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Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 10

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Episode starts…..

Ridhima : hello….why are you calling me again and again…..I told you not to call me…..

Person : you know na I love JAAN…

Ridhima(angry) : don’t call me Jaan…..

Person : why are angry on me.OK leave it.Tommarow is your Birth day and I want to celebrate with so I am Coming.

Ridhima : What ??? You can’t come .

Person : I can and I will….don’t forget who I am.

Ridhima : Kabeer I very well know you . I also know that how you used me for your own benifit.

Kabeer : You love me and your duty is to help your love.What is wrong in this .

Ridhima : what is wrong .everything is wrong. you never told me that you have personal enmity with vansh. You wants him behind the jail not for illegal business or for the sake of country but for your enmity with him.

Kabeer : what??

Ridhima : what ..what?? I know you want to destroy vansh because of your enmity.

Kabeer : no…you mistook me…he is a criminal. You are supporting a criminal .

Ridhima : shut up kabeer.Don’t you dare call him a criminal.I am living with him and I know him how is he….

Kabeer : oooh you know him then you also know that he murdered his love Ragini .He is murderer.

Ridhima : He can’t kill anyone.I don’t need your validation what he is .so better keep these words with you only. He is innocent and I am going to proof this very soon.

Kabeer(shocked): what?? How will you proof this what you know.

Ridhima : I have my own ways just wait and watch.
She ended the call…..

At night…
In dinning hall

Every one was having their dinner .

Ridhima : dadi tomorrow I need to go my orphanage…

Dadi : OK,

Siya : bhabhi anything important that you are there?

Ridhima about say then vansh interrupted her..

Vansh : I think she is missing her friends.

Ridhima became sad and says yes I am missing them.

Ishani : so your living go with them….

Anupriya : vaise bhi yaha rh kr hmloge pr koi aihsaan nhi kr rhi ho…..

Chachi : exactly didi…..you should go .

Dadi : ishani ,anupriya and chanchal can’t shut your mouth…why all of you behind her…

Ridhima : its ok dadi…..
She goes to her room and expected from vansh to follow her. She became more sad .when vansh came after 3 hours and slept.

Ridhima to herself : he didn’t remember my birth day.even she didn’t asked me why I left the dinning table .How can he forget my birthday. Its 11: 50pm . Look how is he sleeping like KOMKARAN.I am not going to talk him.I must eat something otherwise mouse will dancing.she went to kitchen.when she was in the kitchen someone blindfold her …..took her to the terrace…

Ridhima : vansh I am already angry on you and now you are doing this….this making even more……(now she can see) .
she was astonished to the arrangements…..


Ridhima (filled with joy and emotions) : you remembere!!!

Vansh : how can I forget this special day….are you happy…


Ridhima : I am very happy…thanks vansh….this is like a dream…no one did this for me….thank you ….thank you ….thank you…

In the excitement he hugged and place a kiss on his cheeks….

vansh was surprised as this she was complete in her sense not like previous one when she was drunk .

when she released what she did. she draw herself back and felt embarrassed….To break this awkwardness vansh asked her to cut the cake….after that they had thier food and talked about many things.

Vansh : this is nothing .wait for to evening….

Ridhima : what is going to happen ?

Vansh : it is surprise ridhima . wait and watch.

Ridhima : vansh I don’t want any party or celebration .please vansh

Vansh : what??? But why??

Ridhima : please vansh . I am happy in only this.please listen to me.

Vansh : No sweetheart.There will be celebration.

Ridhima : please vansh .I am birth day and you have listen to me…(with teary eyes)

Vansh : As you wish .

In the morning

Dadi and siya Wished ridhima .Ridhima went out and met Sejal .

Ridhima : what information you gathered about the kabeer.

Sejal : I all ready informed you that he is cheating on you.I think someone is helping him.

Ridhima : That means he is not alone who want destroy my vansh.

Sejal :’ My vansh’

Ridhima : I mean vansh .

Sejal : one thing more.he frequently use to visit chemist shop.

Ridhima : chemist shop but why?

Sejal : I am still working on it .

Ridhima : try to find this . one thing please be careful from him as he is a police officer.Now he knew that I am not in his side .

Sejal : I will dear. Tell me how the day ?

Ridhima : very good. I enjoyed a lot with vansh.

Sejal : can ask something.

Ridhima : of course anything .

Sejal : if you and vansh has such nice bond then why are you hiding about kabeer ?

Ridhima : sejal I can’t as we don’t have any solid proof against kabeer.

Sejal : if your are succeeded in proving then what you will do .you willi stay with vansh or you will leave him .what you will do.

Ridhima : why will I leave him .

Sejal : it means you wants give one chance to this marriage

Ridhima : I never said that.

Sejal : if you don’t want to give chance then why you want stay him.

Ridhima ; leave this and put more focus on your work .Bye

Sejal : think about it…..

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