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Regretting my decision #riansh #ff (episode 8)

Hi guys. Hope u are fine. I know I told next episode will be soon but am again late really sorry as was busy a bit😅. so ya let’s start.
Aahna comes after cleaning her dress and all were just angry and irritated from her.
Ahana:-:- vese ridhima tum toh aesi style ki nhi thi toh ek dam se ek hafta hua nhi ke.
She was going to speak further but due to the angry glares she stopped but rai singhania were also shocked when they first saw her

(Yaar ye polka dots dekh kar mujhe hamesha kuch aur yaad aa jata hai tumhein bhi aata hoga shayad😂)

R:- aah this this is my common style Mrs Rai singhania (eying vansh and smirked)
All were guilty bcs of that.
R:- umm so bhai u invited them suddenly any important thing well and how many days are they going to be here(irritated tone)
Ad:- umm riddhu actually vo..vo..
Akshay and ridhima:- kya vo vo just tell..
Ad:- umm they are here for small vacation so for long time they are here
Both:- Whatttttt!!!
Aditya knew now he is gonna be a dead meat….
(Well I forgot to tell aditya ia also a businessman as akshay and both run India best comapnies and Malhotra group of companies and ishani is not pregnant but she was married with angre due to some prblms rest same and now she has a change of heart regarding angre)
Ridhima and aku were giving adi angry looks
Ad:- umm ya so whose in ur family mr.vansh (diverting the topic)
V:- so firstly this is my dadi then they both are my sisters siya and ishani. He is angre my p.a my bestfriend and ishani husband. She is chanchal chachi and her son he is out for some work hus name is aryan.
Ak:- I think you forgot to introduce someone mr. Rai singhania (smirking)
All knew he was pointing towards aahna.
R:- aku leave that firstly greet them.
R:- hlo ma’am (to dadi)
They were hurt but they knew sge was doing the same as them.
Dadi:- beta u can call me dadi.
R:- okkay dadi(smile)
R:- Hi Mr. Vansh rai singhania (smirk)
V:- U can call me vansh(smile)
R:- no all say u mr.vr and this and I would also say that and we don’t have any relationship so ya mr.vansh is right.
Vansh was hurt but he can’t do anything.
R:- Nice to meet you both (a sweet smile) (to ishani and siya)
Both smiled
S:- can I call you di plss
R:- sure siya(with a sweet smile)
R:- hlo mr. Angre
Angre smiled.
A:- nice to meet you too and you can call me bhai (smile)
R:- sure bhai(smiling)
They all meet each other.
Ak:- well how did u and mrs ahana met ur live life then ur wedding?
After that Malhotra including ridhima went for sometime for arrangements. Ria singhania were only in the hall. In this vansh warned aahna and made her out of his life(I don’t wanna drag it)
All Malhotra came after sometime.
Ak:- so where is mrs aahana
V:- who aahan we don’t know anyone as aahna.
R:- again their game started(mumbling)
Vansh weng towards ridhima
V:- ridhima I know what I did was very wrong but I thought you are the reason for the state of sia that’s why I did this my heart also broke when I was doing that drama. Ridhima u are the only one can be mrs. Vansh rai singhania pls ridhima am really sorry.
R:- oo wow firstly love me then leave me what the hell do your camera do when U can’t use them why u have it in your house just tell me . When you reached to siya anupriya was the last one wiyh her so how can I be . I took bullet for u but still u thought I betrayed u. I loved siya she was like sister to me how can you think that I did that with her and then declared ahana as ur wife in frontof whole world so now what you want from me(angry and shouting)
V:- ridhima I know the fault was mine and abt aahana that media was fake that lehnga everything was fake. No one else than u can wear it . Ridhima am really sorry (crying)
R(calming herself) ohh what are you talking mr vansh (bhno ye pagal toh nhi hogyi kya😂)
Akshay smirked knowing her plan.
V:- ridhima what are u saying why mr. Vansh again
R:- ohh the first things I said that were my past and I hate my past so ya leave it and enjoy ur small trip.
From there she went dadi kept hee hand on vansh shoulder and said this will take time but you don’t loose hope she loves you but she need time keep trying.
After some time at Malhotra mansion
All were in hall . Ridhima was ignoring vansh. And her ignorance was hurting him but he it was his mistake only that this all is happening. His thoughts were broken by aditya voice.
Ad:- so let’s show u the room u all must be tired we all will meet in evening till then we can rest.
Zoya:- ya let’s go I need a nap.(yawning)
Ad:- u toh always need that but not ur husband (mumbling)
Z:- what u said tell me also haan (angry)
Ad:- arre nothing u must be tired let’s ho princess u need sleep na (keeping hand over her belly trying to divert the topic)(bach gaya beta tu apni wife ke gusse se😂)
All controlled their laugh on seeing the scared face of The great Aditya Malhotra before his wife.
Ad:- Zoya u go I will show them the rooms.
R:- Bhai u go with bhabhi me and aku would show them . U don’t worry.
Ad:- nhi I will show them okkay.
R:- fine.
Aditya showed them the rooms. At last it came ro vansh room . Ridhima was standing outside her room using mobile.
Ad:- vansh this is ur room.
This caught the attention of ridhima as it was the next room to her. She rushed to them.
R:- bhai why the next one to my room only just show him another room there are many rooms in the house but not this one never ever.
Ad:- ridhima I am specially giving him this one so if he need anything then u can help him
R:- arre why me u can give him the room next to yours too na.
Ad:- Ridhima understand (making a face to understand something)
She understood it and said
R:- okkay okaay but the next one to aku room it’s also free na he can also help him. And he is also male so he can help him better isn’t it(smirking)
Ad:- ummm ya but vo … voo..
V:- ya uss ghade ke saath vala room jarur loonga main(mumbling)
R:- did u say something (raising her eyebrows)
V:- no nothing
R:- so it’s final that the next to aku room will be yours.
Ad:- ridhima that need to be cleaned.
R:- no bhai actually when they came I specially made that room clean so that aku can help him (ishmart riddhu 😎😂)
Ad:- ridhima
R:- bhai
Ad:- ridhima
R:- bhai
Ad:- ridhina(little angry)
They continued like that and at last ridhima gave up as she was highly irritated and vansh was given the roon next ro her.(bichari ridhima 😂)
In evening all were in garden.  Then a car came and a lady came out from it . It was none other than sejal. All Malhotra rushed to hug her.
R:- sejal finally u are here am so happy.  (Hugging her)
Se:-calm down babes calm down and yes am back.
She hugged aditya akshay zoya and then she saw rai singhania her face became angry one. But she calmed herself as she was told abt rai singhania arrival and all.
She met everyone but with an irritated face (ofc hoga main hoti toh mera bhi aisa hi hota🙄)
They were sitting in garden but then due to some work ridhima aku and adi made came to side to discuss something (nothing yo drag okkay) zoya and sejal also went for some work and rai singhania were sitting there alone.
Then a car came and blew horns Malhotra recognised who was it(guess karo😂)
Take care . Luv u all and pls aage thida sa padna matlab next page ya newche scroll karna there is an important news pls

