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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction)(Episode 17)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 16th Episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil.

I can only give short updates . Sorry for that .

If you have missed the 16th episode here’s the link

Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 16)

Enjoy the episode


Scene 1 :
Sukoon house

Neil asks Avni to think and tell whether there’s something different in that bike or is there any mark with which we can find the bike .

Avni keeps thinking . She remembers taking the bike to a shop to paint samrat’s name in the front .

Avni : Yeah there’s a mark in that bike .

Neil : (surprised) what ! Tell me ?

Avni : actually I took it to shop to paint samrat’s name in the front and after getting it painted We brought it home and kept it in the garden and we all went to cricket stadium to watch the match .

DD : So samrat name is painted in the front right ?

Avni : yeah .

Neil : fine then . Don’t worry . We’ll find it soon .

DD : yeah miss Avni . Don’t worry . You’ll get your bike soon .

Neil and DD assure Avni that they’ll find samrat’s bike .

Avni now gets a call from Asha

Neil : now is Aman Mehta calling you again ?

Avni : (rolls her eyes)(shows her phone to neil) it’s my mom .

Neil : Oh ….. Ok talk to her . And ask her whether your brother is at home ….

Avni angrily stares at Neil

Neil : ok fine relax ! I won’t say anything now ! Talk to your mom .

Avni receives the call

Avni : (receives the call) hello ma…..

Asha : (in call) (cuts Avni in between) Avni , are you coming home or not ?

Avni : ma I’ll come but ….

Asha : i don’t know what happened to you and Aman these days …. seems like you both don’t like to stay in home .

Avni gets shocked when Asha says Aman is not at home .

Avni : (shocked) What ! Bhai is not at home ?

Neil and DD see each other when Avni says this .

Asha : Yes ! And yeah I want you to come home in half an hour .

Avni : ma I’m out and please try to understand …

Asha cuts the call

Avni : Mom cut the phone .

Neil : So Aman Mehta is not at home too . We need to find that criminal as soon as possible


DD : Miss Avni please calm down …

Neil : (to Avni) oh really ? Then why do you think that he said to you that he’s going to meet his wife when he didn’t go there ? And just now you said your brother didn’t return home while talking to your mother .

Avni : he might have gone for work . That might be the reason why he didn’t meet aishwarya bhabi and he’s not in home .

Neil : why don’t you …. no use of explaining to you .

Avni : I need to go home now . My mom is asking me to come home soon .

Neil : Fine . We’ll drop you .

Avni : No need . I can go by myself

Neil : I said I’ll drop you !

Avni : No thanks ! I told right ? I can walk and go by myself

DD : Miss Avni . It’s 12noon and the weather is too hot . If you walk in this hot sunny weather You might feel tired . Please let us drop you in your house .

Avni : but it’s ok ….

DD : please ?

Avni : (smiles) Ok Officer Darshan Dhawan

DD : (smiles) it’s ok . Call me DD .

Avni : (smiles) Ok Officer DD

Neil : now let’s not waste the time DD . Let’s drop her in her home and let’s go to police station .

Neil takes the car keys and opens the car door

Neil : (To avni) Avni , DD go sit inside the car . DD Now I’ll drive

DD : Ok sir

Avni and DD sit inside the car . Neil starts driving the car and leave from Sukoon ghar .

Scene 2 :
Traffic signal

Neil is driving the car .

Everyone are silent .

They get struck in the traffic .

Avni : traffic ? Oh god I want to go home now .

Neil : I told you we’ll drop you home safely right ? So keep quite .

Avni : all because of you Mr. ACP Crack Khanna !

DD laughs seeing Neil when Avni calls Neil crack . Neil glares at DD and DD stops laughing seeing Neil’s face .

Neil : Avni I’ll safely drop you at home after the traffic get cleared . Now keep quite .

The 2 unknown people who are wearing black dress and mask in their face are riding in the bike which they stole and where samrat’s name is painted .

They also get stuck in the same traffic jam . They are very near to Neil’s vehicle . Neil , DD and Avni doesn’t notice the bike .

Person 1 : Damn ! We’re stuck in traffic ! We’ll definitely be late . K.K sir won’t spare us !

Person 2 : don’t worry dude . We’ll try to go there soon .

Avni is leaning on the door and she sees those 2 people sitting on the bike wearing black clothes and mask .

She doesn’t notice that it is the same bike in which samrat’s name is painted .

Avni : (thinks) crazy people . Who wears mask and full hand black clothes that to in this weather ?

The green signal falls . All the vehicles start moving .

