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Badho Bahu 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky finds about Badho’s kidnapping

Badho Bahu 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sita says Zalim will be able to marry Titli only when Lucky will lose. Titli comes there just then and the ladies call her problem. Kailash ji has faith in Lucky. He wont cheat his wife. You people don’t have to worry about what will happen. Kamla ji taunts the ladies that they wont be able to digest their food if they wont do this. How will they tell the entire village then? The ladies take leave promising to return with the villagers to see the match.

Titli asks Malti ji if she has seen Lucky anywhere. Malti ji replies that she does not know where he went to early morning.

Titli looks at the mess Lucky has created in his room. Lucky is bound to be upset but no one in the family would understand which is why he isn’t at home. Malti ji looks at her and at the condition of the room.

What are you doing here? Titli offers to clean the mess but Malti ji agrees to do it herself. Titli offers to help her but Malti ji stays put. Titli says Lucky is my friend. Malti ji says I have heard it many times from you and I have also told you I will clean the room myself. Ram ji tells her to let her help if she wants to. You only have taught her how to do it. Malti ji gives in. She divides the work. Ram ji says I came to apologize to Lucky. I have understood that it wasn’t Avinash but Zalim Singh who I was about to give Titli’s hand. Lucky saved her so I should apologize to him. Malti ji asks him if he does not understand the punishment Lucky got just to save his daughter. Ram ji nods. Where is he? Where would he be? Titli says no one knows that. Ram ji speaks of his match with Zalim Singh.

Ram ji checks with his goons about Badho. He instructs the guys to find Lucky. Don’t know if he left to look for Badho again. Search the entire village. He has a match with Zalim Sing today. Titli snatches his phone. Who were you talking to? On one hand you say that you want to apologize to Lucky and on the other hand, you don’t trust him too. Do you think he would run away? He is my friend. He said he will come and he will come indeed! He does what he says. You don’t have to send anyone after him. I have faith in him. He will surely come. She goes. Ram ji agrees with her. Lucky wont run away but he cares more about Badho than anyone else. I am doing all this only for your sake.

Badho walks towards the door when the goons open it. Food is on the table. Eat it and don’t even think to act smart. She hits her hand angrily on the wall and feels helpless.

Pinki is helping Kamla ji walk around the village. Pinki is tired by all the walking and heavy bag in her hand. They both fail to understand where Badho is. Why could we not find her? Plus their phone is unreachable. A lady holds Pinki’s hand asking her to give money. I did what you asked me to do. Kamla ji asks the lady who she is. Chunnu lifts the veil. Pinki is shocked to see him. She shouts. He refuses to leave her hand till he gets his money. Kamla ji is surprised to hear a guy’s voice. Pinki tells her it is Chunnu. Chunnu insists he left Komal where they had asked him to. I just want my money. Kamla ji asks him to leave quietly or she wont spare him. She begins to swivel her stick in an attempt to hit him but ends up hitting the wrong guy. Finally, Lucky holds him. Lucky removes his veil and recognizes him to be the same guy who came to their house at Titli’s engagement. You got Badho’s stuff that day! He begins to hit Chunnu. Kamla ji worries how he came here. Kamla ji pretends to be hurt. Lucky rushes to her. Chunnu steals the bangles that Pinki is wearing. Lucky runs after him. Pinki goes to Kamla ji. She tells her that Lucky ji is following Chunnu. We will be exposed if he nabs Chunnu. Kamla ji asks her to call Munnu.

Komal is making tea. The main guy tells her it is ready. She holds the pot with bare hands and begins to pour tea in glasses. He asks her to be careful. You will hurt yourself.

Lucky chases Chunnu and manages to catch hold of him as Chunnu reaches a dead end. Chunnu requests him to let him go but Lucky beats him for stealing Badho’s stuff. Chunnu says I kidnapped Badho for money. Lucky demands to know who asked him to do it. Chunnu is about to tell him when Munnu hits him on his head from behind. Lucky falls down unconscious.

Pinki and Kamla ji come home and heave a sigh of relief. Kamla ji tells her to pack their bags. Pinki cannot believe that they have to leave house like this. Kamla ji asks her if she will be happy when they will be thrown out of the house. Pack my jewellery and clothes in a bag. Pinki starts doing it. Kamla ji laments that they were thinking of becoming number 1 and now they have to leave the house stealthily. Pinki points out that everyone will doubt them this way. Rana ji will go mad. Kamla ji agrees. we will write a confession letter. We will be very far by the time they will find it.

Malti ji is tired of waiting for everyone. Don’t know what’s happening since Badho left. Raghubir ji asks her what happened. She tells him that Lucky is not answering his phone. Don’t know where you were. Where were you? Raghubir ji tells her not to worry about Lucky. You know he has a match with Zalim Singh today. you know he never backs down from his words. He will come on time. I went to meet Shastri ji. He told me that such Shivir’s are really less but they make people do hard tapasya and send them to Himalaya in the end. Komal might have gone there as well. I also asked him if she is fine. He told me there is nothing to worry. Malti ji is relieved to hear it. I just hope Komal comes back soon. they both pray.

Pinki has written a confession letter and tells her MIL whatever she has written in it. Don’t know where Badho is now and we are doing penitence for the same. we will leave Haryana for forever. Forgive us if possible. Kamla ji nods. Let’s leave before someone finds us here.

Jitesh sprinkles water on Lucky. Lucky wakes up. He recalls what Chunnu had told him and gets up with Jitesh’s help. He keeps taking Badho’s name. Jitesh asks him what happened. everyone is looking for you. Lucky tells him that Badho has been kidnapped. We all thought she is in some Shivir but she got kidnapped. Come along. He notices the CCTV cameras there.

Precap: Ram ji asks Lucky if he will be able to fight with Zalim Singh. Zalim Singh tells him to forget the match. You will lose. Lucky tells him to go home and prepare for his defeat. The match begins. Zalim singh vows to not spare Lucky today. Ram ji thinks that Lucky has to win this match so he can marry Titli.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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