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The days of friendship and love Season2 MayRa ArDeep SharDa SS Part 3

The days of friendship and love Season2 Part 3

The Police station….

Raya:Inspector Sir..this guy misbehaved with me in the bus.

That boy whose name is Alok said:Sir,she is lying.I am from a reputed family.I have not done misbehaved with her in the bus.Why should I do that when all the girls are behind me?Infact she is one of those girls.She is the one who tried to get close to me in the bus.When I did’nt encourage her that she is cooking up a story to trap me.

Raya could not tolerate it.

Raya:How dare you say such senseless lies?Are you not ashamed to lie like this?

Such a big lie!I will prove you wrong.

Alok:How can it be a lie?It is the truth.Nobody in the bus saw me misbehave with you.Then how can you prove me wrong?

He smirked at her.

Suddenly they a heard a voice.

“I saw what happened in the bus”.

They looked at that person.Raya could not believe her eyes.

Raya’s lips shivered:Amar!

Amar and Raya looked at each other emotionally.

Amar:Inspector..I saw what happened in the bus.This girl is right.This boy was troubling her.

Alok became dull as he has been caught red handed.

Alok:He is lying.

Inspector:I had a doubt from the beginning that you are lying and this girl is saying the truth.Now it’s confirmed.

Alok:No Sir.It’s a lie.

The Police officer slapped him.

Inspector:Now also are you saying that it’s a lie?

Alok:No.It’s true.I only lied.

Raya and Amar smiled.

The inspector locked him in the cell.

Raya:Thank you Inspector for believing me.

Inspector:You thank him.He only supported you.

Raya looked at Amar.Her face became dull.

Amar:No need of thanking me.Since I witnessed this in the bus I wanted you to get justice.That’s why I followed you both and came here.

Without looking at his eyes Raya said:Thanks.

Amar was surprised.He smiled.

They both got out of the station.

Amar:I really liked your boldness.I liked how you slapped him.He deserved it.

Unknowingly she smiled.

She stopping smiling and tried to walk away.

Amar:You did’nt say bye.

She turned back and looked at him.


She walked away.

He smiled.

He remembered how he saw her at the shop looking at the dress and got emotional as he saw her after a long time

and how followed her to the bus.

He smiled thinking of that moment.


Raya reached home.

Maya:Why did you become late Saya?

Deep:Guess you did not get bus or auto on time.We should have accompanied you to the shop.

Raya:I had caught a bus on time.But…

Maya:So due to the traffic block you became late.

Before Raya could tell what happened exactly Maya said:We want to tell you an important matter.Do you want to know who came to stay in the next house?

Raya:Who cares who stays in the next house?I want to tell you guys another important matter.I met Amar.

Deep-Maya were stunned.

Raya explained them everything.They were surprised.

Deep:Amar loves you now also.That’s why he followed you to the police station to support you.

Raya kept silent.

Deep:Don’t you want to know who our new neighbour is?It’s none other than Amar.

Raya was shocked:What?You guys met him?

Maya:Actually when we were in the balcony,we saw him in the next house garden.That’s how we realized that he is the one who shifted to that house yesterday.He did not see us.

Raya:Oh no…but why is he staying there on rent when he has a huge mansion to stay?

Deep:I doubt whether he shifted there purposefully to be near you.

Raya was shocked.


Raya and Amar remembered their first meeting.


Flash back…

In the college Raya and Amar collided with each other.

They said together:Sorry.

They both smiled.

They both were lost in each other.

Surprisingly they were chosen as a couple for the dance show in college.

Raya and Amar danced together on the stage forgetting themselves.

Raya-Amar won the best dancing couple prize too.They received the trophy.

They became good friends.

One day…

Amar went near Raya:Raya,I want to open up my heart before you.Though we are friends I have more than friendship feelings for you in my mind since day one.It was love at first sight for you.

Raya turned off her face shyly.He smiled as he knew that she also had feelings for him.

Amar:What do you say Raya?

She smiled.

Raya:If love at first sight is true,even I fell in love with you when I saw you for the first time.

He smiled.

Raya looked at his face.

They both said together:I love you.

They shared a romantic eye lock.



Raya’s eyes got filled up with tears.

Raya said in her mind:Still your place in my heart remains the same Amar.Why I am not able to send you out of my heart?

Amar said in his mind:I know that still I have place in your heart Raya.I will you get you back.Because I can’t live without you.


Maya,Deep,Arohi and Raya were chatting in the office.

Rudra went near Maya.

Rudra:Maya,there is a big problem.

Maya:What happened Rudra?

Rudra:There is a marriage proposal for me.The girl’s name is Ananya.

Maya’s face became dull.

Rudra:She is my father’s friend’s daughter.I have seen her when we were small.Recently we saw each other at a function.That’s how the idea of marriage popped in our parents’ mind.The problem is that Ananya is coming to our office to meet me in person.I mean she wants to talk to me personally about marriage.

Deep:Let her come here.

Rudra:I am worried whether the marriage proposal will proceed.

Maya:Why don’t you tell your dad that you are not interested?

Rudra:Then dad will put the blame on my head.So you people should help me.