Avni now sees samrat’s name written on the bike through the car mirror and she gets shocked .

Avni : (to herself) samrat’s bike ? (shouts) BIKE ! BIKE !


Avni : I saw that bike now !

Neil : (confused) huh ?

Avni : I said I saw the bike which we were searching for !

Neil and DD get shocked.

Neil : what did you say ? You saw the bike ?

Avni : YES !

The vehicles start moving and the thieves who stole the bike also start moving . The thieves are about to take U-turn in the signal


Avni : YES ! (Sees them near the U-Turn point) See there !

The goons take U-turn in the signal . Neil and DD see the bike .

DD : Oh god ! That’s …..

Neil : (cuts DD in between) Yes ! That’s the same bike . We should not miss them now .

Neil , DD and Avni see them . Neil too takes U-turn in the signal and start following them .

Scene 3:
Road , sparsely populated area

The goons are driving samrat’s vehicle .

Person 1 : drive fast . We should not be late .

Person 2 : yeah .

Person 1 drives the vehicle fast

Neil , Avni , DD follow them . Person 2 sees Neil’s car following them

Person 2 : (to person 1) what the Hell ! Seems like someone are following us !

Person 1 : (shocked) WHAT ! Why would someone follow us ?

Person 2 : how will I know ? I think they might be police . Because you said police got to know about our gang . So seems like ….

Person 1 : (cuts person 2 inbetween) What ! Police ? Are they following us ?

Person 2 : yeah I think so they’re following us . We need to do something .

Person 1 : Ok I’ll drive fast

Person 1 tries to drive fast

Neil : (in an angry tone) Damn . They’re going fast . We need to stop then so that we can catch them

Neil too drives fast and he’s driving near the thieves

Neil overtakes the bike and stops his car in front of the bike .

2 thieves get shocked.

Person 1 : now what can we do ?

Person 2 : let’s run !

Thieves park the bike and start running .

Neil , DD , Avni get down from the car and start chasing the thieves

Neil : (shouts) STOP !

The thieves run very fast . Person 1 gets shocked seeing Neil , Avni and DD

Neil , DD run fast and catch person 1 and person 2

Person 1 hits Neil and is about to run away but Avni takes a stone and hits in person 1’s leg

Person 1 : (shouts in pain) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

Avni hears’a person 1’s voice

Avni : (thinks) Why do I find this person’s voice so familiar ?

person 1 falls down .

Avni : (to person 1) You fool ! aren’t you ashamed of doing this cheap work ?

DD slaps person 2

DD : stealing a bike ah ? And trying to run away from police ?

Person 2 too falls down .

Person 1 and person 2 try to run away but DD , Neil and Avni block their way .

Neil and DD take the gun and points towards person 1 and person 2

Neil : (points the gun towards person 1 ) NOW YOU BOTH TAKE OFF YOUR MASK FROM YOUR FACE !

Person 1 and person 2 raise their hand and see each other

DD : (Points gun towards person 2) ARE YOU BOTH DEAF ? TAKE THE MASK OFF !

Person 2 takes off his mask . Person 1 doesn’t take off his mask .

Neil : (To person 1) And you ? Should I bring a special invitation for you to request you to remove your mask ? I said remove it .

Person 1 gets tensed doesn’t take his mask off .

Neil : (gets annoyed) see now you’re testing my patience and you’re really getting on my nerves . Take off your mask .

Person 1 again doesn’t take his mask off

Neil gets more angry and he goes near person 1 to take off his mask .


Neil takes person 1’s mask from his face . Neil , Avni are shocked to see person 1’s face .

Neil : (Shocked) YOU !

Avni : (shocked) Aman Bhai ? You ?

It’s revealed that person 1 is Aman . Aman hangs his head down as he’s ashamed .

Avni is in shock . She remembers Neil saying to her that Aman is involved in illegal business and he robs bikes .

Avni stumbles but she holds the car . She’s almost in tears . Neil sees Avni .

Neil : (to Avni) hey are you fine ?

Avni goes near Aman .

Avni : (signals Neil that she’s fine) (to Aman) So ….. (points towards Neil) ACP Neil was right . He was right …. but stupid me … I didn’t trust him . But I trusted a CRIMINAL like you . I TRUSTED A blo*dy CRIMINAL !

Aman : (nods no ) Avni listen to me that’s not the truth . there’s a reason …..

Avni slaps Aman so hard . Avni and Aman both are in tears.

Neil and DD get shocked seeing Avni in this state .

Neil : (to Avni) Avni Stop ! Don’t cry . Please don’t break down . (To aman) did you even know how much you have hurt your sister ?

