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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Roop’s plan fails

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Manisha says to Jigna that we will find a solution. Jigna says we have to do something. Manish says we lived together as much as we could, we will die together. Jigna and Manish are about to hang themselves to fan but Roop opens door so they hide ropes. Ishika hugs Jigna. Roop says you can cry all you want but nothing will happen. Ishika asks them to have dinner. Roop says leave now. He locks door.

Manish says I cant eat this food. They see something in food.
Ishika says I hope Jigna got our message. Kinjal says Jigna is emotional, I hope everything becomes fine.
Jigna tells Manish that I know what to do.

Ishika is standing in her room and recalls her loving moments with Roop then his evil side. She cries silently and looks at his photo. Ishika

smiles. Roop comes there. Ishika says this photo is of time when our thinking, our love was one. Roop says you cant see that love now? Ishika says love is there, I respected Roop who respected women, took them as equals, he would say that man is who give respect to woman, make her smile.. I loved that Roop, he was my pride, my honor but now.. you made him away from me, I miss that Roop. Roop says you dont realize that truth is that you have to accept and sacrifice. Ishika says I love you, you gave me strength to fight against you, this is truth. Roop pulls her closer and says I love you, respect that is why I kept bearing your antics otherwise I would have taken decision for you way back. He angrily leaves. Ishika cries.

Scene 2
In morning, Ishika prays for Manish and Jigna. Kamla prays for them too.

Shamsher is talking to Roop. Kamla brings tea for them. All villagers come there. Panchayat head asks if they are ready to give Jigna back to Dinesh? Shamsher says we gave our word, divorce papers are ready. He asks Roop to bring them.
Roop comes to Jigna’s room and sees them missing from there. Kamla says where he went? Roop is angry. Flashback shows how Roop grabbed Dinesh and says I know what you are doing, tomorrow when you come with villagers, I will give Jigna to you but you will deny her and will say sorry for demanding to get her back, you will also that you dont deserve her.. if you dont do that then I will throw you in jail, you know who my father and sister are.. I wont spare you, you remember how I beat you earlier? Dinesh says sorry, I will do as you say. Flasback ends. Roop thinks that I didnt tell anyone so Shamsher’s respect will remain there and Jigna would be fine but she destroyed everything by running. He asks to let him be. Ishika and Kamla leaves. Roop is angry and throws keys away, he says why you did that Jigna? you only thought about yourself, how to tell that papa is ill, you did wrong. He thinks and sees window. He checks that its broken. Roop says when Shamsher knows this, he will be so hurt, he will be disrespected infront of all again, he might go back to bar again, I wont let it happen. Where to find them?

Ishika tells Kamla that everything will be fine, Roop will handle it. Kamla goes to pray to God. Ishika says thank God Jigna and Manish left this jail. Flashback shows how Ishika asked Kinjal to bring some papers from Himani, its their freedom. Then she had put those papers in their food. Ishika says they will need money so I am putting jewelry there too. Flashback ends. Kinjal says congrats, you made them leave. Ishika says our plan was a success.

Shamsher asks Roop where is Jigna and Roop? Roop says actually.. they both ranaway. All are shocked.

PRECAP- Roop says to villagers that I promised to get Jigna back but no one has right to insult my father. Roop calls Himani and says I want to file missing complaint of Jigna. Himani says they are in police station, he says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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