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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update – Madhav keeps searching his Lord Jagannath.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Madhav’s brother dressing himself in Sanyasi while Madhav is shocked asking him why this dressing & he tells him that I had told you I’ll become Sanyasi after your marriage but Madhav asks him with who’ll hold my hands in life now & he gives his wife Susheela’s hands in his hands telling him that now henceforth your life partner will be your wife hence to let me leave now on my path to go ahead getting donation from you first & he finally gives him fruits in donation.
Ganeshji says that Madhav’s brother left him moving on his path but going ahead Madhav became more possessive & restless.
Susheela brings flowers for Pooja but Madhav without doing bath goes to see her becoming possessive but she instead tells him to have bath before touching flowers brought for Pooja. Madhav goes for bath but Susheela’s friend comes & takes her away to temple for showing her arrangement of marriage & when Madhav returns finding Susheela isn’t there seeing some flowers fallen down hence he reminds about earlier whoever he lost in his family leaving him alone & sits crying for Susheela while all villagers are asking him what happened & he expresses that he has lost Susheela too but Susheela returns telling him that I haven’t gone anywhere hence to not to get so possessive about her. Madhav expresses her that he becomes restless if he doesn’t see her hence an old woman tells Susheela to not to leave Madhav alone.
Susheela’s friend invites her for Singing program arranged on occasion of her marriage but Madhav asks her why not me & she tells him men aren’t allowed for such ladies program.
Ganeshji says that at time possessiveness becomes very harmful if it becomes excessive like Madhav was behaving.
Susheela is enjoying singing & dance program at her friend’s place while Madhav follows her thinking how can I send her alone & he is watching Susheela dancing but gets more & more possessive about her thinking nothing should harm her while dancing. At one time he sees some oil being fallen down while dancing & he feels it’ll harm Susheela hence he hides with a cloth silently but Susheela’s friend sees him hiding & tells him to come out but he runs away from there to hide somewhere else & they follow him & finally finds him cursing & warning to come out & he comes out of this hidden place but all are shocked cursing him while Susheela feels very insulted & she leaves from there crying.
Madhav pleads Susheela expressing him about his possessiveness towards her but she instead asks him what’ll happen if I am not with you & he says I’ll be alone in this world. Susheela tells him this isn’t solution instead but Lord Jagannath will hold your hands if I am not there & he takes care of all the people who are in trouble.
Ganeshji says after some months Susheela also died leaving him alone & Madhav became depressed.
Madhav sits under depression thinking who’ll hold his hands now but reminds about his wife who had told him of Lord Jagannath & he leaves to that place searching for Lord Jagannath.
Shri Krishna says addressing Madhav that you took lot of time to come here.
Madhav asks everybody about Lord Jagannath but one Brahman takes him inside the temple showing three Gods idol’s telling him that these are Lord Jagannath while he is surprised but sees that Lords doesn’t have any hands hence says that how can they hold my hands who themselves do not have hands.
Shri Krishna is watching his foolishness smiling while Brahman tells Lord that to forgive him as he does not realize the actual Lord’s image.
Ganeshji says that Madhav was taking time to realize whom he saw & what kind of Lord Jagannath is.

Precap: Lord Jagannath’s form of Shri Krishna says that one day he’ll understand about true God. Ganeshji says still he won’t realize about his misunderstanding. Madhav is roaming around the place in depression while Lord Jagannath asks Shri Krishna what’ll you do now. Madhav sits under a tree taking oath that unless his God doesn’t emerge for him he won’t get up.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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