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Now here the episodes starts…..

Vansh was crying badly and Angre was trying his best to console him. After a while Vansh spoke

Vansh: its all my fault I shouldn’t have called her that day.

Angre: no boss, you didn’t know this would happen with her. You have always protected her boss. Boss you need to be strong for her . You should remember what doctor said and be strong and also we have to punish her criminals boss.

Vansh: you are right Angre we have to punish her criminals . I will be the one who will punish him. Angre call all our men back and ask them to find out each and every detail of that day . I want to know the name of culprit within 3 days. The culprit will go through hell and will beg for death. I have to become old Vansh Raisinghania to protect my family now. ( angry expression)

badal sooraj ko chupa zaroor sakta hai

par sooraj ko mita nahi sakta

Saying this he went away. Angre was shocked that Vansh is again going to return to his old self . He remembered Vansh order and went to call all their men. Vansh came to ridhimma’s room and sat on couch near by , he recalled the events of that day

Fb starts

Vansh and Ridhimma came back after finishing the meeting . When they entered the cabin Vansh instantly hugged Ridhimma and said

Vansh: thankyou Ridhimma , because of you again I was able to crack this deal . What will happen to me without you , you know I think I am totally dependent on you now. So don’t you leave me alone ever

Ridhimma: why do you think I will leave you (moving towards table) if I will leave you then who will annoy you ( saying this she threw water at him ran away laughing)

Vansh: Ridhimma you… wait I will see you (saying this he also ran behind her holding a glass of water)

After sometime both came back to cabin and both were drenched in water.

Ridhimma : uhh because of you got wet. If I catch cold then remember I will infect you with .

Vansh: cool down angry bird , see what is behind you

Ridhimma turned backward and saw a beautiful yellow colour gown. she jumped in happiness and held dress in her hand .

Ridhimma: Vansh this is so beautiful . This for me right Vansh

Vansh: yes its for you only . You are going to wear this tonight.

Ridhimma: tonight ?? Where are we going tonight??

Vansh: it’s a surprise Ridhimma . Now go home and get ready . I will be waiting for you at 7 pm at the hill side.

Ridhimma: okay , I am going and will come on time.

Saying this Ridhimma went to her home .

At hill side

Vansh was waiting for Ridhimma at hill side .he was wearing a black tuxedo whit shirt and black trouser.

Vansh: today I will propose Ridhimma . Thanks to sejal that I know she loves me too. This will be the best day of our life. But where is she ?? She told that she will be on time.

Just then he received a phone call. It was Ridhimma

Vansh: ( picking up the call) Ridhimma where are you ?? You said you will be on time

On other side the man voice came and he said

Man: sir a girl is lying unconcious here . She is in a bad state. I found the phone near her.

Vansh: ( shocked ) what , are you saying. Is the girl wearing a yellow gown.??

Man: yes sir….

Vansh: take her to lifeline hospital immediately I am coming there.

Vansh panicked and drove his car in full speed . He reached hospital and then he saw…

Fb ends

Vansh thought was broken when he heard sound of heavy breathing. He looked at Ridhimma she was breathing heavily . He called Angre to call doctor . He went near Ridhimma to calm her down when she started shivering just then luckily doctor came. He went to Ridhimma and gave her a injection and after sometime she stabalized. doctor called Vansh outside.

Doctor: Vansh good news is she is out of coma now .

Vansh: ( happily ) what she is out of coma , she is awake now.

Doctor: Vansh we have to take extra care of her now . You remember what I told you in hospital that day. Pls take care of her . She will wake up in few hours.

Doctor went and Vansh recalled

Fb starts

Vansh came to hospitals and the sight infront of him of him shook him to the core. His Ridhimma was lying on stretcher like a lifeless body and she had many injuries on her body. Some parts of her dress were torn. He thought of worst situation and wished it was not true. doctor treated Ridhimma and came out.

Vansh: doctor what happened to Ridhimma ?? Is she okay??

Doctor: Mr.Vansh she is in coma right now and we don’t know when she will wake up. But strange part is her head injury was not so big that she will slip into coma.

Vansh: then what happened doctor. ??

Doctor: Mr Vansh I think she was molested and due to that shock she slipped into coma

Vansh was shocked and couldn’t digest the fact that Ridhimma was molested. He was about to fall when two strong hands supported him.

Precap. Vyom comes to meet Vansh . Ridhimma faints seeing Vyom . Sejal is also shocked on seeing Vyom.

So here part 8 ends. Hope you liked it. Let me know your pov through comments . Pls ignore my mistakes

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