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Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth stays at Iqbal’s place

Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
Iqbal insists on Parth to come to his house for some rest. The doctor instructs him proper dressing of the injury. Iqbal leaves with the doctor. Parth tries to stop him but his arm aches badly. Teni comes close to hold him, thinking he can’t lie to her and must share why he saved her life. Parth also thinks that Teni must share with him why she didn’t tell Iqbal the truth, if she is recalling something from the Parth.
At Bhanushali house, everyone watch the news of blast. Indu was worried. She calls Parth concerned about her injury. Parth tells Indu he is fine and will be back in next two days. Indu asks about Teni while Teni held the cell phone for Parth. Parth says he and Teni are both fine, its Iqbal’s wedding with her. Indu was concerned and says she would also be there. After the call,

Teni warns Parth not to pose sharp in front of him, why he was giving the news about her to his family. Iqbal comes to take Parth back.
Indu was sure Teni would return home and will recollect her memory with the passage of time.
Iqbal and Teni return home with Parth, Ammi comes to smoke some spices for evil eye for Iqbal and Teni. She looks behind to see Parth smiling at the door. Iqbal introduces Ammi with Parth who saved Teni. Ammi says her Iqbal’s life resides in Teni, she wish the best of him in his life. She goes inside to get a thread for Parth. Teni complains Iqbal why he didn’t worry about Ammi while coming there? Iqbal was offended that Teni didn’t appreciate his concern for her. They continue their argument to the 10% share of Teni in the business which Iqbal was wasting on wedding. They had walked to the room. Parth loses his balance when Teni comes to help him. Iqbal gets him seated nearby and notices Parth wore the same ring as Iqbal’s engagement ring. Iqbal jokes it seems it was bought by a single person, Teni wonders how can this be a co incidence that his wife bought the same ring for him. Ammi comes to the room and apologizes Parth that a single thread was in the house, she had to tie it to Teni. Teni allows Ammi to tie it to Parth, she already has her prayers. A servant calls Ammi so Ammi gives Teni the responsibility of tying the thread to Parth. Iqbal leaves with Ammi. Teni ties the thread on Parth’s arm. They share an eye lock. Teni was nervous and leaves the room.
In her room, Teni was worried about the game of life. The man who once wanted to sale her saved her life. She calms herself down, ready to find the matter to its roots. She then finds a gift in her room. Iqbal comes to the room. Teni says he always mesmerizes her, could he still think about the gift while she was kidnapped. Iqbal replies his life depended on Teni’s life, after all she is his wife to be. He offers Teni the thread tied on his arm, Teni breaks it into two to share the thread.
Parth was smiling while he looked towards his wedding photos with Teni.
Downstairs in the hall, Teni decides to stay calm and find the truth of Parth. She takes the soup from a servant and takes it for Parth.
Parth speaks to himself that sometimes it seems Teni still remember some of her memories from the past, that’s why she selected the same ring for Iqbal as his. He wish he replies to all the questions he can see in her eyes; but fears she might lose her memory forever. He places the phone on side table and lay on the bed.
Teni thinks this man is Parth Bhanushali, one of the millionaires. She wonders why he is after her. Teni walks to the room with soup and decides to check his phone. Parth lay on the bed with his back towards the side table, Teni carefully checks the phone. She can’t hold her hiccup waking Parth up. Parth tries to snatch the phone from Teni, their wedding photo was on front. Teni held her head out of regret. Parth decides he can’t let Teni see the photo and suffer any pressure on her brain.

PRECAP: Teni asks why Parth posed a driver in front of her back then, and why he now saved her life? Parth questions why Teni saved his life while the terrorist was about to kill her. He says he wish Teni remember everything by herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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