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Ek Deewana Tha 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: KK and Radhika decide to find the truth

Ek Deewana Tha 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhvi asks Shivani if she is sure about Akash. Shivani insists that Akash loves her very much. Trust me. Madhvi is not happy with the way he talks to Shivani. He spoke so rudely to you. What will happen in the future? I have been observing his behaviour with Radhika. Did you notice how he held her hand and took her out of the room? Was that right? Shivani tells her not to worry for Radhika. I too was upset about the same thing but I know that Akash loves me truly. He feels she is our responsibility. Madhvi is not at all concerned about it. I feel he is not the right guy for you. It seems as if someone is coming between your love story. Leave Akash and head back to London. Shivani refuses. I really love him. I cannot leave him. I want to spend my life with him and you are asking me to leave him? Madhvi

requests her to understand. I know Akash better than you. Shivani looks at her in confusion.

Radhika asks KK why he dint say this when Rajan was asking them to leave the house. You agreed readily. He tells her that he does not feel she is responsible for whatever is happening in the house. It is better to leave the house. She tells him that this was what was expected from her. I am journalist. I don’t run away so easily. I will find out the truth!

Shivani asks Madhvi what she meant by that line. Madhvi sits down. I mean I know such kind of guys very well. Shivani tells her she is the luckiest girl in the world to have such parents. I don’t know who my parents are and where they are. I never felt a need to know it. You both have given me so much love. I got the best always. You have also taught me how to judge people. I cannot be wrong. Trust me. Akash is a nice guy. He loves me very much. I wont miss out on anything in life. Please mom. Madhvi wonders how to tell her that he only loves Sharanya. You are just a medium to reach her. I hope

KK tells Radhika that her life can be in danger. I am saying this because I care for you. You must leave the house. She asks him if he is trying to take advantage of the situation. No one is ready to believe me, I am scared and you want to prove that you are with me? You think you will get me this way? He is taken aback. If you think KK is just a Casanova and only focuses on getting girls then I must tell you one thing, it is what it appears. Tell me if the woman you saw was wearing beige colour saree, her hair were open and she was old, right? Radhika nods. KK says you found her in the basement and the window there was broken. She thinks of it. He asks her if she still thinks he is trying to take advantage of her or thinks it to be a coincidence. You still don’t believe me right? Come.

Madhvi requests Rajan to do something. I spoke to Shivani. She is not ready to go away from Akash. She tells him everything. Shivani does not know but we do. We have lost a lot. I cannot lose Shivani now. She cries. I might not have given her birth but I have treated her as my daughter. She might not be Sharanya but she is the daughter that we never had. What’s her mistake in all this? What’s her relation with this? She is innocent. I wont be able to live if anything happens to her. Do something before it gets too late. He agrees to do something asap.

KK brings Radhika where the supposed passage was. I want to show you this place so you can understand why I want you to leave the house. They touch the wall. Radhika asks KK why the wall is so wet. KK shares that this was constructed last night itself so no one can see the door which she saw yester night. It is made to divert them. Think to what extent a person can go to when he can do this much! This is your first instance but I have seen many. Rajan and Madhvi are certainly hiding a big secret. I don’t think Akash or shivani know anything about it. Radhika tells KK that she saw Rajan and Madhvi taking the old lady somewhere. KK tells her he isn’t surprised. There is no spirit here. There is some hidden secret here which everyone wants to hide. I too wanted to know the truth but this isn’t a game anymore. Your life is in danger. Please leave the house. Radhika refuses to leave the old lady alone. He reasons he is here but she refuses to leave her alone. She must be someone’s wife, mother. Her family must be waiting for her. I cannot leave her alone. I will dig deep and find the culprit. I will find out the truth at any cost. He holds her hand just when she is about to do. They both think what the other person really wants. KK thinks I love her. How to tell her this knowing that she will go away from me if I do so? I cannot let her get even a scratch till the time I am alive! A guy is walking in the house with his head covered in a duvet / blanket.

KK tells Radhika not to go if she does not want to. Solve the mystery if you want to but I am with you in all this. He extends his hand towards her. Let’s do it? She readily agrees and keeps her hand in his. Let’s do this. The guy is looking at them from far and remarks that this proximity will only bring death for Shiv. The old story will be repeated. KK smiles at Radhika.

Precap: Akash tells KK he has problem with him regarding Radhika. KK says I decide myself as to what I have to do. You don’t have to tell me anything. Why are you so bothered about Radhika? Who is she to you? Akash experiences flashes from the past and replies that she is family.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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