and my papadwali

Laksh:actually.. I.. I and swara love eachother

All looks at him shocked

Shekar looks at swara :is it true swara?

Swara bends her head and nods…

There was a silence

Dadi goes to shekar and tells him something

Sanskar himself :logon ko mahaan ban ne ka mauka mile tho thoda aazmana chahiye.. Yeh laksh.. My plan of wedding😮

Dp:shekar ji..
Shekar looks at him

Dp:if the kids have liked eachother then we should accept it before they take any wrong step

Shekar nods

Dp:so we will fix swara and laksh’s marriage!

Swalak gets happy

Sanskar himself :what about me?

Suji:but bhaai sa sanskar ne Ragini ko

Lak:chachi.. Bhaiyya did it for me!

Sanskar himself :kaminey.. I have did for me and my papadwali.. 😣😣

Rp:but bhaai saab.. If sanskar and ragini doesnt have problem then…

Sanskar himself:my super hero… Aapke muh mein dahi shakkar

Suji:i liked ragini

Sanskar himself:wah meri pyaari maa..

Shekar:but Ragini is younger then swara..we thought to get her married once she completes her studies and stands on her own

(note:here ragini is still studying and swara is doing a job in the same college)

Sanskar was like😑😑😑

Suji:so what bhaai saab… Even after her marriage she can study and do the job too

Sanskar himself :you are really my mom… Mom😍


Actually dadi told shekar to accept the relation…! In one cost 2 weddings.. Isnt the idea good

Dida:we should ask ragini and sanskar once..

All nods to her…

All gadodia’s are in room

Ragini was sitting in the middle😧😧:pappa.. I dont want to get married now


Swara:laado yes karna.. We can stay in same house

For one ragini smiled :haa.. No i am 2 years younger than you so i will marry after 2 years of your marriage

Shekar:ma but his age!!

Dadi:5 years age gap is not the big gap.. You are reacting like there’s 10 15 year’s age gap

Ragini:but dadi.. 15 – 10 = 5 it’s long you know😮😮

Swara laughs

Dada:i think we won’t get such relation.. Sanskar is a good guy a decent.. And did you see for his brother what he did.. I think he will be a better match for ladoo

Shekar agrees with him:but Ragini

Swara sits next to Ragini:yes karo na Ragini..

Here laksh hugs sanskar:thank you sanky bro.. Because of you i got courage in me now see everything….
Sanskar audible to Ragini:i didn’t do anything for you.. I did for myself and my papadwali urf Ragini

Laksh :waaaatttt?

Sanskar looks around and then at innocently at laksh:it’s ok lucky.. I can do this much for you

Ap:Ragini is a nice girl.. What you say for this relation?

Sanskar☺☺☺:maa likes ragini.. Badi maa you like Ragini then what i want?! If you think she is better match for me then she would be best match for me☺☺☺ i am ready for this relation

All smiles being proud at this devil in form of angel😂😂

Suji hugs him..

All gadodia’s come there

Dp:shekar ji from ourside it’s a yes!

Shekar looks at all then smiles and nods

Shekar dp Rp hug eachother

Sanskar smiles. He looks at ragini

Ragini sees him.. She hides behind sharmishta

Sharmishta notices sanskar and then ragini.. She smiles

Sharmishta :if you all are ok with it then i think we should let sanskar and Ragini to talk with eachother

Sanskar himself :arey wah honewali saasu maa

While ragini was shivering listening it

Swara takes Ragini with her

Ragini😦😦:mujhe darr lag raha hai

Swara:don’t worry he isn’t going to inject you.. Just have a talk

Ragini:but i…

Swara:didn’t talk to any guy!


Sanlak were in terrace

Lak:you didn’t do it for me right

Sanskar:yes i didnt

Lak:so you wanted to marry Ragini!


Lak:then i helped you to become more mahaan


Laksh😬😬😬was getting angry at himself

Swara and ragini come there

Swara:laksh.. Lets go out

Swalak goes

Ragini has bent her head

Sanskar:haii.. If you don’t know then i am sanskar

Ragini didn’t say anything

Sanskar:i have pursued MBA in excel college

After 5 mins

Sanskar:you don’t want to talk?

Ragini still bent her head

He sees her hand which was shivering


She didn’t reply

Sanskar:don’t be… Let’s be friends first!

No reply

Sanskar :Atleast say something

Ragini looks at him and then again bent her head

Sanskar:you don’t want to get married right

No reply

Sanskar gets disappointed he was about to go

Rag:ss.. Suniye

Sanskar looks at her

Rag:aa.. Aaa.. Actually i.. I

Sanskar pats her..

She gets scared

Sanskar smiles mischievously :people say if someone had stammering problem we should pat them

Rag :i dont have stammering problem

Sanskar :oh great then

Ragini :actually…

Sanskar:you don’t want to marry me?

Ragini nods in no :no.. Not that

Sanskar :then?

She bends her head
Ragini tucks her hair strands behind her ear:i didn’t… Talk to…

Sanskar:talk to?


Sanskar laughs :you mean to say you didn’t talk to any boys till now and i am the first

Ragini:no.. I myself…

Sanskar :it’s OK i understand… You don’t need to worry i won’t force you to talk…(he smiles) Do you have phone?

Ragini:phone kyu?

Sanskar smiles seeing her innocence

Sanskar:so that u can have a conversation with me through messages…

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar:don’t worry i won’t call you?! But we can be friend’s through messages at least.. But if you think it is wrong…

Ragini:978*******(sanskar smiles he takes his phone and feeds her number as papadwali)

There was some silence

Sanskar:can i take(hesitant) your photo

Ragini looks at him bends her head actually she was blushing

Sanskar:shall i take it as yes?

Ragini nods being shy

Sanskar smiles.. He sees her bending her head


She looks at him… He immediately clicks her photo…

Ragini bends her head being shy

Sanskar:chale.. Papadwali…

Ragini looks at him she remembered when he called her papa wali for first time

She smiles looking other side….

They both goes

Both the families make the roka ceremony of Ragsan and Swalak…

To be continued…….

Shot 2 (a) is completed! ☺

Now the final shot is left!


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