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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 34

Hello everyone i am extremely sorry i was unable to post yesterday so i brought this quite long episode for you i hope you won’t find this boring

Everyone was asking for virtual money from me

So here ..paisa paisa paisa.. me layi layi layi😂

Thnk you bolne ki zarur nhi hi kam pde to or la dungi me

Chlo ab sidhi bat no bakwas

Episode starts here

Scene 1

VK mansion

Engagement day

Everyone is waiting in hall for bride

Vansh eyes’s are just searching for riddhima

And riddhima started descending from stairs

And vansh’s heart just skip a beat
He is just mesmerized by her beauty

His POv

Even after hating her this much her presence affect me..

It reminds me of the day we got engaged

How can you give my place to someone else sweetheart ( ha jese tumne to palko pr betha ke rkha tha na usko vanshu babu 😏)

Pov ends

Vyom goes to riddhima and holds her hand

And vansh is just fuming in jealously ( ab pachtaye hoj kya jb riddhima ho gyi parayi . Kanyadan karne ajana 😂)

Vyom – Ladies and gentlemen may i have your attention plz (  vanshu be like ha ha lelo lelo pehle riddhima leli ab attention bhi tum hi lelo😂)

Today i am going to engaged with the most important person in my life My shivanya.. ( kya kre bhai paisa mila hai bolna to pdega ye sb )

Vyom’s POV

Although i don’t love you but i have to do this drama to show off ( see i told you na guys paisa mila hai bolna pdega isko bhi mene virtual money dia h ye sb bolne k liye😂)

Pov ends

Siya comes to talk to vyom but riddhima interrupt

Riddhima – let’s start the ceremony( riddhu bi like ae jaldi kar meko  panvel niklna hai😂😂)

Vyom and riddhima are standing with rings

Vyom puts ring in riddhu’s finger looking at siya ( kahi pe nigahe kahi pe nishana 😂)

Everyone claps

Now riddhima looks at vansh and they share an eyelock

Riddhima forward the ring but ring slip From her hand and falls in vansh’s feet

Vansh’s POv

Aalam kuch yu hai ki..
Ki ab tujhe kho nhi skte.
Par ab tere ho bhi nhi skte..

Translation – the situation is like that i can’t lose you and i can’t be yours

Vansh give the ring to riddhima but accidentally it slips into his finger

Riddhima takes ring back and slide in vyom’s finger

Everyone clap

Anaisha – Mumma papa you are looking perfect with each other

And they share a Perfect family hug

And vansh is fuming in jealousy ( or koi option h tere pss😂)

Riddhima – Lets have a dance everyone ( riddhu is in mood of celebration 😂)

Dance started

Vyom – riddhima
Vansh – Siya
Angre- random girl

Vyom and riddhima are dancing so. Close to each other and vyom is holding riddhima’s waist

Vansh is just fuming in jealously ( mene bola na or koi option nhi hai iske pss😂)

And siya has unknown emotions in her heart( tum uski suhagrat ho jayegi tb tk ese hi rhna unknown 😂)

Then partner switches

Vansh – riddima
Siya – Angre
Vyom – random girl

Siya (to angre) – Bhai please stop this marriage my heart is saying riddhu di is innocent

Before it gets too late stop this..

Angre – I am so confused siya.. ( jiwan me kabhi tumko sch pta lga hai shi wakt pr😏)

Vansh (coming closer to riddhima) – Congratulations Sweetheart

Songs play in bg

tere mere darmiyaan hain baatein ankahi
tu wahaan hai main yahaan
kyun saath hum nahin
faisley jo kiye
faasley hi mile
raahein judaa kyun ho gayi
na tu Galat, na main sahi
le ja mujhe saath tere
mujhko na rehna saath mere ( i love this song)


there are things unsaid between you are me,
you are there and I’m here.
Why aren’t we together?
the decisions we took,
gave us distances only.
why did our paths get separated?
neither you are wrong, nor am I right.
take me with you,
I don’t have to live with myself.

