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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) The Mafia’s Cute Sweet heart Episode 5

1month passes they become best friends
And the elders fix their marriage the both do
the rituals but they doesn’t know that a enemy is haunting them ,

At The first day after their marriage ,

Riddima was about to go to her car to reach to the hospital but a glass piece hurts her and it is planned by the unknown enemy

Riddima : ouchh !!

Vansh : what happened riddima

He sees the glass piece on her foot and takes it

Vansh : oh yaar , if you wanna go to hospital then you should not be in a hurry , you are a magnet to the troubles you will attract them

Siya : oh you are soo lucky to have a caring husband like bhai riddima

Riansh look at her

Vansh : nothing is like that , we are best friends soo of course we will care for each other

Riddima : interesting , very interesting ! I can observe that you became a spy and was always watching us siya to tease us

Siya leaves from there , even riansh leave for their respective work place

At Night 12:00 am ,

Riddima : why vansh doesn’t came back still

Vansh comes to home and sees riddima

Vansh : oh come on yaar riddima , why doesn’t you slept

Riddima : (annoyed) (in mind : oh god he doesn’t know why I doesn’t slept idiot , what kind of husband I got

Vansh : now I understood why you doesn’t sleep

Riddima (happy that he knew the reason) : why ??

Vansh : bcoz you are not getting sleep

Riddima : (sarcastically)haa absolutely I doesn’t get sleep so what (in mind : why vansh why can’t you understand me , you can’t understand anything , I have couple goals to feed you or fake my anger for being late so you will apologize and request me and I will melt there are so many )

But then riddima sees a wound on vansh’s hand and gets food for him and feeds him , vansh was staring at her and understanding how she cares for him later , riddima gets an ointment for vansh to apply on his wound she is applying and in middle she is blowing on the wound

Vansh : now I understood why you doesn’t sleep

Riddima :(thinking this time also he will say wrong) why

Vansh : bcoz you are waiting for me am I right or am I not right ??

Riddima is super happy by his words

Vansh : but why you could sleep right ??

Riddima : come on vansh I too have some wife goals like to feed you , to wait for you till you come , to scold you , to fight with you , so many

She stopped when she understood what she said

Vansh :(in mind : oh mine you are behaving like a typical wife ) what are you saying

Riddima : nothing , just …… Mmm let’s sleep

Vansh : escaped (murmurs)

Next day vansh decides to plan a surprise so he sends everyone in the family to a picnic so he can enjoy with riddima

Riddima arranging some things in the mansion properly with the help of a man
And vansh came and watching them

Man : mam are you sure that I should keep all type of color flowers

Riddima : any doubt ??

Man : but mam you know that he only likes white flowers soo….

Riddima : I’m his wife , I am saying know do what I say

Man : ok mam

Vansh : seriously riddima you took the place of wife from best friend

Precap : the unknown enemy enters the mansion

So who could be the enemy any guess ??

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