Raya:How can we help you?

Rudra:Do something and break my marriage proposal.

Arohi:Done.Don’t worry.

All were stunned.

Deep:What are you saying Arohi?How can we cancel this marriage proposal?

Arohi:We will say something rubbish about Rudra to Ananya.She will definitely say ‘no’ to this alliance.

Rudra:Ok say anything about me to her.

Raya:Can we say anything to her?You should not complain later.

Rudra:Of course yes.I will not complain if my marriage proposal breaks.

Arohi:But what are you going to tell her Raya?

Raya:Let me see.



Arohi,Raya and Maya were sitting together.Raya discussed her plan with them.

They were shocked.

Maya:Cheee…how can I say like this about my Rudra to her?

Raya:If you don’t want to lose your Rudra listen to me.

Maya pouted:Ok.

Ananya came.

Arohi:I think that’s the girl.

Raya:Are you sure?

Arohi:Rudra showed her photograph to us.Right?She looks the same.

Maya:She is my enemy.I feel like kicking her for eyeing on my Rudra.

Raya:Control yourself Maya.

Ananya went near them.

Ananya:Mr.Rudra Mrutyunjay Roy?

Arohi:He will come now.Who are you?

Ananya:I am his family friend.Ananya.

Raya:Nice to meet you.I am Raya.

Maya:I am Maya.

Ananya:Nice to meet you all .

Raya:Sit here with us till Rudra comes back.

Ananya:Thank you.

Ananya sat there.

Ananya:Where is Rudra?

Maya:He is in the washroom.

Raya:Yes.He is in the washroom with Deep.

Ananya got confused:Deep?

Maya:Yes.Deep is our colleague.He is Rudra’s best friend.

Ananya smiled:Oh…

Arohi:Deep and Rudra went to the washroom half an hour back.Still they are not back yet.Why are they taking so much of time?

Raya:They may be making out.

Ananya was stunned:What?

Raya:You know Rudra well.Right?Still you don’t know the relationship which Rudra shares with Deep?

Maya:They are lovers.

Ananya was shocked:What?I thought Deep is a man.

Maya:You are right.Deep is a man.But they are lovers.

Ananya:If Deep is a man how can they be lovers?
Maya:You are Rudra’s friend.Still you don’t know Rudra’s gender?He is a gay.

Ananya was shocked:What?No.I won’t believe this.

Raya:If you don’t believe it see this photograph.

Raya showed her the photograph where Rudra and Deep are hugging each other.Ananya was shocked.

Raya said in her mind:Forgive me for using this friendship photograph for a different purpose.

Rudra and Deep came that way.Rudra was stunned to see Ananya there though he was expecting her to come there.

Rudra:Hi Ananya!

Ananya stared at both Rudra and Deep.

Ananya:Did you both have enough fun?

They did not understand anything.

Ananya:If you loved him so much why did’nt your tell your parents that you are not interested in my proposal?I would not have come here to meet you like a fool.You are so cheap Rudra.I never expected this from you.

Ananya walked away angrily.

Rudra was confused.

Maya,Raya and Arohi said cheerfully:Congrats Rudra.This marriage alliance is cancelled according to your wish.

Rudra:Thank you guys.I am very happy.But what did Ananya tell me?I did not understand anything.

Maya:We told Ananya that you and Deep are gays who are deeply in love with each other.

Deep and Rudra were shocked:What?

Rudra:Why did you say such a cheap thing to Ananya about me?

Maya:You only asked us to break this alliance.

Raya:You only told us that we can say anything to Ananya to cancel this proposal.

Rudra:Yes.Still..you could have said something else to her.What was the need to say that I am a gay?

So embarrassing.Now this news will spread and everyone will think that I am a gay.

Maya:Chill Rudra.What difference does it make if others think that you are a gay?You need to convince only the girl you are going to marry and I am the one who is going to marry you. I know that you are not a gay.Then what’s the problem?

Slowly Rudra smiled and held her hand.She smiled.

Deep:Rudra is committed to Maya and she knows the truth.But I am still single.So if the news of I being a gay spreads it will shatter my dream of getting married.

They all felt like laughing seeing Deep’s condition.

Deep looked at Arohi:Arohi,I am not a gay.Please don’t believe these 2 crazy girls.I don’t love Rudra.

Arohi chuckled.

Arohi:Chill Deep.I know that you are not a gay.Maya and Raya had discussed with their plan with me.So I was aware of their prank on Ananya.

Deep smiled:You believe me.That’s enough for me.That’s a relief.Even if the whole world does not believe me,if you believe me,I don’t care about what others think about me.I want only you to believe me.

Arohi:Why you want only me to believe you?

Deep:Because I….

Arohi looked at him eagerly.

Deep looked at her deeply:Because I consider you also as my dearest friend.

She smiled.

Arohi:Anyways it was fun to see you embarrassed when you thought that I mistook you for a gay.

Deep Arohi burst into laughter.

After some days….

Somebody dropped Arohi to office on his bike.Arohi hugged him and said ’bye’.

Deep was shocked to see it.He was shattered.

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