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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: The villagers protest.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

In this episode Meera pleads everyone to leave by putting a blade around her neck claiming to kill herself, she fell on the floor, Ramji grabbed her. Maharaj left, Pandith asked Seth ji to leave as Meera’s death was useless. Gopal asked Seth ji not to interfere in the matter, he cannot see someone die. The guardian inquired Gopal’s intention, Gopal said that it is, the villagers were asked to leave as well.
The children hugged and cried with Meera. Bala stood in the corner upset and ashamed.

Gopal asked the Man to go to his family and perform the rituals of his dead brother. The guardian inquired why Gopal let the opportunity go. Gopal has not wasted the opportunity; he must think of a better way to force Bhim and his family and wait for better results.

To defeat Bhim Maharaj will use Brim’s weapon on him. the companions inquired. They understood. Maharaj wanted to protest and force anyone to listen to them. Pandit was in doubt as such protesting can cause the villagers to empathize with Bhim and his family.

Gopal asked his Guardian to be patient, the right time and tactics will be fruitful. They will be victorious, it will be Bhim’s greatest defeat that he will remember forever.

Meera cried for her fate and. She did not want to recall the adversity she has suffered from. Bhima wanted to help her; he knew that the people will not let this matter go that easily.

Meera recalled everything that happened today and cried, Ramji came in. Ramji wiped her tears and sat beside her, he told Meera that for the many years she has lived with Ramji has always considered that daughters are only happy in their in-law’s house, but Meera has proved him wrong. Ramji praised her for being brave and confident, conscious of her destiny and someone who has always been grateful. He did not want to see Meera upset, since she has always been patient, she will pass this difficult time as well. Ramji considered her a daughter and promised to protect her at all costs.

Meera was upset for his husband’s ignorance towards her for all these years who has never inquired that whether she was alive or dead, happy, or sad. She questioned then why she was informed of her death and why were the people forcing her to fulfil the customs of a widow. Bhim came in with food asking Ramji to feed her. Everyone sat beside her, Bhim wiped her tears and hugged her. Ramji fed Bhim and Meera.

Next Morning, Mangesh came telling Maharaj that everyone has been informed of their duty. Maharaj was glad.

A villager came shouting for Ramji and Bhim to come out. Bhim and Ramji inquired. The village told him that he has been mistreated by the neighbor villagers for belonging to the community where a Widow is defying her customs. Another man came with the same problem. Everyone asked Bhim for a solution. Meanwhile rest of the villagers gathered around. Bhim took Meera inside.
Bhim asked Meera not to pay much intention to the men outside, he will handle the situation. Bhim asked Meera to stay inside.

Bhim told the villagers that he understands why these men are pressurizing Bhim. Gopal asked Bala to make his family understand. Ramji scold him for taking the wrong side. Baala refuted as he was only supporting what is right, he left in agony.

Ramji asked the villager to leave, as he does not accept their demand. The villager did not want to fight but claimed to protest Infront of their house. The man sat and protested. Bhim was against their protest since it had no virtues cause. He left for work with Anand and Ramji. Gopal asked Puranjan to sit and protest. The villagers were doubtful of their protesting tactics since Bhim has left, they asked Puranjan to use his formula of violence.

Ramji asked Bhima and Anand to stay home, the people outside can not be trusted. Bhim asked Rmaji not to worry.
Maharaj wanted to see how Bhim will find against his own method.

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