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Patiala Babes 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadaji Puts Minnie in Dilemma

Patiala Babes 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Babita sits on sofa on her new boss Shayna’s order. Boss looks at her angrily. Maid asks Babita to sit on floor as servants sit on floor and bosses sit on sofa. Shayna asks if she knows her job. Babita says she came here for governess job. Shayna asks maid to explain. Maid says she has to take care of baby, bathe him, feed him, wash his clothes and take him to park in the evening. Babita says it is aaya’s job and she did not come for it and walks away leaving Shayna fuming.

Dadaji meets Minnie outside her college and asks how can she change her surname, she is born with Khurana surname and cannot separate it, it is her born right. Minnie asks did not he remember about rights when his son betrayed Babes and got his mistress home; she is not changing surname to take revenge

from papaji or him, she wants to give respect to her mother by adopting her name. Dadaji says whatever it is she cannot change name. Minnie continues confronting him. He frustratingly walks away saying if she changes her surname, he will think he did not have grandchildren at all.

Babita returns home and informs Nayeem what happened. Nayeem asks her to cheer up, she will get a better job. Babita says only Nayeem bi consides her competent. Nayeem says if it is in her hands, she will make her judge, collector, prime minister, etc. Babita laughs. She gets call from employment exchange and officer asks why did not she accept job offer. Babita says it was not ayaa’s job. Officer says it is same and they were paying good money. Babita says it does not suit here, he can find another suitable job. He says he will inform once he finds one.

Minnie feels sad hearing dadaji’s words and gets more sad looking at Preet and Kittu. Mickey/Makhan notices her and walking to her asks if she does not want to meet her friend. Minnie says she does not care, they fought. She lets him sit next to her. He says he cannot understand when women fight and when they reunite. Minnie asks why he does for timepass. He says stare at girl, what does girls do. She says same. He asks if she is alright. She says not the way like boys think. Mickey says he knows girls gossip and mimics that girl is wearing unmatching dress, another is wearing black nail polish as if she is chudail, etc. Minnie smiles. Mickey then taunts her that she looks like a tom boy and does not have fashion sense. Minnie returns home and explaining what Mickey told asks Babita if she looks like tom boy, whole school used to like her dressing sense. Babita says she is very beautiful and should not pay attention to Makhan.

Hanuman and Laala return home indulged in their usual chat when Babita rushes down and asks Hanuman to move aside in front of door. She opens door and gets Munna and other ex-colleagues in who brought sewing machine, designs and clothes for her. Babita thanks them and offers tea. They say they are getting late and walk away. Hanuman asks if she stole sewing machine and is hiding it in policeman’s house. Babita says she is hiding things from Minnie.

Precap: Babita tells Laala that when a woman due to shyness is unable to express her feelings, she uses anklets, bangles, earrings etc.. to express.

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