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The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 5

Girl : sir he should get punishment for what he has done

Principal : calm down my child and rivan did you misbehave with her

Rivan : no sir and she is lying she is a liar , and I will tell you what has happened

Before he could say something the girl started fake crying

Girl : no one will listen to me , he is cooking up a story and you all are listening it

Principal : ( in a strict way) look rivan you are from america and new to this school so like there you should not do bad things here and you leave now if I again get a complaint on you I will give you TC

Rivan left from there upset

At evening in playground :

Riddima : rivan what happened

Rivan : actually

FB shows :

When rivan came to the school for the first time on him continuosly a gaze is observing him who is the girl complainted on him and her name is trisha , she is a cruel and spoilt brat who will think selfish ,

One day she asked for a dance , he refused bcoz he know about her and one day for talking rudely about vriddi he shouted at her

And she decided to take revenge , so she cooked up a story that he misbehave with her and for her fake crying principal thought it to be true
*FB ends*

Rivan : I will not leave her , I will take back the complaint and will make her understand that who rivan actually is

Riddima : I know you can now let’s leave

Rivan nods and they leave

And now by observing this vansh thinks that rivan is riddima’s nephew and abhi’s son and his son is still in US or in another school

The Next Day :

Rivan makes a plan to destroy trisha with tanish and vriddhi

And on the same day the school announces a trip to kashmir and one parent should definitely come with them and vansh and riddima decide to come

Rivan : darling you know what I am really excited to see kashmir with my friends and mostly with you

Riddima : so if you wanna something unique to do in this trip

Rivan : so what you will suggest me to do

Riddima : take a camera and capture everything in it and do you remember on your 4th birthday I gave you a gift which is a camera

Rivan : yeah thank you , I love you

At VR Mansion

Vansh : so angre now I have to leave to kashmir with kids so you cancel the meetings on the days when I an absent and give the responsibility to rudra chachu ok

Angre : ok

Siya : bhai what do you think will riddima come

Vansh : I hope so and I even said to abhi to send riddima only

Siya : you are so smart bhai anyway enjoy the trip

Precap : trisha gets scared

Guys today’s questions
1.will riansh meet in the trip
2. Will they come close
3. What is the plan planned by rivan
4 . Why trisha is scared
5. What is the fun in the trip

Do comment your views and answers bye guys love you

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