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The reason of my ecstasy –Chapter 16

Chapter :16…” A Back-Stabber”…

Scene 1:

In morning,

All the arrangements for death anniversary is done. All the RaiSinghania’s including Riddhima and Sejal came down wearing white clothes.
Vansh distributed clothes to poor people. They all arranged food for them. After that all of them are sitting in front of the Shweta’s photo frame which is full of white and red flowers. They are silently saying to forgive them for misunderstanding her especially Vansh.
In the mean time Aryan went to his room to execute his plan for killing Vansh. But he got a chit again.

Aryan:” Aryan did you saw a dream of me hitting you with a stick. Haha it’s not a dream. Actually I am alive. Yes SHWETA IS ALIVE. And today I will expose you. What are you doing in your room. Come down…
~Your Sweety aka Shweta❤

Aryan immediately runs to drawing room where all of them are present. He is very scared. He starts shouting in front of everyone.

Aryan( pointing towards Riddhima): She is not Riddhima. She is Shweta. Yes she is Shweta. She came back to take revenge. Believe me. Here is her letter.

Vansh: What is this Aryan?

Kabir: Aryan you didn’t do anything then why are you scared?

Aryan: Yes I have done. I tried to kill this Vansh. I also tried to kill Shweta.
All the RaiSinghanias are shocked to the core.

Kabir:(smirks) Atlast you confessed !!!

Aryan: You know everything?
Vansh: What is going on? Can anyone say me clearly for god’s sake!!(frustrated )

Riddhima: I am saying you. First of all Aryan I am not Shweta. I am Riddhima only. What is written in chit is used to confess you. Chits are send to you by Ishani.(ok so I forgot about her,but I bring her back😂🤣) Yesterday at night I came to your room dressing like Shweta. It was not a dream. After you lost your sense we brought you back to your room and after that you knows. And yeah Vansh you remember someone came to attack you in farmhouse that was Aryan and I came to save you. I also have the proofs. Ishani show him the video.
Ishani shows him the video where Aryan is repenting for losing the target. She also shows him the videos where Aryan used to talk alone in his room.

Dadi: What all this are happening in my house?

Kabir: Now let me clear it more perfectly. Before meeting with Shweta, Aryan shoted you. In your marriage day Aryan stabbed you. But he attacked with the knife which was used by Shweta. That means after Shweta came out from the kitchen using the knife, Aryan took it and stabbed you with poison. He not only tried to kill you but also tried to molest Shweta. That day Shweta was right. But none of you listened to her.(crying) I lost my best friend.

Vansh:(with lump in his throat) How you got to know all this?

Kabir: Shweta told me. Actually after falling from the terrace she was alive.

Vansh: What? Why you didn’t told me?

Kabir: When she closed her eyes for the last time, I checked her pulse secretly as I was unable to believe it. But luckily she was alive at that time. Do you remembered I told you that only I and Ishani will do her last rites. By saying that we took her to the hospital. After treating she got conscious.

Flashback Starts:

Doctor: Shweta gained conscious. She want to say you something.
Kabir and Ishani rushed to Shweta.

Shweta: I have very little time. But I want to say everything before dying.

Kabir: Nothing will happen to you. You will become fine.

Shweta: Don’t act like a child. I am a doctor myself. Listen to me., Aryan is a betrayer. He betrayed all of you. He tried to kill my Vansh. He also tried to molest me. I got all the proofs against him but you know that no one heard me. But I want you to open his good face. Actually he is a back-stabber!!! I think god saved me for telling this. Now I can die happily.

Ishani:Noo! No! Shwetaaaaaa…!!!

Flashback ends.

Vansh went to Aryan and have him a tight slap.

Anupriya: We take care of you like our own son and you gave us this in return?

Aryan: Then what I will do? Huh? I lost my parents. You all are selfish. I know you all killed my mom and dad. You will also kill me. I will snatch your Vansh from you. No one loves me here. All are fake love.

Dadi:Just stop it!!! You showed your own colour right? You proved that love fails. Do you know you are no one but we gave you everything?

Aryan: What are you saying? Huh?

Vansh: Yes dadi is right. Chacha and chachi adopted you because they didn’t have any child. You are not their biological son. Anyone said truth: Starngers cannot become relatives and relatives cannot become strangers. That becomes truth. They got you from road side when you are 5yrs old. But you gave us this in return.

Aryan sat down on the floor with a shock. He can’t believe what he is listening. He is no one of them. He has no identity. He is just Aryan.

Aryan: No it’s not possible. You all are lying because I betrayed yo. Say me that they are my own parents only.

Anupriya:No Aryan. The truth is you are no one of us. You are a stranger whom we gave everything but all in vain!!(disgusted).

Kabir: Call a police and send him to jail then only Shweta will rest in peace.

Vansh: But who is Riddhima? Why are face resembles with her?

Riddhima: I am her twin sister Riddhima Chakraborty!!

Vansh, Dadi, Anupriya and Sia : What? (shell shock)

Riddhima: Yes we are identical twin.

On the other side it is shown that a boy in his mid-twenties is coming with a bag to VR Mansion. He was wearing a red and white suit.

Again Scene shifts to VR Mansion,

Vansh: Why she didn’t tell us?

Riddhima: Actually we want to suprise all of you. We thought one day we will dress like same and stand infront of you all. We will see all of your reaction. But she left us(crying bitterly). When she died I was is Europe for my studies. When I came here I met wit Ishani and she told me everything. Then I met with Kabir and thought to expose Aryan infront of everyone.

Sia: Thank you so much for exposing him.

Ishani: After I met with Riddhu,I told her everything and we made a plan together. We four are in one team. That day when I was coming from the jungle road is actually planned. It was not an co-incidence.

Kabir: Yes bro the party also. The party was for bringing Riddhima.

Angre:Police came. First hand over him to police then we can talk.

Aryan: No need to force. I have done a sin by hurting strangers. I deserve this.

Police took Aryan with them.

Sejal: After we got to know about Aryan’s bad nature, we told Ishani to stay away from everyone alone. It was also part of our plan.

Kabir: Forgive me beacuse I told so many lies to you all.

Dadi: We understood all of your intentions.

Anupriya:Yes you all have done it for good.

Vansh: But why you said us that your name is Riddhima Sharma? Why your surname is Sharma?

The same boy came to the drawing room.

Riddhima: Actually….

The boy: Actually she is wife of a CBI Officer Mr. Ved Sharma.

Done with this update. I know all of you got so many heart attacks😂😂,but you tolerate it. Though the last one is not acceptable. All of you were waiting for Riddhu’s identity. So I think you got it.  Now my new mystety will start and yes you will get know about Ved Sharma in my next update. So bye for now. Stay safe.❤❤. Take care. 

God bless you all!!!

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