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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 19

Riddima and vansh has a small fight so to convince vansh she came up with a plan and she came to his office

Riddima : vansh

Vansh : look just leave

Riddima : come on for a small fight , then when it comes to big fight what you will do , you will leave me or not trust me or misunderstand me

Vansh : dont say those words again

Riddima : but what can i do vansh ok fine shall me go……

Before riddima could continue vansh interuppted and said

Vansh : any park , beach or restaurant right

Riddima : no , for a date as we will get married so before it we van stay as girlfriend and boyfriend later , when we will get married we will not have this chance but , you refused so i will go with someone like Mr. Jay Malhotra as it was just a date

When riddima is about to leave ge holded her hand and pulled her

Vansh : you are mine and just mine ok

Riddima : then you refused right ??

Vansh : nah ! I will come

They enjoy later , the 3 families sit together and talk

Siya : so you know bhai very well

Riddima : any doubt

Siya : then describe him

Riddima : Kitna hi masum dikhta hai
Utna hi khataranak hai
Kitna bada bhi huzoor hai
Kitna bada akah bhi hai
Pyaar ka to gulam hai
Baahar se kitna bada saitaan hai
Andar se utna acchi bagwaan hai
Dimaak to uski bimaar hai
Dil to iski utna hi sanskaar hai
Buriyon ko dushman hai
Acchiyon ko sultan hai
Iski yeh hi sugun
Kiya mera dil iski pyaar mein bawara hai
Keh na saku ,
Iski saath faraar hone ka taiyaar hai

Riddima : now I will explain what it means :
How innocent he looks that much only dangerous , how much also he is respected a king and how much also a great master , he is a prisoner and servant of love for whom he can do anything , how much he looks like evil from outside that much he is good from inside , the mind is totally damaged and full of logics which are not at all good in personal life and as useful as proffesional life but his heart is heavy hearted , he is a enemy of bad who will cheat him , but he is a king of hearts and when someone is loyal to him he can give his life for that person , and this only habits made me fall for him and make my heart crazy and if I could say , I am ready to escape with you my love

The next day

haldi ceremony ,

Riddima and vansh got applied with haldi and then

Riddima : so my would be husband , I wanna do something romantic

Vansh : so you have oned your naughty , romantic mode

Riddima : yes

Vansh : then why are you late , start

Riddima makes vansh closer and keeps her cheek on his and rubs the both and she applies it to him

Vansh : you are truly romantic

Riddima : thanks

Sangeet Ceremony ,

Riddima and vansh dance and then all the rituals get completed

It’s marriage ,

Riansh sit together on the mandap and then vansh makes her wear mangalsutra (nuptial chain) and applies sindoor (vermilion )

They get married

But there is a twist here

Precap : riddima is held at gun point

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