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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Lord vishnu tells story of bhuravan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram getting angry. Balram says it is good that you are all demons, I am happy because today I really wanted to beat someone and I have got a chance to teach you demons a lesson. The demons laugh and say kid, we will kill you both. balram says you will kill us then when you are left alive. Balram and the demons start fighting and balram hits the demons one by one as they fall down and moan in pain. The demons get back up to beat and kill balram. Balram hits all of them on the head with his mudgal, but the demons get back again and laugh. Kanha and balram are shocked. the demons say you cannot kill us, we are of bhuravan kaal, not from here. bhuravan comes flying on a demon bird and looks at kanha and balram, he sees lord ram and laxman in them and says since ages

I have been waiting for you. You both have come now, I will kill you and have my revenge. Balram says who is this raghunandan? Kanha says ask bhuravan, how do I know? Bhuravan says you will come with me to patal lok. Bhuravan uses his power and creates a boundary around the ashram, the ashram tremors and then suddenly starts going into patal lok with kanha and balram.
Narad muni says who is this bhuravan? Lord Vishnu says bhuravan is the son of ravana and he had come to patal lok. Lord Vishnu says in treta yug, bhuravan was in his mother’s stomach and when he was born he asked his mother the story of his father’s death, since then he became my enemy. Narad muni says then why has he come now? lord Vishnu says when bhuravan went to ayodhya to take revenge, lord ram and laxman had come back as the purpose of their avatar was over. Since then bhuravan started praying to brahma dev and one day he received a blessing from brahma dev that in dwapar yug when my avatar will be born, he will get a chance to avenge his father’s death.
Kansa and bhadraksh are going to the Kalahari forest to find the elephant kuvalyapida. In the kalahrai forest, the huge elephant kuvalyapida walks as the forest tremors. Narad muni says why is this elephant so special? Lord Vishnu says kuvalyapida is a cursed demon, once this elephant was a child named mandgati who had the strength of 1 lakh elephants. Narad muni says but how did he become elephant? Lord Vishnu says it is the story of that time when raja bali had impressed me from his kindness but his son mandgati was angry of his father’s kindness towards me and he told bali that I was a fraud. Raja bali tried to convince mandgati that the gods were good but mandgati was adamant on ending the gods and me from the strength of 1 lakh elephants. Raja bali told him he was egoistic and he should let go off his ego. Mandgati was not convinced and he still remained on his ego but raja bali took a promise from mandgati that he would do nothing and mangati gave raja bali a promise that he wont go at battle against me. mandgati thought he would do something such that I would myself go at battle with him.
Lord Vishnu tells mandgati fulfilled his promise but he tortured the disciples of Narayana and one day some rishi’s were going to the river doing my bhakti. Mandgati comes there in his huge form to kill the rishi’s, he starts kicking and stamping on all the rishi’s. The guru stops mandgati and says don’t follow adharma, let go of it otherwise you will suffer. Mandgati doesn’t listen and rishi uses holy water and throws it on him, he curses mandgati that he will turn to an elephant as he has hurt the disciples of lord Vishnu, he will have strength but he wont have intelligence and he will live in the kalahrai forest forever. From the curse, mandgati turns to an elephant. Lord Vishnu says if mandgati gets a chance, he can kill me but only one chance and he will get salvation from me only.
Kansa and bhadraksh come to the Kalahari forest. They start finding kuvalyapida and then they see the elephant destroying some dry trees. Bhadraksh says this elephant doesn’t understand and doesn’t listen, then how will we tell him? kansa says don’t be so scared bhadraksh, bhagwan kansa is here and kuvalyapida has waited for revenge all his life, he will understand once I tell him.

Precap: Kansa stops kuvalyapida from running over bhadraksh and him. kansa tells kuvalyapida about kanha in vrindavan. Bhuravan takes the ashram to patla lok with kanha and balram in it and other rishi’s.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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