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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 20

The time when riansh got married they have gone to their room and then vansh took his gun and pointed it on riddima , riddima is completely shocked she cant understand what he is doing and then he said

Vansh (evil smile) : hello mrs Vansh raisinghania this is vihaan talaiviya and I pushed him off the cliff now he must be died

Riddima : what are you talking vansh , why are you acting , say it is a drama

Vihaan : no it was truth i pushed him after you both got married , i am his doppleganger

Riddima : no it cant happen , you are lying

Vihaan : look i am saying the truth

Riddima : no vansh cant leave me and go away from me

Vihaan : it can happen when vihaan is here

Riddima : I will not leave you

Vihaan : look stop crying , I just wanted his property and you are my baby doll

Saying so he leaves

Riddima : I am strong and I will not leave you Mr Vihaan Talaiviya , I will take my revenge

The Next Day ,
Vihaan takes the hold of business and property , bcoz of it she decides to send him london for a business deal for 1 week and she takes the hold of business and she handles them
Later , she informs his truth to angre and abhi for help they join hands

Angre & abhi : so what is our plan now

Riddima : ******************************

Angre : nice plan , he will be lost in our hands

Abhi: yeah you are right

Later , Vihaan comes back from London and goes to the room he gets a orange juice but feels dizzy after drinking it

Riddima : so our plan is working

Abhi and angre : yes

FB reveals :

Riddima mixing drugs in the juice before servant could take it
*FB ends*

Abhi : so now you should go to execute the next step

Angre : and we should help her in doing so
Are you both ready Let’s go

Riddima goes near vihaan and takes some papers from the drawer in which it indicates that the whole properties and business are signed to dadi , ajay & uma and makes him sign on those papers

Later , riddima makes vihaan sleep and she leaves from the room from the next day , riddima starts torturing vihaan whenever he tries to mess up with her

One day she keeps extra salt and spices in the food which he is eating

Vihaan : aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Riddima : now you understand what is Riddima Vansh Raisinghania don’t underestimate the power of riddima who is the lioness of VR , if you will mess up with me then it is the grave mistake in your life

Precap : Riddima finds out a shocking truth

Guys today’s questions :
1. What is that shocking truth
2. For whom it is related
3. Will vansh be alive ??

Stay tuned to know bye bye take care love you guys and yah who are students enjoy their summer holidays and who has exams all the best for them and ya don’t forget to eat mangoes in this summer

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