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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma apologizes to Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amma confronting Happu and Rajjo about attacking on her. They say we did this to save you, not kill you, why will we kill you, you have no treasure. Amma says I have 25 lakhs of policy amount. Rajjo says see how cheap blame she is putting on me. Amma says I will eat this poisonous paratha and giving my life. Benny stops her. He scolds them for trying to murder Amma for money. He says I m ashamed to call Happu my friend. Happu asks why are you saying this. Benny says you are greedy type. Happu asks who told this. Benny says Amma told me. Amma says I have seen Rajjo taking poison churan from some guy, she think I got old and can’t see anything. Happu says your sugar was high, Rajjo got your medicine. Rajjo says this prize she is giving us. Happu says you calm down, let

me explain. Benny says maybe Amma has misunderstanding. Rajjo says I love her more than my mum, Happu got beaten up like a dog to make you run. Benny says it was you. Happu says you have beaten me a lot. Benny says you should have told me.

Rajjo says Amma is blaming us so cheaply, I m going to my Maayka, I will not live here. Amma says stop her. Happu says she will stay here, I told you about your sugar, you did this. Amma says you could have told me, you ran after me with a knife, what if I got a heart attack. Happu says doctor said I should make you run, you just sit on the bed, he asked me to show knife, she will get scared and run, everyone loves you so much. He cries. Amma cries and apologizes. She says we will go for morning walk tomorrow. She asks Rajjo to get her medicines. Rajjo says eat medicines on own, don’t rely on me, if I m so bad, why don’t you send me to Maayka. Amma says I m already silent. They hear a cat sound and get scared. Amma hugs her. The kids come making sounds of cats. Amma asks what’s this drama. Ritik says sorry, we couldn’t catch that rat. Kamlesh says sorry, I failed to catch the rat. Malaika says I m glad that mum and Dadi hugged. Rajjo hugs Amma. Everyone claps. Amma says we can fight, but we will always be together. They smile.

Everyone takes dinner. Amma and Rajjo argue. Happu scolds the kids. Benny joins them for dinner. He praises Rajjo’s cooling skills. Rajjo says really. He says you make food so good, like Vimlesh. Rajjo says I have taught Vimlesh. Benny tells hem about the couple dance competition. The kids get excited. Benny and Rajjo ask Amma to dance with Happu. Amma refuses and asks Rajjo to dance with Happu. Happu thinks I m glad seeing their love for each other. Commissioner leaves from station and talks to his wife. His phone drops. Kamlesh comes there and finds the phone. He says its a good phone, I will give this to Katori, we will chat, I love her, she is my love. Amma gets drunk, sings and dances. Happu comes. She asks with whom are you dancing. She sees her husband. Happu says you asked me to dance with Rajjo. She says but your dad has another wish. He asks does he want to dance with Rajjo. She slaps him and says you fool, he wants us to dance. She praises her dancing skills. He says you were young before. She says I m not old, your saas is old, everyone will see when I dance, so its decided, you and I will dance. He worries.

Happu says you are my life. Rajjo says tell this to your mum. He says I will dance with you, okay. She says it will be good for you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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