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Santoshi Maa 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati & Indresh are enjoying in the Resort.

Santoshi Maa 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Swati performing Pooja of Mata Santoshi in the resort along with resort owner & people to establish Mata’s temple while Devi Polomi is trying to bring disturbance in Pooja but fails.
Devi Polomi relaxes due to Swati’s Pooja finishes but warns Mata that inspite Swati succeeded to establish the temple then too she’ll face trouble in future because of Bubli who’ll be brought by me to create trouble in her life.
Dev Rishi tells Mata about Devi Polomi who is challenging her but she tells him she is an Asoor woman hence she tends to have such behaviour always but Dev Rishi says than too she is challenging while Mata also feels angered about Devi Polomi.
Devi Polomi discusses Bubli’s matter with her Guru while he is alerting her of doing things against ethics. Devi Polomi says that inspite you Guru of Asoor how can you think against me & brings Bubli in existence reminding Guru about how she planned to keep her body away from getting lighted just for future plans to create trouble.
Bubli gets up & shouts warning that Indresh is nobody’s except mine & won’t leave Swati while Devi Polomi gets very delighted watching Bubli’s comeback due to her powers.
Swati is walking with Indresh talking about Bubli’s trouble while he is trying to calm her diverting her attention towards enjoyment. The Resort owner’s daughter Samiksha is cursing them always due to their standard of living cheap in her views.
The owner of Resort is directing his people to give gifts to Swati & her husband appreciating their devotional behaviour & expressing his happiness for establishing Mata’s temple in this Resort.
Swati gets ready in modern dress for Indresh’s happiness for going to Swim with him but he instead shows her the actual dressing sense of Swimming but she feels very weird & shy for wearing it.
The people of Resort give gifts to Indresh but he instead tries refusing then the owner speaks with him lovingly about Swati & he takes due to occasion of Party being arranged by him.
The owner’s daughter Samiksha is talking against him for taking decisions of Party for whom they have no relations in whatsoever manner but he instead appreciates both of their behaviour & devotional attitude due to which is impressed with such guests hence will enjoy the Party nicely.

Precap: Swati & Indresh are enjoying swimming together while she tells him to bring tyre for helping to Swim. Devi Polomi is watching & happily says that enjoying very nicely hence let me too enjoy with you & she uses her powers to trouble Swati in swimming pool while Mata is watching.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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