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Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh ff- Aching Hearts

Hello friends Im back with another chapter . Very happy that you are loving this ff. Please keep supporting. Lets go to the chapter now

Chapter 3: Aching Hearts

Next fresh morning and Riddhu’s apartment is shown

She is busy cooking her breakfast in the kitchen when her mobile beeps. Its a message from Aryan

The message: I know what day today is. Dont go anywhere else come straight to college

Thats when reality hits her. She runs to the day calendar and flips the page to see the date

Riddhima: Today is the day of Muma and Papa’s death. 20 years ago they left me all alone with Dadi…Riddhima you are not going there today. As Aryan said we should go to the college straight and avoid that place.

Saying this to herself she gets ready in a beautiful white salwar , applies kajal to her beautiful expressive eyes and applies her favourite lipstick. She grabs a quick bite of her breakfast and walks to college very cautious with her steps than usual. As soon as she enters the college gate she faces Kabir

Kabir: Hey Riddhu you look gorgeous today.

He extends his hand to touch her face. Riddhima gives him a tight slap

Riddhima: How dare you ? I am not interested in you and wont you get it straight into your blo*dy head

Anger boils up inside her. Sejal comes to her

Sejal: Riddhima what happened?

Riddhu: I have been patient all these days to avoid my bp surge but that doesn’t mean that Im scared of you Kabir

Riddhima drags Sejal and leaves from there.

In a parallel Vansh is shown in his room. He is getting ready. When Riddhima is feeling a strong emotion of anger Vansh is surprisingly in a cool mood this moment. He is whistling a tune and setting his hair when a knock is heard

Vansh: Kon hai?

Sia: Bhaiya..

Vansh: Sia..come in

Sia enters the room with a wand to his shock

Sia: Whats this bhaiya? Angre bhaiya left it here yesterday

Vansh in mind: What a fool

Sia waits for an answer while Vansh stands there dumbstruck . Sia jerks him

Vansh: Huh…woh…woh…

Sia: I got it…it’s something like a selfie stick ..right

Vansh leaves a sigh of relief and : Yeah…give it to me Ill give it to Angre

Vansh gets it and hugs Sia

Vansh in mind: Sorry Sia I should have told it to you like I told Ishani but you are too kind hearted for knowing this. Im sorry my dear. Ill tell you once my quest and revenge are over

Sia breaks the hug and looks into his eyes

Sia: Bhaiya any problem?

Vansh: Kuch nahi . Come lets go

The scene freezes with them leaving the room

Its Evening

Angre enters Vansh’s cabin

Vansh: Whats up Angre?

Angre:  I completed the formalities with the publishers and this weekend we will have the launch party

Vansh: Good. Today is a bad day for her. Its when Sharmas…

Angre : She doesn’t know the details right..she knows that her parents died in an accident

Vansh: Yeah but this day will not leave her at peace

Angre: Why?

Vansh:Ill tell you once Im back. By the way you fool forgot your wand here. Be careful with it next time

Angre: Sorry bhai…Ill be careful

Vansh takes his car and rushes to Riddhima’s college

Riddhima walks out and waits for Sejal. Kabir and gang are watching her not so far from where Vansh is standing

The guy in the gang: Why dont you leave her? She slapped you and yet you are behind her. Many girls are in line to be with you

On hearing this an unknowing happiness creeps inside Vansh. He doesn’t realise why but continues to hear their conversation

Kabir: Thats the reason man..she ignores me and it will be fun to make her mine…moreover there is something else too which attracts me to her as she is a tough nut to crack

Vansh sees Riddhima going home and starts to follow her leaving his overhearing in the middle.

Riddhima walks towards the road which she took in the morning and is shocked

Riddhima: Why God? I wanted to avoid that road ..but you have blocked it and forcing me to take this road..why…why should I face that pain.

Muttering this she takes the other road with no other choice left. Vansh follows her

Riddhima walks as fast as she could but she stops suddenly as there is a loud thunder and rains starts to pour down. Riddhima who usually enjoys rain feels the opposite now. She feels as if the rain drops are pricking her like needles. She closes her ears with her hands and walks further. As she nears a drain she slips down near it. She sees illusions of a couple suffering pain . That pain which will rip the soul from the body. She hears voices of pain , begging and resistance. All those kindle her buried feelings of loneliness, sorrow and anguish over the years. She starts to weep but no one in the road seemed to notice her as they were busy rushing in the rain except Vansh. He stood there watching her in pain. He started to feel her pain inside him and is unable to do anything. His brain would not think about anything as his heart has taken over him and its pain started to engulf his body. He watched Riddhima cry out her heart in the rain. Their hearts ache. Both of them lost their parents in a young age. They grew up in a lonely surrounding. Every single cause of their soul connection was linked with pain. He could feel her pain.

Time passes by. The rain doesn’t seem to stop. Riddhima is still on the road. Finally his brain works and he walks to her

Vansh: Hello do you want a lift?

Riddhima looks up at him . He could see her red swollen eyes

Vansh: The rain doesn’t seem to stop. Do you want a lift?

Riddhima: Why do you offer me?

Vansh: As I saw you alone in this rain

Riddhima: No thanks Ill manage

She gets up and leaves

Vansh in mind: Uff he said it right..she is a tough nut to crack..but Riddhima we are destined to be together and you will have to fall for me

He watches her walk home and gets back to his car. The scene freezes

Its late night , Riddhima’s apartment is shown. She is sleeping silently. The window lets the moonlight inside and has lit the room. A shadow reaches the window .It stays there and is watching Riddhima who is sleeping unaware of this. Time passes and suddenly there is a loud howl , it wakes up Riddhima and the shadow disappears. Riddhima gets up and rubs her eyes to get a clear view. She goes to the window and searches for the location of the sound. She suddenly spots someone standing under the street lamp. She looks more carefully and is shocked to see Kabir there

Riddhu: Why is he here? (She leaves a deep breath)…Let me call Aryan

She dials his number and calls him. Aryan is still awake as he is in his game . He picks the call in a ring

Aryan: What happened Riddhu?Are you alright?

Riddhima: Haan..no…woh..Kabir

Aryan: Kabir?

Riddhima: Haan Kabir..he is standing in front of my house

Aryan: What? Wait Ill be there in 2 minutes

He rushes out of his room and knocks the door of Riddhima’s apartment. She lets him in

Aryan: Where is he?

Riddhima takes him by his hand and takes him to the window. Aryan sees no one there.

Aryan: There is no one there

Riddhima looks out and is shocked

Riddhima: He..he,,was…there..I swear..Aryan

She gets tensed. Aryan holds her by her shoulders

Aryan: Cool…cool..may be he left after he caught you seeing him…dont worry our apartment has good security he cant do anything. Now go and sleep

He walks out after ensuring that her windows are locked to safety. With her going to sleep the episode freezes

Next Chapter: Werewolf on the prowl

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