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Love makes a change CHAPTER 45


Sanskar asual skipped his break fast and he didn’t go to the office but he went to his farm house. Laksh went to office as he wanted to speak with sanskar but he wasn’t there so he came to his farm house.
Laksh came in and saw sanskar who was reading the files. Sensing laksh.

San: Laksh u want anything?

Laksh was shocked because sanskar never calls his full name unless and until if they r in the office that too when only business people r present, yet he composed himself.

Lak: Y did u do this sanskar? U really believe those photos. Is this yr love towards swara.

Sanskar immediately stood up and pointed towards him.

SAN: laksh don’t u dare to talk about my love towards swara. (Shouted)

Laksh was not affected and he continued

Lak: Oh really? Then y didn’t you send swara?.

Sanskar walked a few steps behind and turned towards the other side to control himself.

Lak: Say sanskar! Is this yr love?

Sanskar who couldn’t control anymore went towards laksh and held his collars.

San: Not a word laksh (shouted) do u know  y I sent swara ah? and do u think I believe those stupid pictures which was edited? No!….. I didn’t believe and I sent swara only for her safety. Do u remember raj ( Raj is actually Sanskar’s business enemy), he was bailed out that month and he threatened me to kill swara. Last time because of him Ravi (employee) was killed because I didn’t mind his threatened. Now I can’t take risk in swara’s too! She is my life, my only love and I can’t ever afford to lose her laksh. How u will know all this!…(he pushed him a little through his collars and stromed out).

Laksh stumbled a bit hearing the truth. He knew something was behind this but never thought something like this in his wildest dreams too!……


Swara was running behind a small boy with a cup of food.

SWA: Dev stop (shouted)

Dev: No mumma I won’t.

Swara somehow made dev to eat. A small girl was sitting and dida was feeding her.

SWA: Dev look how disha is eating quietly can’t u be like that?

Dev: No no mumma (he nodded his head in no cutely while swara was glaring at him).

Dev: Disha come we’ll play.

Disha nodded and went with dev.

Dida: Shoru u know even u was like Disha only very quite but now naughty.

Swa:  dida not more than yr great grandson.

Dida: I know….

Both laughed. Later swara went to her room and saw dev and Disha jumping in the bed and playing. Dev who saw swara came towards her and holded her hands with his small hands.

Dev: Mumma Lori

Swara made both of them to lie in the bed.

SWA: Can’t u both sleep without my lori? U both have grown na.

Dev and Disha: Mumma pls (both pleaded cutely.)

Swara immediately melted like eyes and she started to sing Lori while both her hands were caressing their head. Very soon both slept. Swara finished her Lori and looked at both of them who were sleeping peacefully. She caressed both their hairs with a smile on her face.

SWA: Maybe dev looks r like me but his whole behavior is of Sanskar’s only.

She said sadly to herself and slept .She wanted to hate sanskar for hurting her, not believing her, leaving her behind with such a situation yet she couldn’t but neither she could be normal like before with him too.


PRECAP: Swara, dida and kiddos in Mumbai for Durga puja and Maheshwaries present there too. Will swasan meet?

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