(Tumhein kya laga end nhi nhi aaj aisa nhi karungi aaj bata dungj truth chalo aage padho ab😂)
Then a man came from the car(kabhi lady kabhi man bas yhi chal rha hai😂)
Malhotra saw him and ridhima ran towards him and higged him. They forgot that rai singhania were also there.(mera logic😂)
R:- am so happy today sejal and u both came.
Rai singhania were shocked to see his face as he was none other than aryan rai singhania . Ridhima hugge him and aku and aditya too . Zoya nd sejal also came and hugged him.
Ar:- so missed me
All:- no (and laughed)
Rai singhania were watching this all and were confused and came to them.
V:- aryan u here and u know ridhima weren’t u on business trip.
Here all Malhotra got tensed as they forgot abt them. Aryan looned at all of them. Ridhima sighed and said bhai called them they are our guests.
Ch:- aryan beta tu yahan mujhle laga tu mujhse milne ya but u met them . Do you know them.
And here aryan wanted to tell all the things that how can they come again in her life to disturb her but calmed himself.
V:- ARYAN am asking u something tell me.
And here our aryan lose his control and started.
Ar:- yes I know her and more than u . Bcs she is my bestfriend yes she is my bestfriend.  Now many questions would be in ur mind so let me clear them. U think I am irresponsible hate u right bit it’s wrong for ur life I let my bestfriend life at stake.  So it was all 1 year ago . I though didn’t liked u but can’t forget the things u dud for us. 1 year ago many attacks  false cases and all the things were happening in ur life and I saw how with all yhis things u managed but still gave us all happiness.  This continued for months and u made a soft corner in my heart……
So this one is the  finish here truly next part the whole truth till then think abt it. So there is a note from sweety21 author of you are precious to me and boss fallen for his pa. She is not well and have some pain in shoulder so couldn’t post the new episode.  She will be back once she is fine.
So now am sorry for being late as I was busy in comment section u know what I mean 😂. Yaar pls mujhe 1234aayu aarushisoni attractiveuser ko paise de do . And yaar mere episode pe bhi itne comment kardo hum sabke ff mein karte hain100+ koi hamare bhi kardo🤧 . Wear mask and use all precautions.  Till then take care.  Luv u all 💕

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