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Bepannaah (AdiYa SS)– Apna Sa– Chapter 1

Hiii Friends, I am Neha, I am here with a story on our very own Aditya and Zoya

Hope u guys love it

so here we go



One day has passed since Zoya and Aditya have eloped from the Hooda Mansion. Zoya and Aditya were walking along the road, Zoya’s ankle was bruised very badly and because of that she was not able to walk properly but she didn’t say anything. Aditya was also injured; he got an injury on his head which was tied by a piece of Zoya’s dupatta.

Both of them were walking silently as they both were tired of running and spending a fearful night in the forest. Suddenly Aditya felt dizzy

Aditya(in a low voice)-“Zo..ya” and fell on the road. Zoya immediately look at him and sat beside him with his head on her lap.

Zoya-“Aditya…uthiye..Aditya” and tears were flowing from her eyes. And then Zoya realised that blood was oozing out of the wound of his head.

Zoya-“Aditya please aankhe kholiye…Aditya..” she put her forehead on his, when she heard the sound of the horn. She immediately stood up and waved her hand. The car stopped, there were an old couple.

Woman-“kya ho gya hai beta..?”

Zoya-“please humari madad kar diye…(zoya looked at Aditya)..unke sur par chot lagi hai…aur vo behosh hog ye hai..please humari madad kar dijiye…” the woman looked at her husband. The man got out of the car

Woman-“beta…usko car mein baithane mein madad kr do inki…” then zoya and the man somehow managed to take Aditya to the car and made him lay down and zoya sat there with aditya’s head on her lap.

Man-“beta hum tmhe hospital leke chaltey hai”

Zoya(thought)-“hum hospital nahi ja saktey…wahan agar koi hume pakad lega toh…”



Woman-“sahi toh keh rahi hai…inn dono ko kitni chot lagi hai..aur hospital kitni dur hai, hum inhe apne ghar leke chaltey hai..” and the man started driving.

Zoya kept on saying

Zoya-“Aditya…hum aapko kuch nahi hone denge..” and tears were flowing from her eyes. Woman looked at zoya

Woman-“beta..chinta mat karo sab theek ho jayega…par tum dono ko itni chot kaise lag gayi…” zoya immediately looked at her and remembered all the past events from their fake wedding to elope to forest

Woman-“beta…kaise lagi tum dono ko itni chot..” bringing zoya back from her thoughts

Zoya-“vo…actually hum jungle mein phas gaye thein..” and after some time they reached their home.

Man-“beta…ghar aa gaya hai..”

Then they brought Aditya inside the home and made him lay on a bed.

Zoya immediately untied the dupatta from his head. Zoya looked at the woman

Zoya-“Aunty first aid box, aur paani milega? ” the woman brought the first aid box and water. Zoya cleaned all his wounds and then she applied antiseptic on the wounds. She then carefully cleaned the head’s wound and applied antiseptic and tied it with a bandage.

The Man and the Woman were admiring them from some distance.

Man-“main sabke liye chai bana deta hun..” Then he went from there.

Zoya then took out Aditya’s shirt with a lot of hesitation and kept it at a side. The woman came towards the bed and covered Aditya with the duvet.

Woman-“aao beta, main tumhari chot pe dawai laga deti…”

Zoya-“aap please pareshan mat hoyiye…hum kar lenge…”

Woman-“ismein pareshaani ki kya baat hai…aao chup chap” and made zoya sit on the sofa. Then she cleaned her wounds and applied antiseptic.

Zoya-“aunty, aapka bahut bahut shukriya…humari madad karne ke liye…”

Woman-“koi baat nahi…waise beta tumhara naam kya hai…”

Zoya-“ Zoya”

Woman-“lo ho gayi tumhari patti..” and stood up from her place and went to the cupboard and brought a saari for zoya.

Woman-“beta tumhare kapde bahut gandey ho gye hai…ye lo pehan lo..meri beti ki saari hai..”

Zoya-“aunty..hum” the woman made her hold the saari

Woman-“change kar ke bahar aa jao..” and she went from there.

Zoya went towards Aditya and sat beside him. She started caressing his hair

Zoya-“please jaldi se theek ho jayiye…” and a lone tear escaped her eyes. She stood up and went to the washroom.

After some time she came out of the washroom after changing, she then went and sat beside Aditya.

The woman came with a cup of tea in her hand

Woman-“main janti thi ki tum nahi aaogi..isiliye main chai le aayi..” zoya stood up and went towards her and took the cup from her hand.

Zoya-“ji shukriya”

Woman-“waise unhone doctor ko bula liya hai…doctor aatey hi honge..” before zoya could say anything and the man came with doctor. Zoya kept the cup on the table

Then doctor checked Aditya

Zoya-“kaise hai Aditya..?”

Doctor-“bilkul theek hai…chot ki wajah se behosh hai (then he took out a medicine) ye medicine lijiye unko de dijiye ga aur inhe rest ki zaroorat hai…”

Zoya-“thank you doctor”

Man-“main inhe chor kar aata hun..” and the doctor and the man went from there.

Zoya went to the woman and held her hand

Zoya-“hum aapka ye ahsaan kaise utarenge?”

Woman-“sham ko mere saath khana bana lena” she said with a smile and caressed zoya’s face and went from there. Zoya then sat on the sofa and had her tea.


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