Hi guys tq u all for ur wonderful comments .hope u would like my ff.her I start with my second ff.

At adis bthd party

Adi is searching for zoya  to thank her and to apologise

Her zoya seems to be busy with her duty .

Finally adi meets zoya and decides to talk to her .

Adi: hi zoya .tq u for ur wonderful surprise and I did not expect sthat   I  would celebrate such a wonderful birthday after the incident  that has affected me a lot ..

Zoya is shocked  to hear this bcz she has never seen or thaught that MR ADITYA HUDA would talk to her like  this and was freezed .

She same back to her sense

Zoya  : its ok  Mr Aditya huda  I wis u many more happy returns  of the day .

she leaves before aditya  huda  comes to talk to her

adi says to himself why she did she go and she is not ready ti listen to me and I hve to talk to her again .

screen shifts to zoya

she recalls her birthday with yash and gets teary eyed   .

all are enjoying the birthday party  and everyone  are dancing .especially  adi is enjoying a lot

and zoya sees it from distance  and she gets a smile in her face  and she feels like  she had  achieved something . all leave the party .

in home

zoya comes to her room   and she   gets herself fresh and sits in the chair .she remembers adi’ s words  and  gets asleep.

At huda mansion

Adi in his room  recollects the incidents in the  birthday  party .and soon he gets asleep

Next morning adi  wakes  up with a new energy  and he thinks after so many days I have slept peacefully  and  goes to office .

He searches for zoya   but she is not in the office.

Suddenly he sees zoya entering the office and she goes  to attend a meeting   .

Soon aditya arrives at the meeting  hall zoya starts    to talk and discusses her ideas and aditya is seen admiring her  and adi starts starts to talk

Zoya to her colleagues

It is an important event and we have short time and we should do it fast

Mahis entry

Mahi plans to  fail zoya ideas  and gives a smile.

At the venue

Zoya seems to be busy and for the first time adi is helping zoya  in the event works

Zoya  sees that  and is so shocked .

Zoya is standing an a stool and is hanging some designs and she slips  and at that time adi runs catches her and they a share eye lock  .

Zoya and adi are interrupted by call and  they move .

Zoya thnks adi  for helping her .

Adi makes a furious face and leaves

Adi  thinks wht is happeni ng with me and why does the fate bring zoya and me closer .

All the colleagues  with her  are working hard

Zoya sees the time  and asks  them to have a break and have their lunch.

But zoya seems to be working  and checks the designs

Adi joins with them and starts to mingle with them freely and they have become friends .

He searches for zoya and asks them

They tell that  zoya mam is working  and   tell that she told them to take a break

Here zoya seems to be tensed as  she had  not got some of arrangements  not done  and she tries to get  help from everyone  she can and informs her colleagues  about the arrangements

All of them are trying their best  to solve  the problem

Screen freezes with zoya and aditya s face

Precap: adi again to help zoya

Hope u would like this part. Ur comments are welcome.both rotten tomatoes and  and roses are accepted. Wil update the next part soon . bye


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