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Troublemaker by Sana 01 I Queen of Disaster I Ishqbaaz Fanfiction I


“Anika Reynolds is asked to report at the Principal’s cabin right now.” I lifted my eyes from my notebook and looked at the clerk. Actually, I was waiting for the call.

I gave a sheepish smile as I collected my things and put them in my bag. Every pair of eyes were staring at me but none of them have shocked expression because I think they lost count of how many times the same scenario happened. To be honest, I think I spend more time in his office than in any one of my classes.

It was for different reasons every time. The first was when I accidentally threw the ball at my opposite teammate. There was one time when I toilet papered Mr.Robert’s house who taught us physics with some seniors. There were a few pranks like putting itching powder on a teacher’s dress, gifting cockroach to someone and also one time when I put glue on my partner’s seat. Another thing which I have received a lot of detention slips were for bunking classes and there is many more of Anika’s little troubles.

“You are so screwed,” Tessa, my best friend muttered beside me.

“Thanks for stating the obvious.” I rolled my eyes and walked out of the class.

This time it was going to be different because my parents are asked to come and the stunt I pulled is not something I can get away easily. I knocked on Mr. Martin’s wooden door and when I heard ‘Yes, come in’ I pushed it open and entered.

“Morning, Anika.” The principal greeted me with a smile. He was a good human being and he looks like a cute teddy bear.

I made myself comfortable in his chair as he went through some documents. “So, tell me what did the poor boy did to deserve to be at the end of your fist?” He asked with an amused smile.

“Poor boy, my foot. He is a bastard who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘back off’. He asked me out early in the morning when honestly I was in a bad mood,” I yelled and Mr. Martin signed me to be silent.

“Last time I checked, it wasn’t a crime to ask the girl you like for a date.” He chuckled. The old man was a good human being and also did a mistake to approach me once when I was in the detention room. He was there to listen, unlike my parents who are in London.

“More like, he invited me to his bed.”I scowled and he kept his hand under the chin as if he was thinking deeply.

“You know what, kid? You should have punched and kicked him,” He said and that’s why he is the best.

“I would have if not that Barbie doll didn’t show up,” I told thinking how Ms.Rose had appeared and yelled on top of her voice.

“She is a nice teacher, if you had at least spared to listen to her class then you would know but now it’s good that she showed up,” He said and checked his phone.

“So why didn’t my parents come here today?” I asked even though I knew the answer perfectly.

“They couldn’t make it. Your mom has a new project of a wedding and your dad is away on a business trip,” He answered and I sighed.

They were never there for me. All that mattered to them was money and fame. Sometimes like any other child, I also craved for their love and care. My dad was okay but it is not his fault that the burden of his family business is on his shoulder because he is the only heir. Then there is my mom, no one will believe that there was a time when she used to braid my hair, tell stories, cook Indian food for me and tell me folktales, argue that Salman Khan is best when I am TeamSRK.

Shahrukh is the best, there is no doubt about it.

My mom, Asha was an Indian who was an ideal daughter to her parents. Then she met my dad James who came to India for business. They met on an occasion and fell in love. There were so many problems but I heard her parents had disowned her and dad took us to New York when I was five years old.

They have the most complicated marriage in the world. They both were from different nation, religion, background and culture. But somehow it worked until fame got into my mom’s head. She started going out, mingling with people, chased her dreams and now happily living her except she forgot she has a daughter in her journey.

“So, what is this time? Detention for a week, imposition or ew don’t tell me to clean the janitor’s closet ever.” I scrunched my nose at the last part. I don’t even want to think about it the last time I was there.

“Well, this time since parents are involved you aren’t going to get away easily, Anika. His parents are influential and as a principal, I have to do my job. You are going to be suspended for a week.” He announced and my eyes widened. A suspension?

I mean I love to spend time with myself and it would be great to be on my couch whole day with chocolates, chocolate cake, chocolate shake, chocolate chips and Shahrukh Khan but no way my parents are going to welcome this with open arms.

“But I didn’t do anything. He deserved it.” I whined trying to bargain.

“Okay, for three days. No more no less. Now, go home.” He ordered and I blew my cheeks out. “And don’t forget to study and you know only your grades are holding you.” I groaned and headed for the door.

The hallways were filled with students going to get their lunch so I followed their trail and headed for the door.

I filled my tray with fries and a burger along with the chocolate milkshake. I paid and made my way to where my friends were waiting for me. The lunch hour was always a busy time, well everyone is hungry.

“Hey Anika, how did it go?” Alex asked me even before I could take my seat. I glared at him but he is too cute with his blond mop of hair and dimples that it didn’t last long.

“If getting suspended for three days doesn’t count, then I’m pretty fine,” I said and took a bite of my chicken burger.

Tessa shook her head in disapproval and I rolled my eyes at her. She was way too innocent and has always played by the rules. She is a shy girl who prefers her solitude and is the daddy in our squad.

“Congratulations girl, you passed next level.” Alex winked and Tessa threw a fry at him but somehow he caught it with his mouth and munched on it.

Just before anyone of us could make a comment, the door opened and the click-clack of heels confirmed the arrival of the queen and her minions.

Andrea Thomas owned the title of queen for her amazing look and b*t*h for her attitude. I didn’t have any problem with her but when I saw her bullying a sophomore girl, she became my favorite person from that day onwards. Please note my sarcasm.

“Did you hear the news?”

“Yeah, he is coming back.”

“I need to change my hair color because I think he likes brunette better.”

