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Kaira Destined To be Together Forever Episode 10

Hai guys here is next episode. Thank you so much Kavya , Kifu, Shivangi , Sapna and Vaishnavi for your support.

Recap: Goenkas and Singhanias plan to visit Kaira at Mumbai much to Swarna’s irritation

A week has passed. The time for everyone to start to Mumbai has arrived. Much to Swarna’s irritation Manish is excited like a 10 year old to visit Kartik and Naira at Mumbai.

Akhil: Bhaisab everything is ready shall we leave

Dadi: In 3 minutes 30 seconds

Surekha: Luv..Kush….come down..it’s getting late

The kids run down with a card in each other their hand

Luv: Muma we made these cards for bhaiya and bhabhi

Dadi: Good good…lets check the luggage once again

Surekha: Maaji..Naira wanted few things which they forgot here…I packed it in this bag…

She opens it to check the bag . Few minutes later

Dadi: Lets leave…

Surekha closes the bag improperly in a hurry and they leave. A notebook falls from the bag but they are too busy to notice it and leave. The scene freezes

Mumbai Kaira House

Naira is jumping with joy. She is arranging everything..cross checking everything. Kartik comes there

Kartik: Naira enough is enough. You cannot work more than this. Come take rest

Rajshri: Atleast you make her do it beta. She wont listen to me

Naira: Nani..Im too excited..thats why

Kartik: In that you should do all this. Dont you remember that you are pregnant?

Naira sits on the sofa with folded hands

Naira: Okay..I wont do anything..please stop scolding me

Her eyes get wet. Kartik sits near her and holds her closer

Kartik: Sh.sh..dont cry please..Im sorry

He holds his ears in apology. Naira hugs him.
Rajshri walks to the kitchen to leave them alone

Kartik: Aisa bhi kya kehdiya meine?
Naira: Kartik..I dont know but..I feel so bad even if you raise your voice

Kartik: Why will I if you take proper rest. I know you are excited to see everyone but our kids also need you to rest na

Naira: Acha sorry
Kartik kisses her on her forehead. The scene freezes

Goenka villa

Swarna comes to the living room from her room. She sees the notebook lying on the floor and goes to pick it up. She flips the page and finds Akshara’s name in it. She thinks of closing it but proceeds with the further pages.


Dear Diary,

Im back to writing diaries as it is the only way I can share my sorrow. Naira is back home but she is not talking to me. She is angry with me. Naitik is also out of town. Duggu is managing office and Krishna..so you are the only one to hear me. I don’t know why but Naira hates me. Her eyes tell that. Being hated by someone we love is a worst..

Swarna shuts the diary in irritation and throws it away

Swarna in mind: Why am I even reading this? Everyone left me…for ..Naira…and Im reading her mom’s diary.
She walks off in anger. Little does she know she will read it again

The scene shifts to Mumbai

Everyone reach the apartment. Naira welcomes them with tears

Naksh: Oh ..Naira is crying..I guess she doesn’t like us being here..lets go

Naira: Bhai…

Naksh hugs her

Naksh: Then why are you crying?

Naira: I  missed you

Naksh: I missed you too

Kartik and Keerthi join the hug

Dadi: Thu..thu…thu…

Luv and Kush and Mishti: You guys are hugging without us..we are angry

Kaira and Keesh pull them into the hug

Naitik: Manish ji…how is Swarna ji

Manish: Dont remind me of her in such a good mood Naitik ji

Kartik and Naira hug Manish

Manish: How are my granchildren?

Naira: Fine papa

Keerthi: Naira I have started to plan for names right from now..if you have any wishes tell me..atlast it will be my decision right

Kartik: Kis kushi mein?

Keerthi: Bua hone ke kushi mein

There is laughter and joy filling the house.
Sometime later Kartik and Naksh are talking when Kartik’s phone rings. He attends it

Kartik: Haan Vedika bolo

Vedika: Sir tomorrow we are having field visit..will you be coming?

Kartik: Why not? I’ll definitely come.

Vedika: Okay sir..

Kartik disconnects the call

Vedika : Tomorrow I can spend more time with sir …yayy

She gets excited. The episode freezes



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