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Choti Sardarni 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher saves Sarab from women

Choti Sardarni 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The women ask Sarab to show his face. He says no I feel shy. I don’t want any woman to fall for me. Kulwant says why is your face hidden? He says Corona going on? Sarab says would you buy anything? Jeeto says what do you have? He says bangles, anklets, bindis and many things. Jeeto says come in. Yuvi says no he can’t go in. Karan says yes today is Mutiyaran day. Seher says yes no men allowed. Param says yes. Sarab says see a flying horse.. Kids look there. Sarab says Seher it’s me. Seher says what else do you have? Come in and show me the stuff. Karan says but mama said.. Seher says other women asked him to come in. They all agree. Sarab asks Seher where is Meher? She says in Ginni’s room.

Meher reads the chit and says he can’t come. No one is in yet. Meher hears Sarab selling things to the women. She recognizes him. Meher looks at him. He brings green bangles and says this si for you. Meher asks him to leave. Meher says what are you doing? Go from here. They will hit you a lot. Sarab says I only die for my Mutiyar. I am not scared of the bomb either. Meher says someone will see you. He says shh.. The song ishq bulawa plays. Sarab comes close to Meher.

He makes her wear the bangles. Meher says go now. He says I came here to get my debt. Meher says what debt? He says the kiss yesterday. Meher says I kissed you yesterday. Sarab falls in the bed with her. The bed breaks.. Kulwant says what is happening there? She says Meher open the door. What was this loud noise? Meher says my earring fell. Everyone knocks. Meher says sarab ji go, please. He says my kiss first. Meher kisses him. He says one more. She kisses him again. He says what about interest? Meher says they will hit you a lot. Karan says where did that man go? The one who came to sell.

Kulwant says yes where did he go? Was he Sarab? Everyone is shocked. Kulwant says bring your sticks. Kulwant says we know you are here. Open the door. They come in. Sarab is hidden. Kulwant says where are you? Meher asks Sarab to run.. She holds his hand and runs outside. Meher gets on the bike.. All women come after him. Sarab sits behind Meher and they ride the bike. Harleen says let them go. Where will they go? They will come back home.

Scene 2
Meher rides the back. Sarab says slow. Meher says get off the bike now. Meher buys ice-cream. Meher and Sarab enjoy the ice cream together. Meher cleans his nose. Sarab’s ice cream falls. Meher says we will share ice cream. Eating together increases love.

Scene 3
Kulwant asks Harleen did they pick? Harleen says no the love birds flew. Param says they must have gone to eat ice cream. Karan says no shopping. Seher says gol gappay. Kulwant says why aren’t you kids eating? Nani made food for you. You aren’t eating and your Meher mama also ran away without eating. She gets upset. The kids say nani got upset.

Seher comes to Kulwant and sings sweet nani.. don’t be mad at us. The kids dance around her to make it up. Kulwant gets happy and hugs them all.

Scene 4
Meher and Sarab sit in the park. Meher says reminded me of the college days. Sarab says this isn’t less than college days. We couldn’t do all this. We got married in such circumstances and then so many responsibilities. He takes off his watch and says let’s act like we are meeting each other for the first time. Suppose we are strangers. You’re sitting on that bench and I hit on you. Meher says no one can hit on me. You can’t make me fall for you. He says let’s start then.

Meher sits on the bench. Sarab comes there and says did you recognize? Meher says no. He says same to same. I don’t know you either. May I sit here? Meher says are there pricks on other chairs? He says no but flowers are here. Meher says what? He says umbrella, shade is here. He sits and says thank you. What was your name? Beautiful? Meher says what? He says your phone it’s beautiful. It has a light. Meher says has an AC, fridge. He says whose name is this phone on? She says on my own name. He says I don’t agree. Tell me the name first. Meher ignores him. He says may I know your name? Meher says reason? He says general knowledge. Meher says my number would also be part of the general knowledge? Don’t you have any shame? Should I give number of my shoe? He says I fell in love you with at first sight. Meher says stay in your limits. Don’t mess with me. Go from here. He says don’t get mad and say I love you.

A policeman comes and says I will tell you how to say I love you. Sarab is shocked. He says don’t you have any shame. Sarab says we just.. We were just kidding. Meher says this uncle is teasing me. The policeman says she’s half your age. Have some shame. Meher says at this public place this lad is hitting on me. He says don’t worry I will hit him. I will take him to the police station. He says I am Sarab.. The policeman says I know boys like you a lot. He says Meher ji tell him.. Meher says take him, brother. Meher says college romance includes sticks and I will get you those today.

The policeman says call your family. He says let me take you to the police station. Meher says he is my husband and we have 3 kids. Sarab says no she’s lying. I am a free bird. Meher says what are you saying? Sarab says ask her to hug me and kiss me to prove that we are married. Inspector asks Meher when did they get married? Meher says 7th May.. Sunday and.. She can’t recall. Meher holds her head.

Episode ends.

Precap-Karan gives shirts to Param and Karan for the match. Param says this is my lucky number. Meher irons his shirt and zones out. She burns his shirt. Harleen and Param are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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