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A rikara story – meeting him (PART-2)

The next day:
Gauri was found on the kitchen floor sleeping in pain, she slowly opens her hairs and stares at the clock.
Her jaw dropped.
She rubbed her eyes once again but it was 7:50 am.
Gauri: now you are going to be killed Gauri.
She stands up quickly and gets the stove on but as soon as she turns the stove on, Ajay comes.
Ajay: what are you doing?
Gauri stood still scared. Samar and Kiya came in to see the drama.
Ajay: you woke up late?
Gauri stayed silent.
Ajay: if you lie to me, I will get the ladle and believe me I will make sure you won’t be able to walk for a year.
Gauri panicked and said: I woke up late, sorry.
Ajay and Kiya smacks their heads.
Kiya: bhai, why did you marry her?
Ajay: I don’t know. All I know is that I am cursing my fate every second of my life.
He sees the chilli powder, grabs it in his hand and throws it on Gauri’s face getting it in her eyes.
Gauri: Ajayji…..
She couldn’t open her eyes, tears coming out. She tries to find the tap but as she does, she tripped and lands on the cold kitchen floor.
Ajay and Kiya smirks. Ajay bends down to her and says: next time wake up early and maybe you can have a rest.
He hits her face and all three go out from the kitchen and from the house.
Gauri stood up again in aches and pain. She finally finds the tap and turns it on. She splashes the cold water on her face cursing her fate.
Why should Ajay curse his fate?
Her fate was much worse.
No one even asked her consent for marriage.
They just married her off.
Once Gauri was able to see again, she turned the tap off. Her eyes were now bloodshot red.
Gauri: he curses me, hits me, tortures me, am I an animal? Am I a donkey? That he needs to torture me. Just once…. just once I want to feel love.
Outside hell:
One man was walking alone. His hair reaching his shoulders, one studded ear, a black leather jacket and those eyes covered in the sunglasses. A envelope flew right at him but he grabbed it with one hand. He took off his sunglasses revealing his black orbs. He sees the address and realised he was only a few minutes away.
He goes to the house and rings the doorbell.
Gauri hears the doorbell and quickly goes to open it.
As she unlocked the door and swung it open, her eyes met his eyes.
Precap: love at first sight

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