Riddhima ( Smirking) – Don’t you think you have lost the right to call me sweetheart😉

Vansh in anger pulls riddhima close to him

Vansh (angry) – Why are you doing this..

Riddhima (leaning towards his ear ) – To make you realize that you lost me

Vansh – Ye spne to hmne ek dusre ke sth dekhe the na riddhima phir tum inhe kisi or ke sth kese pure kar skti ho


Riddhima – Jese tum mujhe apni zindagi se utha ke bhr phek skte ho mujhe thappad maar skte ho mujhe tumhare pero pr girne pe majbur kr skte ho wese hi me bhi ye kr skti hu ( #satyavachan)

Again partner switches

Vyom – Siya
Vansh – random girl
Angre – Riddhima

Riddhima (to angre) – Are you happy Mr. Malhotra after kicking out your sister from your life ( Guys i just realized that riddhu was malhotra so angre is also malhotra 😂😂 )

Angre – my sister killed my unborn child and expect me to love her

Riddhima (smiling sadly) – You saw what you wanted but you don’t know the behind story
You didn’t lost your child only
You lost your sister too

Siya is ignoring vyom while dancing

Songs play in bg

paas aao main tumhein
dekh loon qareeb se
aankhon ko ye raahatein
milti hain naseeb se
baazuon mein tum mujhe
betahaasha ghere ho
kal ki fiqr hai kisko
tum abhi to mere ho
main sirf tera rahungaa
tujhse hai waada ye meraa
tu maang le muskura ke
mera pyaar, haq hai tera!
oh humsafar, oh humnavaa,
be-shart main tera hua


come close,
let me see you from near.
such relief is difficult to find
for the eyes.
you have completely embraced me
in your arms,
who cares about tomorrow,
you are mine today.
I’ll remain just yours,
it’s my promise to you.
you smile and ask for my love,
it’s your right.

Vyom – Why are you ignoring me siya atleast talk to me

Siya ( smiling sadly) – Talking to you !! Like seriously

When i came to talk to you
You were busy in talking to your to be wife

Vyom – What’s wrong with you siya

He pulls her by her waist)

Siya – This is wrong with me
I am affected by your touch and i am affected seeing you with other and i Really don’t know the f**king reason

And tears started flowing from her eyes

Vyom ( thinking) – your tears is piercing my heart siya i wish i could stop this

Ceremony ends ( badhai ho sagai ho gyi so much of aram i got 😂)

Scene 2

VR mansion

Vansh and angre are drinking near pool side ( bewde log pehle glti krdi ab pi rhe hai😏)

Angre – Bhai i wanna ask something

Vansh – Go ahead

Angre – Did we do a mistake by not hearing sona

I mean till she was in hospital i saw love and care in her eyes for us but today i saw pain in her eyes pain of losing us

Vansh – even i am mulling about this angre

Is she innocent and if she is why didn’t she prove

Angre – We didn’t give her a chance to proof ( shi pkde hai riddhu ke bhaiya😂)

Vansh – No angre i can’t loose her if she is innocent she is mine

And if she is at fault still she is mine ( spne me chl chl nikl 😂)

And he broke the glass with his hands

Scene 3

Siya’ room

She is crying


Why i am crying why is he affecting me this much..

Suddenly her phone rings

Siya – Why are you calling me now vyom

Vyom – Can’t i call my best friend

Siya – you should be with your to be wife vyom

Vyom (concerned) – Why are you crying siya i am sorry i couldn’t be there for you in engagement

Siya – as if you are with me right now

This is blo*dy truth damn it that you are going to marry..

Vyom – Why can’t you see me marry someone else

Siya ( crying) – I really don’t know i am sorry i misbehaved with you..

But i don’t know what the hell is happening with me

Vyom – Ok ok don’t cry please we will figure this out ok

I am always there for you ok

Siya – I miss you vyom

Vyom – I miss you too

They hang the call

( Vyom be like koi mereko bta do meko krna kya hai 😂)

Scene 4

Riddhima is sitting in her room suddenly lights get off ( ab tk to smjh hi gye honge kya hone wala hai😎)

Riddhima – what the hell ..

