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Mere Sai 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Insults Chihu and Govinda

Mere Sai 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Govinda confronts Rukmini that they all are bad and nobody bothers about him; aayi/mother is bad, mama/uncle is bad, and even maami/Rukmini is bad; why his mother has to wear same clothes all the time and get her head tonsured. Srikanth realizes Govinda drew his mother’s painting. Kulkarni angrily shouts he did a big mistake by not hitting him till now and drags him along. Govinda resists and falls towards fire. Srikanth rushes and saves him and himself burns his hand. Sai confronts Kulkarni that he should understand what Govinda is going through instead of getting angry on him. Kulkarni warns not to interfere in his personal life and takes away his family. Sai walks to Srikanth and says his hand is burnt. Srikanth says he is fine and realized why Sai brought him here, he realized that Govinda

is a hurt kid and Sai wants me to guide Govinda with good morales and education. Sai smiles and asks Keshav to return home as his brother needs him the most. Keshav walks away. Sai asks others also to go home.

Kulkarni returns home and shouting at Govinda picks stick. Rukmini pleads to forgive him, she will explain Govinda. Kulkarni pushes him aside and rushes towards Govinda. Chichu protects Govinda and asks him to run. Govinda tries to run away, but Kulkarni catches him and raises stick to hit him when Keshav enters and holding stick warns that he will not oppose his father but if tries to harm his brother, he will not keep quiet. Kulkarni tries to snatch back stick and fails. Govinda runs on stairs. Kulkarni alleges Chihu that she taught her son all this and infused poison in her son; she should have stayed in her in-laws’ house after her husband passed away, but she did not want to stay a slave’s life and wanted to enjoy lavish life here, her 1 day’s expense is worth 1 month’s normal person’s expense. Keshav asks Govinda to go to his room. Kulkarni shouts let him hear that he is also a namak haram like his parents. Chichu stands shattered. Kulkarni warns her to stay here with his rules, else get out of his house. Chihu runs to her room and cries loudly. Rukmini collapses unable to tolerate all this. Keshav runs towards her. Next morning, Chihu continues crying reminiscing Kulkarni humiliating her and Govinda. Govinda tries to enter her room, but she shouts to get out. Govinda thinks his mother did not change at all and walks away. Rukmini on bed asks how is Chihu tai. Kulkarni yells she should not bother about people because of whom she got ill. Govinda peeps standing near door. Rukmini asks him to come in. Keshav says this is Govinda’s house and he can go anywhere. Kulkarni yells again. Keshav asks Govinda to walk in. Rukmini asks if he did not go to play holi with his friends. Govinda says he does not want to and asks if he can stay with maami. Keshav says why not. Kulkarni walks way yelling nautanki/actor. Keshav asks Govinda not to pay attention to mamaji’s words as he was angry, both sons will serve maa and cure her soon.

Two ladies while fetching water discuss that Kulkarni did wrong yesterday and pity on Govinda. Three boys wish them holi and throw colors on them. Ladies fume that boys spoilt their water and they have to get water again. Sai walks on street, and Tatya with Jhipri, Champa, Pari, and Udhav walk behind him to throw holi on him. Sai turns and says he knows they are following him. They apply tilak on Sai’s forehead and wish him happy holi. Tatya says all kids are playing holi except Keshav and Govinda. They see 3 boys throwing holi on a milkman carrying milk and spoils his milk. They then try to throw color on a mother holding a toddler. Mother pleads not to. They throw colors with their usual proverb bura na maano holi hai. Sai orders colors to stop. They stop in mid air. Sai then scolds boys that they cannot forcefully throw holi on anyone saying bura na mano holi hai, they troubled so many people today, milkman had to throw his milk and now ill people and children will not get milk today; they tried to throw holi on a small asthmatic kid, they threw holi on walls which were painted a few days ago, holi will be over tomorrow, but stains will be on walls forever and people have to spend money to repaint them. Boys realize their mistake and apologize whoever they troubled. Sai asks to play holi with permission and with people who want to and orders colors to fall on whoever like them. Colors fall on boys, and boys laugh.

Sai returns back to dwarkamayi with Champa, Jhipri and others. Srikanth waiting for him says he got severe burning pain in his burn injury and wants Sai to treat it. Sai says he cannot and he should go to Kulkarni sarkar who is a competent vaidya/doctor in Shirdi. Srikanth leaves thinking after whatever happened yesterday, is it right to go to Kullkarni. Jhipri asks Sai when he can cure Srikanth, why did he deny. Sai smiles.

Precap: Kulkarni asks Srikanth to have food in his house while he is being treated by him. Srikanth agrees. Kulkarni orders Chihu to handle kitchen from here. Rukmini tries to speak, but Kulkarni shouts it is his order.

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