DD : Miss Avni was blindly trusting you and what did you do to her ? You hurt your sister a lot.

Aman cries

Avni : (cries) It’s not about whether I’m hurt or not . It’s about samrat . bhai What did samrat do to you ? Why did you do this to him ? You know when he got that bike he was so happy . But you ….. you snatched away the happiness from him .

Aman : (cries) Avni please … please listen to me once . I know I have hurt you but please let me say something . I and dushyant (person 2) did this because ….

Neil : (cuts Aman in between) You both come and explain everything to us In police station .

Aman and Dushyant gets shocked when Neil says that he’s going to take them to police station .

Dushyant : (shocked) Police station ! No sir please … please …

Aman : (shocked) no mr.neil please don’t take us to police station … (to Avni ) Avni please tell him not to take us to police station . Please

Neil : (to DD) Call our team and ask them to come here .

DD : Ok sir .

DD calls their police team to the location where they catched the goons .

Aman : Neil please . please let me explain .

Neil : Whatever you want to explain you come to police station and tell .

Aman : (to Avni) Avni please listen to me once ..

Avni doesn’t reply to Aman . Aman cries .

Dushyant : sir please sir . Give us one chance to explain

DD : as Neil sir said come to police station and explain .

Neil’s police team arrives there and salutes seeing Neil and DD .

DD : (to the team) As we got the information before , it’s now proved that Aman Mehta and his colleague dushyant are involved in this illegal business .

Neil : So now we need to take them to police station . (To Constables) take the handcuffs and put them in Aman’s and dushyant’s hand .

Constables puts handcuffs on Aman’s hand and dushyant’s hand and take them .

Dushyant : sir please leave us sir …

Aman : (to Avni) Avni please give me one chance to explain Avni . Please Avni . (To neil ) neil please I request you … let me explain .

Neil and Avni doesn’t listen to Aman .

Neil : (to one of the constable) you take this bike to police station .

Constable : Ok sir

Neil : DD you too go with them

Dad : ok sir .

Neil’s team takes Aman , dushyant in their police vehicle and the bike to police station . They leave from the place .

Avni cries seeing Aman . Neil sees Avni and feels bad for her .

Neil : (to Avni) Listen I’m sorry I know it’s hard for you to accept the truth ….

Avni : (wipes her tears) Why are you asking sorry ? I’m the one who should ask sorry . You were saying the truth but I didn’t believe you . I even called you a liar . I’m extremely sorry Mr.Neil .

Avni cries a lot

Neil : hey hey … Avni please don’t cry … it’s ok .. it happens . Now come on I’ll drop you home .

Avni : (wipes her tears) ok .

Neil and Avni sit in the car and leave from that place .

Scene 4:
Mehta mansion .

Neil drops Avni in Mehta mansion . She’s about to leave but Neil stops her .

Neil : Avni …

Avni : (turns around and looks at neil ) what ?

Neil : actually I think after sometime you need to come to police station to do some formalities . I’ll call and tell you when you should come .

Avni : (nods yes) ok .

Neil : and inform samrat that we got the bike . He’ll be happy .

Avni : I’ll inform him .

Neil : And …. please inform your family about this .

Avni : I don’t know how they’ll react to this when they’ll come to know that Aman Bhai is in police station .

Neil : but they should know about this . Inform them as soon as possible . Now I need to go to the station . Bye .

Avni : Bye .

Neil leaves .

Avni : (to herself) I don’t know how to tell mom and dad about Aman Bhai .

Avni enters the house .

She’s shocked to see her aishwarya bhabi in Mehta house .

Avni gets tensed .

Avni : (tensed)(thinks) aishwarya bhabi ? Here ? Seems like she came here to meet Aman Bhai ! But what will I tell her now ?

Episode ends .

Precap : Aman and dushyant get arrested . Mehta family members and Aman’s wife aishwarya comes to know that Aman is arrested and they get shocked . Aishwarya panics goes to police station to meet Aman in jail . Police doesn’t let aishwarya to meet Aman . She says she won’t eat until she meets Aman . Avni tries to console aishwarya but she doesn’t listen . Neil asks Aman and dushyant why they were doing this job and under whom they were working . Aman and dushyant say they were helpless .

I’ll update the next episode on May 5th .

I can only give short updates . Sorry for that .

I know I said I’ll be regular but unfortunately I have loads of assignment work to complete . I can update 2 or 3 episodes in a week . Sorry for that . I hope you all liked today’s episode . Please do read , like and comment if you liked the episodes and I request silent readers to comment .

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