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Choti Sardarni 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sandhya saves kids

Choti Sardarni 3rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Seher and Karan step out of the house. Amma comes to room and sees Sandhya isn’t there. She calls everyone and asks where is Sandhya? She walks on the roads and recalls what happened. Sandhya days because of 3 lives died. Sandeep, Meher and my child.

Sarab sees the gate is open. Param wakes up and sees the blanket. Sarab says you woke up? He says I only prayed for Meher mama he took my Meher mama from me. Why did God do this? Sarab hugs him and says God loves us all. Sarab says baba ji will do a miracle. Meher will be back with us.

Karan says Alice went to height and turned pot and her mom came out. Sarab sees the letter from karan we will bring mama back. Don’t worry. We are talking the pot with us.

A truck runs towards karan and seher. Sandhya sees them. They run. Sandhya runs after them but they go towards jungle. Sandhya says what are they doing. Seher we are going to jungle. There would be animals. Karan says we are brave. We have to bring mana back. Sandhya is looking for them.

Sarab runs on the roads looking for Karan and Seher. Seher and Karan take rounds with Meher’s pot and pray for Meher to come back. Sandhya comes there. Karan says Meher mama please come back. They walk towards the cliff. Sandhya’s anchal falls on them. Seher says mama is here. Sandhya hugs them. Karan says mama where were you? Karan says never leave us again. Papa was so upset, she takes off dupatta. Seher Sandhya. Karan did you read the mantra right? Sandhya says what are you doing here? Karan says we came to find mama. Sandhya says your mama sent me to take you back home. Karan says you’re lying. Sandhya says no Meher ji is saying to take you back home. Seher says but we didn’t hear. Karan says when is she coming back? Sandhya says mama is saying she will tell when you go home. Seher says please take us home. Sandhya says you gave up on your life for me Meher ji. I won’t let anything happen to your family.

Scene 3
Harleen is crying outside the house. Sarab comes. Harleen asks did you find them? He says no we are going the other way. He sits in car but a taxi comes. Seher and Karan come out of it. Sarab hugs them. Sarab says where were you? Harleen says thank God they are back. Sarab looks at Sandhya and recalls everything. Sandhya says I found them in jungle. sarab asks her to shut up. Karan says let’s come in. Sarab says Param take them inside. Sandhya says I came to drop them. Sarab shouts get out. I don’t want to hear any story.

Episode ends.

Precap-Sarab shoves sandhya out and says if I knew you were the reason of Meher being away from us I would have kicked you out long ago.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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