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Mayavi Maling 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chegu rescues Garima

Mayavi Maling 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Garima getting sacrificed. Chegu comes to stop tribals. Tribal says you are my step brother, just go, else I will cut your wings. Chegu stops his brother. He defends the attack. The leader of the tribe stops them. Madhumali sees Pranali. Pranali asks is Trishanku angry on me. Vaidehi says no, he is happy, you saved his life. Rajmata says you saved Maling from a problem. Maharaj praises her. He asks her to take rest. Eshwarya stays tensed. Garima’s mum takes her aside. She asks where is Garima, Pranali is fine, you returned, I want to know where is Garima.

Eshwarya says don’t worry. Maharaj asks her to answer, where did she go. Eshwarya says its a long story. He asks where is Garima. Eshwarya says trust me, she is safe, I promise she will return. The leader asks Chegu

to leave. Chegu says I have right to stop this, you are my dad. His brother asks how did you get this wings, you are son of that magical woman. He scolds Chegu.

Chegu asks what will happen of us, think of the girl’s parents. The leader shouts enough. Madhumali asks why are you scared, we all are here, where is Garima, how did you get this power. Rajmata says I have strength to hear the truth. FB shows Eshwarya saying how can I save one sister. Chegu asks her to decide. He says trust me, I will get Garima to you. FB ends. Eshwarya says give me some time, I promise Garima will return. Garima’s mum cries. Eshwarya’s mum says we have seen you saved Pranali’s mum, tell us. Maharaj says Garima would be safe if Eshwarya is saying, we shall wait.

Maharaj gets informed. He goes to check the attacker. Angad says she stabbed herself when I was catching her, we won’t know about the real culprit. They see the attacker alive. Angad worries. Trishanku asks who are you, why did you wish to kill me. She tries to sign…. Maharaj says she is still alive, call the Vaid, Lord wants us to know who did this plotting.

Leader says catch Chegu as well. Chegu says leave me. Antara comes there. Chegu’s brother insults him. Chegu gets angry. He asks his brother to stop. Antara uses her powers to save Garima.
Chegu takes Garima and flies off. Antara sees her husband. Chegu’s brother angrily shoots an arrow in air. Everyone waits for Garima. Eshwarya runs out and cries. Chegu gets Garima there. She holds Garima. He says I kept my promise and got her. She asks is Garima fine. He gets dizzy while talking to her. She asks what happened, are you fine. He falls over her. She sees an arrow hit in his back. Mandari says Garima is naughty, I didn’t think Eshwarya will take revenge. Rajmata asks her to be quiet. Eshwarya gets Garima to them. They all get glad. Maharaj asks Eshwarya to tell everything, don’t keep any secret. Trishanku asks the attacker who is she. Maharaj says she didn’t get fine. Vaid says she is close to death now, ask her now itself. Angad worries and says if she says its our plan then. Trishanku shouts Angad, come here. Attacker signs towards….. Angad…..Angad holds a knife and shows her. She then signs to Maharaj. They get shocked.

Madhumali catches Maharaj. Angad checks for Chegu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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