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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 31

Hi this for you aayu devi🙂🤣🤣🤣😂😂.

The episode starts with:

Riddhima and vansh were walking on the sand by holding each other’s hands.

Riddhima: vansh I want to be like this with you whole life.

Vansh: you will always be there with me! No one can seperate us!

He kisses on her forehead. They touch their foreheads. Riddhima sits on the sand. Vansh sits besides her. They watch the water layers. Riddhima rests her head on vansh’s shoulder.

Riddhima: I love you so much!

Vansh: and I wanna marry you!

Riddhima: you!! We will marry once I complete my studies and make my career.

He nods. Riddhima throws water on vansh.

Vansh: you….

He also throws water on her. She starts running. He runs behind her. After running a lot both get tired. Riddhima stops. Vansh hold her by her waist.

Vansh: see sweetheart I caught you!

Riddhima: that’s because I got tired.

Vansh: whatever is the reason. I caught you! Now you should give me my gift for it.

Riddhima: shut up! I will not give you any gift.

Vansh: I will myself take it from you then sweetheart!

He goes very close to her. He kisses on her cheek. Then he keeps his cheek on her lips.

Vansh: see sweetheart I told I will get it from you(wink)

Riddhima: but I didn’t kiss you!

Vansh: but I took it(smirk)

Aryan: bhai bhabhi….

Vansh leaves Riddhima.

Vansh: what the hell Aryan!!!

Aryan: sorry bhai vo actually…I just came…

Vansh: shut up! You disturbed our moment.

Aryan: sorry bhai…

He leaves.

Vansh: this Aryan is hell mad!!

Riddhima giggles.

Vansh: ok let’s go to hotel now!

They all leave to hotel. They all plan to go to addu city tomorrow. Then they retire to their beds.

Next morning:

They all have breakfast and leave for addu city.

It was a place where they could do scuba diving.

Vansh: sweetheart! Let’s go and do scuba diving together!

Riddhima: no vansh I am scared.

Vansh: I am with you na!! Nothing will happen!

Riddhima: but…

Vansh: please riddhu..

Riddhima: ok!

They go there. The trainers give them safety material. They get into the water with one of the trainer. Vansh holds Riddhima’s hand so that she does not get scared. They get into the water. Riddhima was not scared anymore. She was feeling very good. Vansh was also happy seeing her happy.

They make their video underwater and come out after completing their ride.

Vansh: was it fun sweetheart??

Riddhima: yes ! I loved it.

He smiles.

Trainer: are you both here on your honeymoon?

Vansh glares at Riddhima while she blushes. Riansh laugh.

Vansh: no Actually..we are going to get married soon. We are just here for a holiday.

Trainer: oh ok.

They both leave.

Vansh: he thought we are here on our honeymoon!! The idea wasn’t bad.

Riddhima: shut up!(blushes).

They have some fun and leave for the hotel


That all for today🙂😂. Aur mujhe kuch sooja nahi abhi🙂😂😂. Bas aayu ne bola tha to ye likhdia aur isme maine sirf riansh ko add kiya tha. Baaki couples ko nikaal ke fek diya🙂😂😂🤣.









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