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Chandragupta Maurya 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chanakya and Chandragupta Get Jagatjala’s Entry Badge

Chandragupta Maurya 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durgam Dugu informs Jagatjala that Amartya Rakshas is coming with Dhananand’s order. Chanakya hears that and thinks he needs to enter Jagatjala’s palace before Amartya comes here. Jagatjala orders Durgam Dugu to make necessary arrangements for Aamrtya’s welcome. Chanakya shares his gyaan again. Jagatjala says he sounds like a brahmin scholar instead of barber. Chanakya says he is influenced by their king Dhananand who is also a barber and made all barbers proud. Jagatjala reminisces his friends suggesting to hire a scholar and hires Chanakya giving him entry badge. Chanakya thanks him. Chandragupta standing there thinks even he will get a badge via Martand and then will get Sthulbhadra into palace somehow. Martand requests Jagatjala to hire Arjun/Chandragupta as slave,

but Jagatjala rejects his requests saying he is not convinced with Arjun yet.

In Dhananand’s palace, Bhadrasal reads new Asaka king’s letter that he has happily paid double tax to thank him. Dhananand orders to double taxes. Bhadrasal says he read same. Dayimaa says Dhananand’s attention is somewhere else due to his injury. Dhananand says more than injury, he is thinking of person who injured him/Chandragupta and will not let it heal until he kills him.

Jagatjala while heading towards palace warns Martand to stay away from Arjun as he is suspicious. Martand’s friends take him aside saying they want to celebrate Martand’s victory and try to bully him. Chandragupta interferes. They boast they will first tackle this insect and then will tackle Martand. Chandragupta warns to rethink and brutally trashes them. Martand is amused to see that and asks who is he, he did not see such a brave warrior in his life. Chandragupta says Martand’s safety is most important to him. Martand leaves. Chanakya watching this walks to Chandragupta and says Martand will remember his help and feels he is safe around Chandragupta, so he will get entry badge soon. Martand walks to Jagatjala and requests him to hire Arjun. Jagatjala says his decision is final. Martand insists and says he will learn a lot from Arjuna and will increase his father’s pride. His mother also requests her husband to agree as Martand did not request anything till now, he will get a friend in slave. Jagatjala agrees.

Jagatjala meets Amartya Rakshas and apologizes for being late. Amartya says he brought king’s message and reads that Magadh is searching a traitor who went against king. Chandragupta enters with Martand and seeing Amartya escapes. Jagatjala asks who is the traitor. Amartya says he was king’s slave who wants to take over king, he with his team can hide anywhere in Magadh, so king wants Jagatjala to capture any suspicious person and handover to king. Chandragupta thinks Dhananand’s message has developed doubt against Chandragupta in Jagatjala’s mind, hope they are not caught.

Chankya Niti: Chanakya says identity is important for a person, a person tries to build his unique identity; it is made not by caste, occupation, or built, but by nature.

Precap: Chandragupta tells Martand he cannot practice sword fight with stick, he will get something else. Jagatjala watching him gets suspicious and follows him.

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