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Pandya Store 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva scares Rishita

Pandya Store 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raavi complaining about Shiva. Dhara scolds her and asks her to handle her husband herself. She asks Raavi to marinate the veggies and keep it for the barbecue, Gautam has arranged a bonfire at night. Dhara goes out. Raavi says Dhara always scolds Shiva, she is asking me to deal with him. Dhara thinks to see how much her words affect her. Rishita says I was not the first one to come here. She stops Dhara for a talk. Dhara says we have kept bonfire program, Gautam asked you to participate. Rishita says wow, I can’t believe you can plan that also, its so good, I m so happy. Dhara says you are talking like you have come from America, not Somnath, the brothers are like kids, and fight, but your dad really gets people beaten up. Rishita says don’t talk of past.

Dhara says no, you told about fights in the family, so I got reminded of that. Rishita says teach manners to Krish, how can he come without knocking. Krish sings Churake dil mera…. He sees the same girl. He runs. He just gets a ribbon. He says I can’t even find a girl. Shiva comes. He asks who is this red ribbon girl. Krish runs. Rishita complains about Krish. Shiva and Krish come. Shiva asks will you drag the matter so long, its new for us, we always entered Dhara’s room without thinking, we grew up there and didn’t know. Dhara says you aren’t kids now, you have to think. She asks Krish to knock before going to Rishita’s room. She asks them to get ready for bonfire and come. She says Shiva, I have kept clothes for you, wear that and come. Rishita laughs. Shiva hugs Dhara and says I was never uneducated and stupid for you.

Dhara says you will always be a moon for me, but stop seeing yourself by my eyes, think from an ordinary girl’s eyes, how can anyone love you, focus on yourself. Shiva says I won’t change, you are seeing me since many years, you didn’t see any flaw. Dhara says you both will do what I say. Krish jokes. Dhara asks them to get ready. She goes. Shiva sees Rishita going and says Gautam should have not kept this bonfire, I had seen the same spirit at the staircase. Krish asks what. Shiva signs him to see Rishita. She hears them and asks what spirit, what did you see. Shiva says let it be, you shall not care for the spirit, Krish won’t trouble you. She asks him to go and scare someone else. Shiva says I was talking to Krish, not you. He asks Krish to remember Hanuman Chalisa. Krish says I remember. Shiva says I can’t see you becoming chudail. Krish says this time, girls are here, I m scared for them. Shiva takes him. Rishita gets scared and follows them.

Shiva says we will give some horror touch to her. Shiva gets ready. He asks how will I become a gentleman. Raavi comes and collides with him. They argue again. They fall over the bed. She asks him to leave her clothes, don’t make it dirty. He says I will laugh on you when you get dressed, look at my fate, who I got. She says look at your face, when did you last wash your face, your shirt is stinking, you would have never got a girl like me. He says you can also die by this stinking smell, get out. Krish talks to Lord. Gautam comes and asks what nonsense are you saying. Krish says I also want love. Gautam pulls his ears. Krish says business. Gautam asks him to come and make bonfire arrangements. Shiva finds a room locked. He asks whose room is it. The man says its Kesar’s room, she stays in Chicago, she stays here when she comes. Shiva sees Rishita and says oh, so Kesar is behind this room, so you don’t let anyone go there. Rishita gets scared. She asks Shiva to come for the bonfire. Shiva says I m coming, you go.

Rishita gets scared seeing some shadow. Shiva says plan will be set, we need to do one thing. Krish asks what.

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