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Riansh-love between police officers episode 6

Dear pomu as you said to upload it by today so I uploaded! And aayu devi I will also be uploading different love story ff today🙂😂😂.
The episode starts with:
Aryan gave Riddhima vansh’s number which was vansh’s personal number and the number which Riddhima had was his number for his job.(ameer log do number do phone🙂😂😂🤣). She calls at the number.
On call:
Riddhima: hello!
Vansh: hello! Yes who you are?
Riddhima: oh god darling it’s me your girlfriend!! You forgot me!
Vansh: ms. whosoever you are! I am not your boyfriend!
Riddhima: oh common darling! I know you are angry on me but please don’t do this!
Vansh(anger): I told you I am not your boyfriend! Cut the call.
As he was getting angry Riddhima feared.
Riddhima: actually I don’t know who you are! I was just given a dare by my friend to call you! Please don’t mind mr.
Vansh: oh ok. It’s ok!
They cut the call.
Vansh (thinking): why do I feel like I have heard this voice somewhere! Waise leave I don’t care!
Riddhima (thinking): the voice was familiar! Waise leave riddhi! Wait wait I guess I should apologise once again because he became angry.
She decides to message him.
Riddhima: hey!
Vansh was amazed that the girl he was talking some time ago messaged him!
Vansh: hi!
Riddhima: actually I am really sorry!!
Vansh: it’s ok! I forgave you!
Riddhima: Thankyou 😊!
Riddhima: hey wait..why are you sending this wink to me??
Vansh: nothing nothing 😉😉.
Riddhima: hey hey
They talk for a while.
Vansh: so we talked a lot? So ms.unknown would you like to be my friend?
Riddhima: yes why not mr.unknown. but I have a condition that we won’t tell each other our names.
Vansh: sure ms.unknown😉.
Riddhima: is it your favourite emoji😉😉.
They talk for some more time and sleep.
Next day police station:
Vansh(shouting): Riddhima Riddhima…
Riddhima(thinking): oh god now what happened to this khadoos!! Yesterday he was a caring baby!! Now see!!
She moves to his cabin.
Vansh: are you mad or what(anger)
Riddhima (murmers): ab kya kardiya maine?(what did I do now)
Vansh: I heard it!
Riddhima: then sir tell me why are you shouting?
Vansh: day before yesterday I told you something!!!
Riddhima: whatt??(trying to remember)
Vansh: wow this is your memory!!
Riddhima: sir what you told?
Vansh: I told you to get all the information about human trafficking kidnappers in all over the city!! About their partners and all!
Riddhima: oh I remember remember!! Sorry sir I actually forgot…
Vansh: very good!! I don’t know who made you a police officer if you don’t have good memory.
Riddhima (thinking): khadoos person!! Talking about my memory!! Humans make mistakes!! No no how will he know!! He is actually not a human!
Vansh: fast you have 45 minutes time! Otherwise be ready to face the consequences!!(stern)
Riddhima nods. she leaves from his cabin.
Riddhima(thinking):oh god this khadoos!!! Consequences my foot!!
She gets a message:
Vansh: hi! Good morning 😉.
Riddhima: morning!
Vansh: who will say good?
Riddhima: my morning is not good!
Vansh: why what happened?
Riddhima: my khadoos boss!! He shouted on me early morning! And now gave me work to do!!
Vansh realises that he had done the same with Riddhima.
Vansh: don’t worry! You don’t get annoyed! Complete the work and give it to him before time.
Riddhima: great idea! Let me do the work otherwise that khadoos would kill me for sure!
Vansh: khadoos 😂😂🤣?
Riddhima: obviously he is khadoos only!!
Vansh: oh ohk🤣🤣😂😂! Bye complete your work😉😉.
Riddhima: bye!!
Riddhima completes the work in just 30 minutes as vansh advised her to do it early. She goes to vansh’s cabin.
Riddhima: sir…I completed the work!!!
Vansh: wow!! Before time!!
Riddhima makes a proud face!
Vansh: ohk good! The information is complete! Now you may leave!
Riddhima leaves. She messages vansh.
Riddhima: I gave it to him before time! He was shocked.
Vansh: very good😉!
Riddhima: 😊. Well thanks for your plan!!
Vansh: last night you only said we are friends! Now you only are saying thankyou!!
Riddhima: oh ok!! I will not say from now.
Riddhima: being some new emoji!!
Vansh: no I like this!!😉😉.
Riddhima: you are mad!!
Riddhima:🙄🙄! Ok bye I have to go! If my boss sees me chatting with you on phone he would surely kill me!
Vansh: ok bye😉😉!
She smiles. Vansh comes out of the cabin and sees her smiling.
Vansh: ms.riddhima why are you smiling unnecessarily?
Riddhima: sir .. please don’t snatch my right to smile!!
Vansh: I will snatch!! You are not allowed to smile in police station from now!!
Riddhima (shocked): wait what!!
Vansh: don’t you have ears?
Riddhima: what the hell is this?? Sir you are changing the rules.
Vansh: I know and I can!! Rules are changed from now!! You can’t laugh or smile in police station. (What is this behaviour vansh??😂😂😂)
He leaves.
Riddhima (thinking): ughhhh!! I guessed it right he is not a human!! He does not smile or laugh that doesn’t mean that he will forbid others too from doing this!
Aditya comes.
Aditya: mam don’t you think!! He is being very strict!! Means we cannot laugh also!!
Riddhima: are he is khadoos only you don’t know!!
Vansh comes again.(baar baar aajata hai muh uthake😂😂😂🤣)
Vansh: why are you both talking?? This is police station!! Focus on your work!!
Riddhima: sir please…
Vansh: shut up Riddhima!! You are not allowed to talk here.
Riddhima: I know that but sir little bit we can talk…
Vansh: no(stern)
Aditya: sir what if we break the rules? What will you do?
Vansh: you want to break the rules right? Then be ready to face the punishment!!
Aditya: that only I am asking you sir..what punishment you will give if we break the rules!!
Vansh: you are very desperate to know. First let me announce all the rules to everyone!
He calls everyone.
Vansh: listen everyone. Now you all have to follow some new rules!
1. You all are not allowed to smile and laugh at police station.
2. You are not allowed to talk.
3. You all are not allowed to talk or use your phones.
4. You all have to complete the work I assign you in the mean time(eyeing Riddhima).
Now coming to the point which aditya asked! So let me clear you all! If you all break the rules! I will punish you all like I punish the criminals. And you all are very well aware of how  harshly I punish the criminals (smirk).
They all were scared .
Everyone (scared): yes sir!
Vansh: good! Hope Aditya you understood!
Aditya: yes sir!
Riddhima(thinking): oh god mann! I cannot even use my phone here!! Now I cannot also talk to mr.unknown and lessen my anger.

Hope you all like it!! Comment your reviews!!

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