“He is so hot and handsome.”

“Oh my god, I need a wardrobe change.”

The comments and the squeals continued and I groaned. I turned to see Tessa’s face a little pale and Alex glaring at Angela. My friend here and the queen sitting there had a bad past. They dated when they were juniors and broke up, even though I don’t know why they did but I am glad they did. She is too much to hear all the time but I never missed the longing glances, eyes locks, zoning out and all that crappy stuff.

“Who is coming back?” I asked facing Tessa who was playing with her hair.

“It is -” Tessa couldn’t complete because the bell rang signaling that it was time for everyone to go back to their class and for me to go home.

“See you guys after three days, don’t have too much fun without me.” I winked and walked to the bin to dump my tray.

“Like we are going to stay away. See you soon, Anika.” Alex rolled his eyes and I stuck my tongue out at him childishly.

I hugged Tessa and left to the parking area where my red Lamborghini was. It was my favorite thing in the entire world, of course after chocolate. It stood out from the rest of the cars and I beamed looking at my baby. It was my eighteenth birthday gift technically it is not because I exchanged the jewelry my parents gifted to me for this. It wasn’t like I was going to wear it someday.

I was about to enter when the yellow bulb in my head appeared. I smiled at the pink range rover parked beside me. It was Andrea’s car and I snickered before puncturing the tires. Serves her right for stealing my book last week.

I started the car and the engined roared to life. I parked the car at the park and sat under the same tree where I used to find my peace years ago. A faded memory came into my mind when I listened to the bird’s music.

It was the summer season, the most favorite time of kids and family. There was no school or work and everyone was free to do anything they like. A girl of nine years old was sitting under a tree as a book covered her face. The white frock she wore was now brown with mud and hair which was tied in a beautiful ponytail was now all over the place. She was shaking, her head lowered.

“Are you crying, Anika?” A boy with blue eyes with green flecks asked her as he kneeled in front of her.

“No, Anika Reynolds never cries.” She sniffed and turned her face away.

“What happened? You can always talk to me,” He said looking at her face with concern.

“Why would I do that? So you can spread it to everyone and make fun of me.”

The boy shook his head and replied, “No, so I can save you from the trouble.”

The chocolate brown eyes bore into blueish eyes and said, “Okay but Anika Reynolds never needs help.” She stood up and walked out without even glancing in his way.

My lips curved up into a smile at the memory. I have always been a stubborn kid. I remember how I used to throw tantrums if I don’t get what I wanted. Dad had spoiled me completely. I shook my head and stood up dusting my jeans.

I entered my car and was about to drive away when my phone started ringing from the front pocket. I groaned when I saw the caller ID. What does he want now?

“Hey, Anika,” He greeted me from another side. It is not always he calls me unless he wants something from me.

“What do you want, Sid?” I asked not wanting to beat around the bush.

“Ouch, can’t I call my little sister to know how she is doing?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever, so what’s up? Don’t dare to say it’s ceiling or fan,” I said taking a KitKat from the bag.

“It’s actually sky. I am on my way to Domino’s with Sahil,” Sid said and my mind went to the picture of three of us fighting for the last slice.

Siddarth is the son of my mom’s best friend who is an Indian. We have grown up together and he is three years older than me. He is like a brother and I’m always his little sister. Then there is my super boy, Sahil, Sid’s younger brother. He is the cutest nine years old you will see. He can cheer up anyone’s mood and is a fighter even after the terrible accident.

“Give the phone to my favorite boy, will you?” I asked removing the wrapper and smiling at the chocolate bar. I wouldn’t trade anything for it.

“You are already talking to him,” He said and I rolled my eyes. “Okay, stop rolling your eyes or maybe who knows it will go back and you will see that you don’t have a brain,” I swear if he was in front of me then I will punch him by now.

“I want to talk to Sahil.” I whined and I heard a voice in the background.

“Hello Anika didi, I had to snatch the phone from him,” Sahil said and I laughed.

“Hey munchkin, how was your day?” I asked with a smile.

“It was great but I miss you di. I wish you were here so you can scare Tina away,” He mumbled.

“Who is Tina and what she did?” I asked thinking of all the times Sahil was bullied. After the accident, Sahil’s legs were paralyzed and after the surgery took a year ago, he is finally walking with the help of the crutches. Everyone is hopeful that the little boy will be able to walk on his feet soon.

“Tina is my classmate, she took my crutches from me today and I was about to fall on the ground. Thankfully, there was Ryan who saved me. She mocks me all the time.” Sahil complained and I felt bad for him.

“I will meet you soon on the weekend. Did you report it your teachers?” I asked with concern.

“No, I was scared,” He replied and I sighed.

“Don’t be scared of anyone. Report to your teacher tomorrow and if Tina teases you again, tell her your Anika didi will come,” I told him and he chuckled.

“Where is your big brother?”

“He went to order for us. I will ask him to call you later and we miss you di. Come back soon, love you,” Sahil said and I started my car in the direction to home.

“I love you too, munchkin.” I hung up and smiled.

I drove to my home and headed for the door but not before glancing at the next door like I always did. I sighed seeing it was still dark like how it was from five years ago. Is it weird to say that I missed my enemy?


  Finally, the update is here. I hope you all enjoyed it and I’m quite thrilled about this story. This is a humorous story with some scenes. I would love to know your feedback and sorry if there was any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Please don’t forget to vote, comment and share the story. I love you all ♥

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Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan?

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