She feels that someone is there in her room near window

Riddhima goes near window

And suddenly a man climbs the window and barged in

And riddhima just shout but he cupped her mouth

Man – Shhh!! sweetheart its me vansh.. your vansh (vanshu be like swagat ni kroge hamara😎)

Riddhima just get flabbergasted and she pushed him hard and he fell on the bed

Vansh – Ouchh!! I didn’t know that you are this much desperate sweetheart 😉

Riddhima (angry) – What the hell are you doing in my room just leave ok

Suddenly vyom passes by her room and asked From outside

Vyom – Shivanya are you ok why are you shouting

Riddhima – No no i am fine i m watching horror movie actually

And he leaves

Vansh ( smirking) – And i am the ghost

Riddhima – indeed you are

Riddhima hits him hard on chest
Just leave why are you bothering me now

Vansh – ouchh!! It hurts sweetheart

Riddhima ( concerned ) – I am sorry did you get hurt

Vansh ( smile) – Lets go to washroom sweetheart

Riddhima – What the hell have u gone Nuts

Vansh (smirking) – stop being romantic sweetheart i am saying lets talk there so that no one can distrub us

And he drag her to the bathroom

Riddhima – What do you want vansh

Vansh – You!!

Riddhima – You lost me vansh you lost me that day when you put garland on my photo still i was so damn stupid to ask u for one chance to explain myself

Vansh ( cupping her face) – Now i too feel sweetheart i should have listen to you
I am ready now please tell me the truth

Riddhima – Now i don’t want to tell you anything

I am not a commodity vansh that whenever you will feel you will love me and then throw me..out

Vansh – Its not like that sweetheart i was so blind in my vengeance

Please don’t do this marriage i can’t see you with someone else

Riddhima – I will do this marriage
You can’t even imagine how much badly i needed you

Par ab tum sirf meri yaado me ho ab mujhe tumhari zarurat nhi hai

Vansh – par mujhe hai i need you riddhima

Riddhima ( cupping his face ) – You know vansh i always loved You but i failed to give you love

I m still in love with you and always be. But staying with you is out of the box now

Vansh (coming close to her ) – i always said everyone that i hate you

Par esa koi din nhi gya jb mene tumhe yaad na kia ho tumse pyr na kia ho

Riddhima (crying) – Is this your love vansh..
You can’t trust me for once
Agr rishte me pyr na ho to wo rishta chl skta hai pr agr rishte me vishwas na ho to use tut te der ni lgte

I stayed with vyom 5 years without love because we have trust between us but what about us vansh
You don’t trust me

Vansh – I do sweetheart but you know my anger issues na

Riddhima (shouting ) -We both love each other na then why i always have to do effort to save our relationship

Aren’t you afraid of loosing me

Vansh and riddhima both are crying now

And they join their forehead

Vansh – Please give me a chance i will mend everything i promise

Riddhima hugs him

And they both cry

Vansh kisses on her forehead

Songs play in bg

bekhayaali mein bhi tera hi khayaal aaye
kyun bichhaRna hai zaroori ye sawaal aaye
teri nazdeekiyon ki khushi behisaab thi
hisse mein faasle bhi tere bemisaal aaye
aa zamaane aazma le rooth ta nahin
faaslon se hausla ye TooT ta nahin
naa hai wo bewafa aur na main hoon bewafaa
wo meri aadaton ki tarah chhooT ta nahin


Even when I’m not thinking, I think of you.
Why must we separate, this thought troubles me.
The joy of your closeness was unlimited,
even the distances from you turned out to be unprecedented
Come, O world, try me, I don’t get upset.
This courage isn’t affected by separation.
Neither did she become unfaithful, nor am I one.
She isn’t something that can be changed, just like my habits.

Apne dimg me ghode zada na daudaye ye dream nhi hai pehle hi bta du

Done for today guys

This was long indeed i m happy u r liking my ff do support

Target is 30

Luv uh all

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