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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s feelings for Rohan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari stops Rohan that her makeup must be ruined, and cleans her face with his shirt. They realize they were extremely close. Rohan asks if she thinks she is a girl and he will spare her. He notices the coffee and asks who left it there. Pari says it must be Mishti, Dadi wouldn’t have left it silently. Rohan says Mishti has always been angry. Pari says Mishti has never been as angry before, she is always angry watching Rohan. Did they meet before Mishti? Rohan says may be, they are different people, different personalities. Pari says Mishti is good at heart. Rohan says he knows, they talk to each other. Pari was clueless, and says Mishti never told her. She doesn’t speak anymore and says there was already much misunderstanding between them. Rohan wonders if Mishti speaks about him, what

she exactly thinks of him.
Sukhmani was walking restlessly across the hall. Radhika asks her to sit and tell her. Sukhmani says Tani left school, she is a trouble maker, and she has final term going on. She wish to run from all this trouble but Arnav doesn’t want to go to any other school for her admission. What she would reply to their parents now? Radhika says everyone is aware of Tani’s stubbornness. She decides to get TC and documents of Tani from school, she can contact the school headmaster where Mishti studied. Sukhmani was little relieved and leaves. Radika thinks the kids today never care for elders. She was thankful that Mishti and Pari never troubled her.
Mishti comes home in distress. She opens her cupboard and throw her clothes out of it. She thinks she has no problem with Rohan, they normally speak to him then why such troubled feeling. Pari comes to the room and asks Mishti about such an act; it never happened before. Mishti says she just wished to stuff the clothes into the cupboard. Pari asks Mishti if she left the coffee in the hall. Mishti says she came over but they were busy working so she didn’t disturb, and he could have been irritated. Pari asks why give explanation, they couldn’t know when she came over. Mishti says alright, next time she would come over with drum. Pari complains to Mishti that she didn’t tell her she and Rohan now speak to each other. Mishti forbids Pari speak to Rohan about her. Mishti was tensed that Pari must have told him she took his name instead of Veer as well, what she will explain to Veer now. Pari calms Mishti down; she can’t break their sister’s code. Pari says she only told Rohan Mishti is good at heart, and Rohan replies I know. Mishti wonders how much he knows her that he could claim so. Pari says she is impossible, Rohan makes everything impossible; he is nice and spending time with him seems perfectly. Radhika calls Pari from outside, she leaves.
Mishti now stood in front of mirror and was upset that when Rohan is around, she feels totally opposite. She is unable to control herself, irritated and upset. She misbehaves with him and fights him; though she feels bad afterwards. Her heartbeat races whenever he is around. She denies any such thought and asserts she is committed to Veer and they will soon marry.
Outside, Radhika speaks to Pari about school admission. Ansh comes there. Pari tells them to speak to Mishti, she was perfect in school. Rohan comes and offers coffee but Radhika says thankyou. Mishti comes outside. Radhika requests her arrange a school for Tani. Everyone ask together if Tani left school again. Mishti replies that she has left second school in three years and the record is extremely false. Mishti was reluctant but Radhika emotionally blackmails her.
Later, Mishti stood in scorching sunshine, waiting for her ride. She notices her ride had been cancelled. Rohan was passing by and stops his car; he offers a lift to Mishti. Rohan says her destination is on his way and he can easily drop her. Mishti gets into the car. Rohan reschedules his meeting. Veer passes by and finds Mishti with Rohan in the same car. Later on, Veer calls Mishti. Rohan notices her ringing phone bell which she didn’t pick.

PRECAP: A flower vendor asks Rohan to buy Mishti red roses and say I love you. Rohan purchases the bunch. Mishti gets off the car and questions why Rohan bought the flowers. Rohan asks what’s the big deal, why can’t she take the flowers from him. Mishti says the problem is, it’s him. She decides to deroot the problem else her life will be scattered badly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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